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Taehyung and Jungkook were boyfriends Note please 'were boyfriends' Until everything broke apart when Taehyung caught Jungkook cheating. Heartbroken and feeling vulnerable, Taehyung moves to America with his best friend and elder brother. What happens when Taehyung returns to Soul five years later and coincidentally runs into Jungkook ?

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🎶“For you I could pretend like I was happy when I was sad
For you I could pretend like I was strong when I was hurt”🎶

▬ V, Fake Love


Third Person’s POV

“So your going with him? Are you sure Jiminie?” Taehyung asked for the hundredth time pleading his best friend to not leave him.

“Yes Tae” Jimin sighed but smiled quickly when he saw Taehyung’s pouting face.

“But I’ll be all alone if you go”

“You can come with us you know” Jimin said chuckling at the baby face his best friend was making.

Jimin and Yoongi had been dating for almost a year and they both had got excellent offers from modelling and Music industry in America. Yoongi was happy that he didn’t have to long distance with Jimin, though he won’t admit but he truly liked when the small mochi was with him. They were planning to take Taehyung with them as Yoongi and Tae’s parents were also in America. But Taehyung being heads over heels in love with Jungkook wouldn’t agree to go with them.

“But I don’t wanna leave Jungkookie” Taehyung said pouting frustrated “Yoongi hyung is also going now I will be all alone here”

“Heyy cheer up you can go stay with Jungkook” Jimin said sweetly and immediately Taehyung’s eyes sparkled

“Yep. That’s great!!! I will just go ask him” Taehyung said grinning and Jimin nodded happily

Taehyung blushed slightly as he hastily walked over to his boyfriend’s house, his mind was giving him different scenes that could happen when they were alone. He squealed a little and covered his face, trying to breathe evenly. After a moment he was able to get control over his body and he quickly calmed down.

‘Why are you thinking stupid things like that?’ He scolded himself and facepalmed.

Taehyung smiled as he quietly open the door to see the house dark and empty.

’Maybe Jungkookie was not home he thought and was about to walk away when a loud sound came from inside making Taehyung freeze.

‘Was that a moan?’ He thought heart beating soundly

Taehyung gulped and slowly opened the door widely and stepped in quietly. He walked towards Jungkook’s room to find the door slightly opened.

The Eighteen year old boy peeped in to get the shock of his life.

There inside sprawled on the bed was Jungkook with a girl on his lap, sucking each other’s faces desperately as if their life depended on it. Their clothes were thrown out on the floor and his boyfriend’s hands were moving lower and lower.

The girl moaned and groaned loudly as Jungkook nipped her skin leaving purple bruises along her neck.

“Uh- Jungkook ahhh umm Keep going ahhh ngmmm”

Her moans broke Taehyung’s heart into pieces.

His first kiss, First love and hell even his virginity was taken by Jungkook. How could he do this to him? Was the last two years of their relationship nothing to him? Or was he not enough?

Taehyung couldn’t take it anymore, his tears were threatening to slip as he watched his boyfriend cheating on him so easily with a girl. He slammed the door open and stared at a startled Jungkook who immediately gulped on seeing the older standing their eyes filled with betrayal.

“Tae its not what you think-” Jungkook started but Taehyung spoke interrupted him

“Why?” Taehyung asked blankly


“Why did you do this? Was I not enough?” He asked sadly

“I think I prefer pretty girls over ugly boys” Jungkook said harshly looking down, not wanting to feel like he was the one who messed up

“Your ears are red and you are avoiding my eyes Jungkookie. I know vey well that your lying” Tae said smiling bitterly “Fine but if you want I will accept that you think I am not good looking.”

“What-” Jungkook began but he was again interrupted

“I came to ask whether I could stay with you when my hyung and Jimin goes away but I guess that will not be possible anymore.” He said eyes filled with tears but his face was blank, not even a single emotion flickered through them “I guess I should have just agreed to go with them instead of insisting to stay here so that we could keep our relationship.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened. Taehyung was not going so that he could be with him?′

The older laughed humourlessly and said “Well guess what? You showed me that their is no relationship to keep. Goodbye Jungkook, I hope you live happily with her”

He then tuned away and walked put of the apartment before Jungkook could even open his mouth.

“Baby let that fag go, you have me” the girl said seductively rubbing against his clothed member, Jungkook absentminded nodded.

While on the other hand Taehyung was running towards his house, tears streaming down his cheeks. His mind was jumbled up and he couldn’t think straight.

When Jimin saw a sobbing Taehyung enter the house looking so tired and vulnerable, his heart ached. He had always seen his best friend smiling and joyful but now seeing him so depressed, Jimin wanted nothing but to hug the other so tightly and protect him from every bad thing in the world.

So that’s what he did.

Taehyung jumped into is arms, hugging the life out of the smaller but Jimin just smiled sweetly and patted the boy’s back soothingly as he cried his eyes out soaking his shirt.

After a few hours, Yoongi walked in to find a sleeping Taehyung in the arms of his small mochi who looked like he was planning something serious.

Yoongi frowned not knowing why the house was so silent when Jimin was here.

He sat down on the couch beside Jimin and looked at him carefully. Jimin looked really angry and an angry Jimin was really dangerous.

“Jimin-ah?” He called out softly and Jimin immediately snapped out of his trance and looked at him surprised

“Hyung? When did you come?” Jimin asked smiling but Yoongi could tell that something was bothering him

“Before that tell me what is wrong!” Yoongi said seriously

Jimin chuckled and said softly “I can never keep anything from you can I?”

“No and you know that” Yoongi said with a small smile and kissed the younger’s forehead

“Fine but promise you won’t get angry” Jimin said seriously and held his pinkie to the older.

Yoongi frowned but intertwined his small finger with Jimin’s and said “Promise!”

“Okay. Taehyung came home crying and when I asked what happened, he told me that he caught Jungkook cheating in him with a bitch” Jimin said gritting his teeth.

“Jungkook cheated?” Yoongi asked angrily

“Yeah and hyung now I don’t want to leave Tae here. Lets take him with us.” Jimin said seriously

Yoongi nodded agreeing with his boyfriend but the urge to snap that Junglebook’s neck was so tempting that his legs automatically stood up.

“Sit down. Your not killing anyone right now” Jimin said firmly

Yoongi sighed and sat down tightening his fists “How could that asshole do that? What is so wrong with our Tae? You know what never mind, my brother deserves someone hundred times way better than that Junglebook”

“Yes hyung” Jimin said looked sadly at the sleeping boy “He was crying so badly and it hurts to see him like this, looking so weak and desperate.”

Yoongi sighed and wiped the fresh tears that were forming on his little mochi’s face.

“Don’t worry when we come back here after our contract finishes, it’ll be with a New Taehyung and that Junglebook is gonna regret so badly” Yoongi whispers raspily in and evil tone

Jimin smiles.

Oh Jungkook is going to pay badly for what he did.

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