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Mischief Managed | Fred Weasley


Dahlia Black, Daughter of Sirius Black, only had one problem whilst she lived with the Weasley’s. She hated Fred Weasley with her whole entire body.

Romance / Drama
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DAHLIA ELIZABETH BLACK HAD the most beautiful features a girl could have. From her unfairly healthy dark brown shiny hair that fell just above her belly button, to her dark green eyes, and lastly to her perfectly shaped body. It was no wonder girls at Hogwarts were a tad jealous of the girl. Dahlia was friends with everyone except, Mr. Fred Weasley. Since the age of four, Dahlia has stayed with the Weasley's while her mother traveled the world due to her job. Around the age of 8 was when she realized she hated Fred. Constantly he would pick on her, prank her, and just be cruel in many ways. Of course Fred's always one for a challenge.

The young fairly tanned skin girl stood in front of the Weasley's door, she was different and she looked different. She huffed and moved towards the window that had a curtain in front of it, allowing her to see her reflection. The brunette ran her hands down her double Dutch braided hair that had pieces that had fallen out around her face. She turned around twisting to see how the back of her black ripped mom jeans looked, the green open flannel complimented the jeans nicely as well as the black cropped cami top that was underneath. Molly Weasley swung the front door open with a cheerful smile making the young girl jump.

"Dahlia! Come in my girl" Molly smiled helping the girl with her trunks, leading her inside. "How was Greece?"

"Lovely, and might I add very warm!" Dahlia informed looking around the house, as to be expected no one was up due to the fact it was around 6 o'clock in the morning.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm sticking you in Percy's old room" Molly smiled while leading the teen upstairs to the top floor, the two walked into the small yet open bedroom.

"It's brilliant Molly, thank you so much" Dahlia smiled setting her trunk down on the full-size bed that was in the corner next to the very large window.

"he decided to move down to the basement because of all the noise at night, claims he couldn't hear his own thoughts over the sound-" Molly explained with her hands on her hips, playfully rolling her eyes.

"And he says I'm the dramatic one" Dahlia chuckled, taking out five packages with 'Weasley's' printed on them. "Molly, my mother and I decidedly wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me"

"Wha- Lia, I thought I told you that you don't owe me anything" Molly took a package in her hand beginning to open it.

"I know but I wanted to show you how grateful we are" The teenager sat on the white bed, Molly covered her mouth when she saw the school books for this year. "Mom and I bought the school books for everyone this year"

"I know you're a Slytherin but you're a Hufflepuff at heart, thank you dear" Molly smiled as the young teen gave her the bag with the rest of the packages in.

"I have my cunning ways" The girl giggled as Molly walked out, making her way downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Dahlia roamed around the small bedroom that had many windows. Why would Percy want to move out of this room? The girl wondered. She gathered her things in the corner turning to the desk that had a few Polaroids in the drawer. The Polaroids were beautiful pictures, one of the garden ponds at Hogwarts, another of a weeping willow tree blowing during a lightning storm. She never knew Percy was into photography. Dahlia quickly turned around once she heard footsteps.

Fred Weasley shuffled his feet on the floor as he shut his bedroom door, to which he shared with his twin. He stood in grey sweatpants, and of course no shirt. The girl hadn't realized how muscular the boy was, her eyes trailed the path along the labyrinth of ridges on his abdomen. Of course, he hadn't noticed she was there. Boys don't pay her much attention, except her friends of course. She was quite close to Malfoy, she knew he was misunderstood but he would always do something to change people's minds once they caught on.

"Dahlia! you're here-" Hermione gasped, embracing the girl. Dahlia was caught off guard not hearing the girls wake up prior.

"Finally" Ginny huffed, then squinted her eyes. "What happened to you?"

"She got hot, that's what happened" Hermione giggled, Dahlia couldn't help but smile at her friends.

"The boys will be looking at you for sure this year!" Ginny teased the girl while she flopped down on the bed, moving around the throw pillows.

"I'm not so sure about that Gin, besides Malfoy always says boys are clueless-" Dahlia chuckled pulling up her jeans.

"You're clueless for being friends with Malfoy" Hermione fired out, Dahlia glared at her in a playful way.

"Breakfast everyone!" Molly Weasley's voice boomed through the house, almost as if she were standing right next to the girls.

"For all these years that I've stayed in this house, I still have no idea how she does that" the brunette covered her ears, setting her wand down on the desk following the girls as they made their way

The three girls straightened out the room before making their way down the stairs. On the dining table, there was a massive plate of bacon in the middle, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, buttered toast, and sausage. Ginny Weasley's eyes widen at the sight of the table, Molly only looked like this when she was in a good mood and extremely happy. The twins, Ron, Harry, and Percy were sat at the table chowing down.

"Looks like mums in a good mood this morning" Ginny exclaimed, Ron, stopped chewing his bacon to snap back at Ginny,

"It's probably because we leave Monday" Ron joked making everyone except Percy giggle.

Ginny and Hermione sat down next to Ron and Harry grabbing plates, loading food onto them. Everyone kept cracking jokes on why their mother was so happy on the sunny day. Dahlia couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous jokes that were being made.

Fred looked up at the girl completely shocked, she looked different. He admired her hair and the way she was dressed. He watched her every move, how she giggled at Harry's joke while leaning over George to grab a piece of buttered toast. While sitting down her sterling silver jade pendant swung back and forth hitting just below her collar bone. Fred cleared his throat snapping out of the trace he was put in, Dahlia looked at him with sharp eyes. Arthur Weasley had already left for work, and after breakfast was done Molly had made her way to Diagon Alley for some last-minute shopping.

"So Black Dahlia, you gonna tell us about your adventures in Greece" George teased the teenage girl while resting his feet on the table leaning back.

"Yeah like how you've become a little less hideous" Fred taunted the girl as he stated closely to her face.

"Fred Weasley you shut your trap!" Dahlia said chasing him around the dining room table.

"Of course you'd be staring, Fred" George called out, laughing as he stuffed his face with one of the freshly made muffins his mother had just whipped up.

The young girl chased the red-haired boy up the many flights of stairs, Fred lead her into Percys room unintentionally. He began to taunt her, making her blood boil. Dahlia tackled the boy onto the bed, climbing on top of him. She straddled him while pinning his arms to his sides. Fred secretly found it enjoyable, and on the other hand, Dahlia was just surprised she pinned him down so easily.

"Fred Weasley, you're such a douche bag!" Dahlia shouted as Fred chuckled flipping her over.

"That's what most of the girls say" He joked while on top of her.

"Oh I wouldn't doubt it" The girl spat out, Fred smirked to the side surprised by the girls retaliations.

She tried squirming out of his grip but he was incredibly strong, she looked at his arms seeing veins popping out. She noticed he was still shirtless, and couldn't help but feel hot under him. She watched as his hair flopped a bit over his eyes since they haven't gotten it cut yet. Dahlia huffed rolling her eyes as Fred chuckled.

"Go take a shower, you wanker" She turned her face away from him.

"You'll join me, yeah?" He said sarcastically as she pushed him off her.

"Piss off Weasley" Dahlia hissed at the boy, dropping her legs over the bed.

"You're an interesting girl Miss Black" He smirked and began walking out of the room.

The girl prompted herself up her eyes glaring at the spot he just left. Dahlia has never like Fred, and she wasn't going to start now.
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