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My princess: Ginny Weasley fan fiction

𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚝 𝟸

My girl

Before I start this chapter (TW) eating disorder please read with caution

-Y/N Black-

It’s been a week now today is the day the two other schools come to Hogwarts the week has been pretty boring. I haven’t gotten the chance to speak to Ginny and I feel like all my friends have changed they have become more distant so I kind of stopped hanging out with them and spend all my time in the library speaking of which I’m sitting in the library studying for my potions humming to myself until I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I turn to see a really cute boy he looks a little older brown hair greenish eyes and from his uniform, he’s in Hufflepuff I smile at him.

“hi, I was wondering if you wanted some Company,” he asks smiling at me I look at him and nod.

“so, what’s your name?” I ask finally breaking the silence while looking from my book at him.

“oh, I’m Cedric Diggory and you are?” he asks back cocking a brow at me.

“I’m Y/N blossom” I smile at him “what year are you in?” I add after looking back at my book.

“I’m in my 7th year, what about you?” he asks as he does the same thing as me.

“oh, I’m in my 4th yeah” I smile at him he looks at me surprised.

“you don’t look like you would be in your 4th year you look more like a 2nd year” he chuckles, I hit him arm.

“not you to its not my fault I’m short and cute” I giggle at him.

“you are but look at the time it’s almost dinner want to walk with me?” he asks packing his books up a nod and do the same.

As we are walking to the great hall for dinner we are joking around laughing it was all fun and games till he thought it would be funny to throw me over his shoulder and walk in the great hall like that in front of everyone while I’m laughing my arse off.

We arrive at the great hall and Cedric runs in still with me over his shoulder laughing at him to put me down.

“please everyone is looking us put me down” I laugh, and he finally puts me down.

“I’ll see you around yeah?” he asks I look at him and nod while putting my long curly hair over my shoulders walking away to the Gryffindor table smiling.

“I’ll see you around yeah?” he asks I look at him and nod while putting my long curly hair over my shoulders walking away to the Gryffindor table smiling.

I sit at the front of the table waiting for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to enter and as if on cue girls with blue uniforms come into the great hall with butterflies coming off them I look over at ginny to see if she’s looking but no she was looking right back at me to see if I was looking I blushed and looked away.

After beauxbatons were done durmstrang entered playing fire and all that shit, to be honest, I could do better, but it was still cool I got bored and started eating but after looking at the beauxbatons again I felt self-conscious and pushed my food away.

I’ve had problems like this before but no one new and I wanted to keep it that way. The thought of food makes me want to gag so I got up and left the great hall to go sit in the forbidden forest.

After a little walk I’m finally at the tree I used to sit at whenever I felt down. As I was sketching the dreams I’ve been having lately a saw a beautiful unicorn, I didn’t want to startle it so I stayed where I was and drew it god it was so gorgeous until a saw a wolf stalking it out I couldn’t let his beautiful animal die so I had a choice let nature be nature or save the unicorn, hmm I say save the unicorn.

As I use my Animagus which I got from my dad to turn into a snow wolf. Shit, it’s theirs five, five against one I guess I don’t say anything as soon as the other wolf lunges I do to tackling it to the floor it scratches me in the face and I rip out its throat, one down four to go.

As they surround me one a light brown one goes for the attack, I attack back I give the unicorn enough time to run away when it’s out of sight I look back at the four other wolfs.

“stop we can’t attack unicorns” I yell at them they look at me and the big black one which must be the alfa speaks up.

“and wolfs don’t attack wolfs so what’s your point” he sneers at me looking me dead in the eyes.

“I did it to protect not to start a war eat something else maybe a deer just not unicorns” I beg them, they look at me and nod.

They walk away to I take that as my cue to leave too after I’m close enough to the castle I turn back into my human form and walk to the common room door to see the fat lady.

“oh, my dear are you okay,” she asks worriedly I look at her and smile.

“yes, I’m fine I promise I need a shower though” I laugh she looks at me confused but lets me in.

As I walk into the common I see every one as in Hermione, Ron, Harry, Fred, George and Ginny sitting on the couches and floor the lookup to see who entered the common room and gasped at the sight of me I stand there awkwardly but when I make eye contact with Ginny I run into my dorm and lock myself in the bathroom cleaning myself up.

As I’m cleaning myself off their all banging on the door trying to get in.

“hold on, hold on” I shout as I’m putting a bandage on my eye.

I open the door and get pushed over by everyone trying to get in looking at me concerned I look at them confused while they bombard me with questions.

“Firstly, how this happened is no one’s concern but mine secondly why are you all acting worried when you’re the ones that have to ignore me all week,” I say looking at the floor as I get up it’s all silent till Hermione speaks up.

“We know and we fully regret it please just tell us what happened maybe we can help,” Hermione said taking my hands in hers, I finally make eye contact with her.

“it doesn’t matter I’m fine can you now please stop harassing me with questions,” I say walking past when to my bed.

“Okay well, I guess we will see you tomorrow at breakfast?” Ron asks walking to the door with the boys.

“mhm,” I say laying down to go to sleep before I get to sleep through someone comes into bed with me, I open my eyes and they are met with green ones, ginny put my head on her chest and we fall asleep like that.

-Ginny Weasley-

It’s the next morning there are no classes because of the tournament I sit up and look at the angle sleeping next to me, her soft strawberry curls covering her face and her gorgeous fair skin makes her look like she just came from the gods her light breaths are like music to my ears I just can get enough of her and I won’t let anyone take her.

As I get lost in my thoughts, she starts to wake up rubbing her eyes.

“good morning princess,” a say softly looking at her, how can something so small and pure be so dangerous.

“good morning,” she says back in her soft raspy morning voice while looking at me.

“how you go get dressed and we will get breakfast and then watch people put their name in the cup,” I said admiring the girl in front of me she nods with a smile and goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

-Y/N Black-

As I’m putting on my robes, I see my joint in my makeup bag I’ve wanted to take it for so long, but I know I can’t but it’s so tempting.

“fuck” I mumble I look in the mirror to see the scratch gone and no scars left behind thank the lord for that as I’m putting two strands of my hair back I see some fake flowers I bought I put them in my hair all done.

I walk out of the bathroom to see ginny waiting she must of went back to her dorm to get ready I skipped my way to breakfast with her.

As we entered the great hall, I was met with a smiling Luna walking over to me.

“Hello, Y/N how are you on this fine morning?” she asks pulling me into a hug.

“every well what about you Luna?” I asked pulling out of the hug.

“that’s great well are you going to be watching people put their name in the cup today?” she asks I nod two strands of my hair fall in my face I look back at Ginny her face is full of jealousy.

“well Luna it was lovely talking to you but I’m hungry so I’m going to eat,” I say softly looking at her.

“okay see you around little star” she smiles at me and walks to her table as I walk to mine with ginny.

While eating I felt a tap on my shoulder, I look up to see Cedric looking back at me I stand up and fully turn to him.

“Hello, Cedric, can I help you with something?” I ask smiling at him he looks at his friends then back at me I raise an eyebrow.

“would you like to accompany to a study lesson?” he asks smirking at me I look at my friends then back at him.

“I would love to Cedric, but I’m busy today maybe another day yeah?” I ask playing with my fingers he lifts my chin up with his index finger.

“that’s fine princess no need to get worried,” he said while smiling at me I nod as he pulls me into a tight hug which I gladly return “I’ll see you later alright,” he says I nod, and we say our goodbyes.

“god everyone wants you” harry laughs I give him a confused look.

“he means everyone has been flirting with you Y/N” Hermione adds everyone turns to look at me.

“I thought they were being nice,” I said softly eating a blueberry.

“fucking prudes” Ginny scoffs under her breath looking to see if anyone heard her.

-Ginny Weasley-

When we are done eating, we are walking out of the great hall to the library oh our way we passed some beauxbaton girls.

“Elle doit arrêter de manger” (she needs to stop eating) one of the girls say as the rest laugh at her rude comment.

“c’est quoi ce bordel” (what the fuck) I say back they all turn to look at me all the blood drains from their faces.

“Ginny forget it doesn’t bother me,” Y/N says looking at me trying to calm me down but I’m mentally still fuming.

“pas ma faute, Elle mange autant” (not my fault she eats that much) she replayed, after that comment, I lost my shit.

I lunged at her tackling her to the floor punching her over and over again all I could see is red. It took Fred, George, and Ron to get me off her I look over to see Y/N crying in Hermione’s chest. I walk over to her and pull her into a hug she wraps her hands around me and puts her head onto my chest as we both start to calm down, I look over at the girl on the ground.

“ne manque pas de respect ma Princesse encore” (don’t disrespect my princess again) I hiss at her walking away with Y/N in my arms.

Once we are back in the common room I turn to ‘My Girl’ and pull her into a hug glad she’s safe.

“Are you okay princess?” I ask looking down at her she nods into my chest “you know I’ll protect you no matter what?” I add she finally looks at me and smiles how can someone that has just been crying still look so beautiful.

“you know you’re like a butterfly, your bight and beautiful, but you have things you keep to yourself,” I say to her she looks at me still smiling.

“and you’re like a lion, you’re brave, protective and gorgeous, even when you’re scared on the inside,” she says but quickly looks down when she thinks she said something wrong. I cup her cheeks and kiss her.

-Y/N Black-

She kisses me I kiss back melting into it, she pulls my robe off as her hand roam my body, I moan into the kiss she grabs my thighs.

“Jump” she whispers into my lips and I obey and do just that I wrap my legs around her waist.

She leans me against the wall as my arms are around her neck and her hands are under my arse, I could feel my panties starting to pool my pussy what throbbing she then traces her tongue on my bottom lip after for entrance which I gladly allow, as our tongues are fighting each other she walks over and places me on the couch so that she’s on top of me.

Ginny places her hand on my thigh trailing up making its way under my skirt and then it stops.

“are you sure you want this?” she asks placing a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

“yes please,” I moan as I smash my lips on hers, she pulls away and smirks.

“Only because you asked so nicely princess” she whispers in my ear.

She moves my panties to the side.

“so wet for me” she chuckles then looks at me in the eye “and only me” she smirks.

As she slides her finger through my slit making me moan softly until she finds my clit and starts rubbing circles making me through my head back making my moans get louder she tails another finger around my heat making my breathing get heavier she enters one finger in my while rubbing my clit.

“Ohh...please...ple...oh don’t stop” I moan my hand going through her hair as I bit my lip trying to be quieter.

She goes faster while adding another finger my breath getting faster feeling my orgasm at the edge.

“your so beautiful under my touch” she whispers into my ear, that does it for me I feel a wave on pleasure and euphoria rush over me.

She gets off me licking her fingers clean.

“you taste so good princess” she smirks while helping me up.

“thank you” I blush, she laughs and helps me get cleaned up.

as soon as are done we make our way out of the common room meeting up with the rest of our friends in the great hall they greet us we sit down watching everyone put their names in the cup I lay my head on Ginny’s shoulder I look up at her and smile she looks back and snakes her arm around my waist, this year is going to be different.

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