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Poison Ivy || D.M.


My name is Ivy Parkinson and I’m in love with my sister's boyfriend. He barely knows I exist, he doesn’t even see me. But I see him. He is all I see. He is the sun, the moon and the stars. He is my everything. He is Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince.

Romance / Drama
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The Sister

The first time I met Draco Malfoy was when I was sat aboard the scarlet train that was taking me to my first ever year at my new school; Hogwarts.

He was a mean looking kid with platinum blonde hair and would not stop harping on about Harry Potter the whole journey.

I spent the entire time sat nervously next to my sister as I tried not to stare at this angry boy across from me in the compartment.

“I expect bloody Potter will no doubt be bragging about how he saved the world again.” He sneered, his lip curling in obvious distaste. “Well wait until he sees the gifts my father has purchased the Slytherin Quidditch team this year; I simply cannot wait to see the smug look wiped off of his stupid fucking four eyed face.”

I flinched at the casual way he used profanities.

“Just chill, Drac,” the dark-skinned boy on the other side of my sister chuckled. “Anyone would think you have a crush.”

The door to the compartment suddenly slid open, preventing Draco Malfoy from giving what looked like a furious retort.

The ugly burly guy whose name I was horrified to discover was Crabbe, entered, throwing a handful of sweets down onto Draco’s lap.

Rather than saying thank you, the white-blond haired Slytherin surveyed the stash disdainfully before looking irritably back up at Crabbe. “Where are the Chocolate Frogs? I thought I specifically said I wanted Chocolate Frogs.”

Crabbe just shrugged as he reclaimed his seat on Draco’s left, stuffing a pumpkin pasty in his mouth as he did so. “None left.”

“I bet bloody Potter bought the whole lot for his Knutless boyfriend again!” Draco snarled angrily.

“I over’eard that Mudblood say they weren’ on the train.” Crabbe said, spraying flakes of pastry everywhere as he spoke, causing both me and my sister to simultaneously shrink back in disgust.

Draco sat up as a look of startlement flitted across his features. “What do you mean they’re not on the train? Who isn’t?”

“Potter and Weasley.” Crabbe answered gruffly, removing a second pumpkin pasty from its wrappings. “Missed it, apparently.”

This just set Draco off on another rant about the headmaster awarding points or something for them going off on another adventure.

Hardly anyone got a word in edgeways, not even my sister who would usually rabbit on for England at home.

My sister’s name was Pansy, and I was called Ivy. Our parents were fans of plants. Pansy was older than me but only by eleven months; this meant that one month of the year we were the same age which drove Pansy mad.

“People will think we’re twins!” She cried disgustedly; her biggest fear being that we would be asked our ages in that single month.

As it was, when I sat beside her on the train that first day of September, which also happened to be my birthday; we were both twelve years of age.

If I had been born just one day earlier, I would have joined her in her year.

However, I had to wait a whole extra year to start. I could not help but feel slightly disappointed that I missed out on being in Harry Potter’s year. Although it did not seem to me that he was very popular amongst the Slytherins. Especially Draco Malfoy.

Of course, I was Sorted into Slytherin. It was not much of a surprise; it was, after all, the house that all my family have come from.

But it did not stop me from feeling disappointed that I was not in Gryffindor with Harry Potter.

I could not help but notice that Draco Malfoy had not applauded along with the rest of his table when I was announced the latest Slytherin; his attention too busily focused upon the Gryffindor table.

“Hopefully, that’s the last we’ll ever see of that scarhead,” he sneered to no one in particular as I sat down next to Pansy who looked briefly annoyed at me before returning her gaze to the white-blond haired boy opposite us.

“It’s a shame, though.” Draco continued. “I was rather looking forward to seeing the stupid look on his face when he discovers who the new Slytherin Seeker is.”

“But- but they haven’t even done try outs yet.” Pansy spoke up, alarmed. “How do you know who the Seeker is going to be?”

“Oh, don’t be daft, Pansy,” Draco scoffed, and I could not help but notice Pansy wince at this slight. “Weren’t you listening on the train when I told you about my father’s gift?”

Too busy drooling,” I muttered dryly under my breath.

I did not think I had said it loud enough for anyone to hear, however, a pair of grey eyes suddenly pierced mine leaving me feeling unexpectedly flustered. I held my breath thinking he was going to say something, but instead he disregarded me almost immediately.

“Who’s that?” I heard the rough looking boy on his right ask as he eyed me warily, obviously having not concentrated on the Sorting.

“Nobody,” Draco said dismissively in a bored drawling tone. “Just Pansy’s little sister.”

I tried to ignore the sting of his comment.

But that is exactly what I was.

Just Pansy’s little sister.


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