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dear golden - theodore nott

Chapter 2

-- AURELIA EVANGELINE POTTER is popularly known as the girl who lived ​​​​​​. Being Harry's twin, everybody expected her to be just like him ; bold, daring, popular among friends, etc. But she was nothing like him ; being a hufflepuff was the first biggest difference. She has brownish black hair, inheriting it from her father just like her brother but she has his father's Hazel eyes while Harry has green eyes. She was rather the outcast twin, who preferred to spend her time alone, under the sunlight. She had always find good in everyone, even in the ones who call her a 'freak'. The scar on her neck was something which sometimes amused her. She believes that there is something positive in everybody, no matter who they are.


-- THEODORE NOTT is a pure blood wizard who strongly supports the pureblood supremacy. Having a father who is a death eater, he was brought up to be a cold, rude and rather reserved boy. He was expected just to be like his father and make him proud one day. He was quiet happy with following his father's footsteps but his whole mindset changes once he interacts with the potter girl.


-- HARRY JAMES POTTER is the boy who lived and is quiet famous in the Wizarding world along with his sister. Growing up with the durselys, he was never treated with love. The only love he received was from her sister, Aurelia whom he loved to pieces. He hated when students teases her about being an outcast. He knew that his sister was unique which doesn't meant that she was an outcast. He wished to kill anyone who ever dared to call her a freak or an outcast. Being in different houses, he was separated from his sister and rarely got time to spend with her. He wanted to save her from everything which could hurt her.

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