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My princess: Ginny Weasley fan fiction


Ginny Weasley and Y/N black have been friends since Ron took her to the burrow for the first time, Y/N’s father (Sirius Black) got sent to Azkaban she never told anyone her last name scared people would bully her about her father so she went by blossom she never knew her mother she grew up on the streets and over time she turned into a strong wise but cold hearted person she does let people in her life easy because she’s scared of getting left so she keeps to herself. The story is set in her 4th year shes in the same year as Hermione, Harry and Ron. Ginny is in her 3rd year. The golden trio and Y/N are 14 Ginny is 13. There is no war but there is drama, Y/N meets her father (Sirius Black) in her 5th year. This book will contain; Drugs, alcohol, sex, and fuck more. Not my characters they belong to; jk Rowling Enjoy babes

Romance / Drama
Neville is bea
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𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟷


-Y/N Blossom-

Hi, I’m Y/N black but I go by Y/N blossom no one knows my middle name only my mother and father know but my father is well was until he escaped Azkaban I never got to meet my mother but it’s okay I lived alone most of my life having nowhere to go. I’m now 14 in my 4th year of Hogwarts, I have long curly strawberry blonde hair like my mother, I also got one brown eye from my father and one blue eye from my mother I have clear fair skin I’m also very short and when I mean short I mean short I’m about as tall as a 2nd year. Anyways I’m spending my summer break at the burrow with the Weasley’s, Hermione, and harry but they all leave at random times of the night I’m not really sure why but anyways that really all.


-present time-

“well, who’s ready to go to Hogwarts for there 4th year oh and 3rd sorry darling” Mrs Weasley cheers we all shout in excitement well they do I already got everything I need for my 4th year before I came to the burrow so I just keep my head in a book.

“When do we leave for Hogwarts,” I ask slyly looking up from my book.

“two days darling have you already got your stuff?” Mrs Weasley asks looking back at me.

“yes, Mrs Weasley when are you all going to leave to get what you need?” I ask as a smile plays on my lips.

“well I was thinking today you can come if you like and how many times do, I have to tell you, you can call my molly” she laughs I giggle along with her.

“my bad, well I think I might stay and get some more work before going back but no need to worry about me molly I’ll just have my head in a book” I smile at her, she chuckles and nods getting everyone to the fireplace.

The next day was the same everyone going crazy and getting ready for Hogwarts even though I might be a Gryffindor I still think I’m supposed to be in Ravenclaw after everyone is done with packing we are all in the living room I’m in-between the twins while the rest are fighting over who sits next to who after they are all sorted out we think about that we are going to play they all agree on truth or dare but I keep my head in my book until ginny starts speaking.

“are you going to play Y/N?” Ginny asks, you look up from your book and see everyone’s looking at you.

“I’m not sure I’m not very good at these types of games,” I say blushing of embarrassment not making eye contact with any of them.

“come on Y/N you will be fine” Ron wines fake pouting.

“Okay fine but only if you all buy me a chocolate frog each” I smile at them they all nod, and we start playing.

I start to get tired but then the twins think it will be funny to ask me truth or dare.

“okay Y/N truth or dare,” they ask at the same time while smirking.

“truth,” I say looking at my lap.

“Are you gay and if yes any boys or girls caught your eyes and if yes who are they,” Fred asks smirking while George wiggles his eyebrows.

“well because you asked yes, I’m bisexual and yes I do I’m not telling you who but anyways I’m flattered Freddie but you’re not my type,” I say shyly looking up shooting him a wink which he and George burst out in laughter.

“right well I think it’s time for bed we have a big day tomorrow,” Hermione says while standing up we all agree and part ways.

“wake up princess,” ginny says softly in my ear, I rub my eyes and sit up.

“morning” I smile at her

“morning princess now come on get up and get ready Hogwarts today” she smiles at me tucking a piece of hair behind my ear then leaving the room closing the door behind her.

When I finished getting ready all I needed to do was to brush my teeth after that I walk downstairs and see Mrs Weasley waiting at the door with all our trunks everyone is standing around her I walk over to them and they tell me we are still waiting on harry and ginny.

“I’ll go get them,” I say already starting to walk upstairs.

When I get to Ron’s bedroom door I knock but get no answer so I open the door and see Ginny and Harry together I clear my throat getting their attention trying to hold back tears which believe it or not I’m good at, but I keep my gaze on the floor.

“um, Mrs Weasley is ready to go,” I say while walking away the only person that knows about my crush on ginny is Hermione I look up at her and she could tell something is off she, she walks over to me without anyone else noticing.

“what’s wrong?” Hermione asks in a worried tone, I look at her with glossy eyes, she pulls me into a hug.

“I’ll tell you on the train alone” I whisper in her ear she looks at me and nods and then we are off.

After we say our goodbyes to Mr and Mrs Weasley, we get on the train me and Hermione split off from the rest to find our own compartment when we find an empty one, we quickly get in.

“Okay now tell me what happened and why you looked like you were about to cry,” Hermione asks lowly looking into my eyes.

“well I don’t wanna sound like a drama queen but when I went to go get harry and Ginny they looked like they were about to kiss before I cleared my throat to get their attention” I sniffled I didn’t even know I let some tears slip till I felt Hermione’s thumb on my cheek wiping them away.

“come here lay in my lap and get some rest” she smiles at her; I nod and lay down.

About 4 hours past and I started to wake up from hearing people talk I open my eyes to see a fuming Hermione.

“what’s going on?” I ask in a groggy voice they all look at me I rub my eyes trying to adjust them when they finally stop being blurry, I can see who is in the compartment with me and Hermione I look over to see Harry, Ron, and the twins.

“nothing Y/N they were just leaving” Hermione sneers giving them all death glares.

“but- “Harry was quickly cut off by Hermione looking at him right in the eyes after that they get up and leave.

“what was that about?” I shyly ask Hermione not making eye contact with her.

“they were going to play a prank on you changing your hair colour to black,” she says calming herself down “you can go back to sleep bub ill wake you up when we are there” she smiles at me.

When we get to a stop Hermione wakes me up, we leave to find the others me and Hermione lock our arms together while walking up to all of them.

“Hey guys,” Hermione says looking at them as they turn around.

“Hey, Hermione, where’s Y/N,” Ron asks making Hermione burst into laughter.

“you all so mean I might be small doesn’t mean you have to comment on it all the time,” I say getting mad.

“calm down princess,” Ginny says putting her arm around me which I just hit away.

“don’t touch me,” I say while pouting walking away to get on the carriages in time.

After we around 20 or 30 minutes we are walking into the great hall and sit at the Gryffindor table waiting for Dumbledore to finish his speech and waiting for the first years to get sorted while I have my eyes on a book I hear Dumbledore mention something and a tri-wizard tournament I open my ears until he says you have to be 17 or older after we are all done eating we leave the great hall and start walking to the common room.

“what do you think about the tournament,” the twins ask me I lift my head from my book still walking with them.

“well I thought I would actually enter but you have to be 17 so it’s fine,” I say looking at my book again they look at each other than look back at me.

“I think its fucking bull shit,” Fred says looking at me than his brother.

“I agree with you Freddie is the princess wants to join the tournament they should let her” George adds, they both pick me up, setting me on their shoulders.

“Why thank you now I can read and not have to walk” I smile at them they look up at me and smile back.

“your very welcome,” they say together.

after a while we arrive at the common room door they tell me to duck and they walk in me still on one of each of their shoulders we get greeted by our friends and they set me down on a couch in the middle of Hermione and Ginny they all get into a conversation I lay my head on Ginny’s shoulder slowly falling asleep until Ron pulls out a bottle of fire whisky.

“let’s play 7 minutes in haven” Ron smirks looking at everyone.

“But I’m tired and we have classes tomorrow I want to get on snapes good side,” I say while getting up looking at them.

“come on don’t be a party pooper” harry pouts at me I give him a death glare while Hermione pulls me back down.

“shut up harry fine I’ll play happy,” I say rolling my eyes they all cheer and start to play.

We spin the bottle a couple of time it was landing on Ron and Harry, Fred and George, Hermione and Ron, Ginny and Fred lastly Hermione and Ginny after a while it finally landed on me then Ginny I blush scarlet while standing up Ginny does the same and we walk into the closet while everyone wolf whistles we shut the door and the only light in there was a candle.

“so, what now,” I ask Ginny as we stand there, I just look at my shoes until she takes her index finger and lifts my head up looking in my eyes, I get scared I won’t be able to control myself.

“We do what I’ve wanted to do since the first time I saw you” she smirks while her eyes dart to my lips and eyes.

After standing there for what it felt like forever I couldn’t take the Anticipation anymore a smashed my lips on hers our lips move in sync she moves her hands to my thighs and lifts me up with no problem I wrap my legs around her waist while she moves her hands to my arse not breaking our kiss.

she puts my back against the door as she leaves sloppy kisses down my neck I tilt my head to the side so she has more room she starts sucking and biting leaving marks she breaks away and pulls off my hoodie and putting it on the floor while leaving kisses on my chest and collar bone I moaned which make her smirk and give her more encouragement.

I could feel my pussy throbbing but before anything more happens the knock on the door telling us times up, I quickly put my hoodie on and open the door right before I leave the room with Ginny behind me, she puts her lips to my ear.

“I hope to not see you with anyone else princess your mine” she whispers while walking back to our friends.

I look at them before I start talking.

“I’m going to bed now I hope you don’t mind I’m tired” I smile at them they all not and we all say goodnight to each other as I walk away upstairs.

Today has been one rollercoaster of a day before I go to bed I undress and before I hop into the shower, I turn on the water and get a clean towel after I that I get in the shower enjoying the hot water as I’m washing my hair a redhead comes into my mind.

What did that mean does she like me the way I like her? What did she mean by ‘your mine’? are we more than friends? This is so stressful I hate this ill just ask her tomorrow I can’t deal with this I need sleep.

After my little stress thinking I got out of the shower put the big towel around my little body and walked out to see Hermione sleep already I like how me and Hermione are the only two in this dorm but anyways I got out of my pyjamas and got dressed into them.

After that I hopped into bed reading some more of my book after about two chapters I put my book on my side table and when my head hit my pillow I was out cold thinking about the next year of school but what I didn’t know is that it going to be a rocky one.

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