substitutes and new kids


weird things keep happening at chloes high school, new kids and substitutes who look all to familiar.

Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

″we have a substitute!″ groaned girlfriend hira, ″its PE for the love of jack,″

″it will be ok, i just hope we dont play dodge ball, substitutes have a thing for dodge ball,'' i say.

''yeah,'' she laughs, remembering the episode of supernatural where dean wore shorts and was a gym teacher. we go into the locker room, i'm gender fluid, so i get to choose which locker room to use. everybody is super excepting with me being gender fluid, its great. i change into my gym clothes, white polo shirt and red shorts, i usally dont like wearing shorts but when i wear these i look like gym teacher dean winchester. i look in the mirror and ajust my sweat band on my head, ''lets go,'' i say and the bell rings, ''i'll be out in a minute, hira, i gotta go to the bathroom, tell the sub i'm still gettting dressed,''

i walk to the bathroom and go then i wash my hands and turn around to go to the PE room, and i run right into hira who looks super exited, and like she just ran a mile with out stoping

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