From Invisible To Seen


Lee Black has always been second favourite to Harry Potter. Her father, Sirius Black, has always preferred his godson over his own daughter and constantly forgets she even exists. She was invisible to everyone except one person, George Weasley.

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Kaila Mcgrath
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Unseen by most

Hey, I'm Lee Black, the only Gryffindor that nobody liked. Draco Malfoy was constantly bullying me with his group of goons, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy. I go unseen by everyone at Hogwarts and don't mind. I was second favourite at home and invisible at school. I had even considered running away after being ignored by my father numerous times, but then I made an unlikely friend. An older Slytherin and the daughter of Professor Severus Snape, Akira Snape. She doesn't let anyone bully her small Gryffindor friend and will not tolerate my dad ignoring his daughter. Myself and Akira could be found either in the library or out on the Quidditch stands. I thought Akira was the only person who knew I existed and even though I was happy with my friend, I wanted more. "Do you think people would want to be my friend if I make the Quidditch team?" I suddenly ask my Slytherin friend who was reading a book and Akira looks up at me. "If people don't want to be your friend the way you are, don't try and be someone they want." She says and I sigh, looking down at the Gryffindor symbol on my robe. "I just want people to like me." I mumble and Akira sighs, placing her book down. "How about I train you in how to play Quidditch the Slytherin way?" She suggests and I nod. We stand up and head to the Slytherin locker room. She hands me a broom and grabs one for herself. "We're going to start with getting used to the pitch today and tomorrow I'm bringing out the Golden Snitch." She flies off and I stumble after her on my broom. We fly a few laps around the pitch and then three familiar Gryffindors fly over to us. I know them as Oliver Wood, captain of the Gryffindor team, Fred Weasley, Akira's boyfriend of two years and one of the Beaters on the team and then there is George Weasley, the other Beater and Fred's twin brother. Also my crush since my first year. "Hey love, what are you doing?" Fred presses a kiss to Akira's cheek and she giggles. "I'm just helping out my friend with playing Quidditch." She states and smiles at me. "Oh, your name is Lee Black right?" Fred looks at me and I nod shyly. "I've heard plenty about you from my love and I was wondering when we would meet. Fred Weasley at your service." He does a weird bow on his broom and we all laugh. George nudges him and looks at me. "I'm the much better looking twin, George and you are pretty cute." He smiles and I blush bright red. Oliver rolls his eyes and shakes my hand. "Your looking to play Quidditch? I have a spot on the team as a Seeker since I kicked Harry off the team if your interested." He states and I nod. "Akira is training me with the Snitch tomorrow and why did you kick Harry off the team?" He sighs and Akira scoffs. She lifts her shirt and shows me the nasty bruise on her ribs. "Smashed his broom into her ribs while going after the Snitch, so I had to kick him off otherwise Snape was going to have our heads. Fred actually hit the Bludger at Harry and let her team get the Snitch. I don't mind since she's my childhood friend and what Harry did was wrong." Oliver explains and I nod. "Come on, I heard there was Tacos for lunch!" Akira exclaims and we all race to the hall. I walk to the Gryffindor table and sit at the end by myself. I feel people sit around me and I look up. I see Fred, George, Oliver and Akira. "What are you guys doing?" I mutter and they grin. "We are sitting with our bean friend." They all state and we all laugh over lunch.

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