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Forbidden Love ; Tom Riddle


Takes place in 1540's at Hogwarts. Diana Pendragon is a royal descendant of Morgana Le Fay, her family is the most powerful wizarding family throughout history. She was assigned to attend Hogwarts but little does she know falls for a mysterious young sociopath. People have wanted her dead for being a descendant of Morgana. Will he protect her? Will she be safe? Does he fall in love with her? A/N; Credits to Dobby the house elf for Hogwarts characters, The rest are mine. Wrote this alongside my partner @GeorgeWeasleyManaged

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Diana Pendragon

“This is bloody outrageous!”

“Diana calm down.” My mother said with a stern tone. I paced back and forth as she continued, “It’s final.” I let out a scoff as she finished, “You’re going to attend Hogwarts.”

“Hogwarts,” I sat down in front of her at the dining table. I looked into her deep eyes and I knew I wasn’t getting out of it. “What a pathetic excuse for a school.” I shrugged back in my chair as my mother gave me a look. Posture. She always wanted me to be the perfect daughter with perfect qualities. I mean I couldn’t blame her. I had to set a good example as the next heir to the throne.

Pendragon was our family name. We were descendants of Morgana Le Fay. Ring a bell? No? Okay then. Morgana Le Fay was Merlin’s apprentice. You’ve obviously heard of him. If you haven’t then are you sure you’re even a witch or wizard? She was the sister of King Uther Pendragon. Morgana was fair and kind hearted until she was corrupted by Morgause and betrayed her former friend Merlin. Soon after the Battle of Camlann, and Mordred’s death, Morgana was killed by her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur.

“But mum, my studies here are excellent! You even said that I shouldn’t go to a public school because of all the people against us. It’s too dangerous.” I argued. I knew I might not win our argument but I wasn’t backing down without a fight.

“Diana,” My mother sighed and looked out the window. We lived in a big palace. Not like the ones in fairytales but more… Gloomy. But we still called it home. She finally met my eyes as she continued, “It doesn’t matter who’s against us, you have to show bravery to all those who want the throne.”

“Mum, they want my head.”

Her face changed. People didn’t want me to be queen. They wanted me and my family dead for being descendants of Morgana. There used to be riots outside our house for as long as I can remember, they sent us horrible letters, and I know letters aren’t bad. But words hurt. One Sunday morning their riot got out of control. I could feel my mothers tears fall down on me holding my small body in her arms. My father went outside to stop it once and for all. Once he opened the doors he tried reasoning with them but they didn’t want anything to do with him. He was shot. They shot him in the head with an arrow. I could still remember all the people’s cries, especially my mothers. We both saw him die right in front of us. I remember them calling to me saying that I was next. I didn’t sleep peacefully for years, and I still don’t.

“Mum, please.” I pleaded to her with tears almost pouring out of my eyes from the mere memory of my fathers death. Me and my mother have never been the same since his death. My sister Beatrice was just an infant when it happened. I couldn’t believe how hard it was for her growing up without knowing her father. My mother never told her how he died until she came of age. Once she told her she completely broke. She’s been doing better but still not the same.

“I’m sorry Diana. You’re attending Hogwarts and that’s final.” I could see her eyes starting to water up but she looked straight down to her hands not letting me see her eyes. “And Beatrice?” I questioned my voice trying not to choke on tears.

“She’ll also be attending. And you are to look after her, understood?”

I gave her a small nod, “Yes mum.”

“Good.” She sniffled. “Now go and pack your things you’re leaving tomorrow morning.”

I walked up the stairs and entered my room as I found Beatrice sitting on my bed.

“Bloody hell Beatrice. You scared the living life out of me.” I gasped. She let out a small giggle as she scooted over for me to sit next to her. I softly plopped myself beside her as we both laid on our backs looking at the ceiling.

“What did she say?” She broke the silence.

I let out a sigh as I replied, “We’re starting school at Hogwarts tomorrow. You should start packing.”

I could feel her sadness consume her body as she replied, “Okay.” She then got up quietly and left my room without another word. She left me on my bed alone with just my thoughts.What if Hogwarts wasn’t safe? Would the teachers and Headmaster keep me safe?

No. I had to learn to protect myself. My mother had taught me every spell, hex, curse, potion, and charm there is to know. I’d be alright on my own. There was only one problem on my hands and that was the Morningstar family. Descendants from Merlin the Magician. I know, what a ridiculous wizard name. They hated every inch of our family. And now I heard that their son Nicholas Morningstar is now attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Great, family rivalry. The last thing I bloody need.

I already had friends attending Hogwarts. Their families are powerful and rich and that’s why my father believed they’d make good allies. Their families used to come over to our palace for meetings and other important matters while us kids would roam around the castle. Our parents wouldn’t let us go outside because of the dangerous people that were beyond those doors. I know what you’re thinking. Every palace has guards. Yes this may be true but some have been slaughtered during the riots. Not many people have volunteered to guard the palace. We still have enough to safely escort my family and myself to and from the palace.

Yes us Pendragons hold sacred magic in our blood. Morgana liked using dark magic and apparently it coursed through her veins. I know what you’re wondering; what about King Uther?

Morgana was adopted by the royal family. She was a natural born witch, the first of many. They found her resourceful to the palace and its people. As she grew older she started messing with black magic and was consumed by it and Morgause. She could no longer be trusted and was killed by Merlin with the sword of Excalibur.

I know tough family history. Our families have been rivals ever since. I on the other hand could care less about their family. I’m trying to get a good education so I can then focus on becoming queen. But lifes never easy now is it. Merlin has blessed me with his own descendant attending Hogwarts. How considerate.

I got myself up from my bed and looked out my balcony. It was still daytime. I decided to go upstairs to the library. Our Palace was at least four stories. I’ve always liked it. I used to chase my sister up the stairs playing tag.

I left my room heading upstairs toward our library. I pushed the doors open as the light shined through the windows. It was dimly lit but still very beautiful. At Least four rows of shelves filled with books. There were at least ten or more categories of different books. I went straight to Wizarding schools. Yes there are books for that.

I found one particular book, Hogwarts: A History.

I grabbed it off the shelf as I plopped it on the desk. As soon as it hit the desk a puff of dust hit my face. I started coughing while trying to clean the book. Our library was old but I still came up all the time to read. I’ve always liked reading. My parents would find me curled up asleep reading a book on a rainy day.

I skimmed through the book as I found out Hogwarts was sorted into four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

Each house was individually unique. Gryffindors were courageous and brave while Slytherins were ambitious and resourceful. Ravenclaws were wise and creative while Hufflepuffs were kind and loyal.

I didn’t care what house I was sorted in, I knew who I was and my house did not define me and my choices.

A couple of hours passed as I kept reading everything I could find about Hogwarts. Albus Dumbeldore was the headmaster there, I’ve heard tales about him and a man named Nicholas Flamel. I didn’t know anything more besides that he was the most powerful wizard, I guess that’s enough to know.

Time flew quickly as I continued my research. I eventually fell asleep while reading a book about Hogwarts classes. My dream was rather…odd. It was very hard to describe since I kept forgetting pieces of what happened. Then I felt my whole world shake abruptly. I heard yelling but couldn’t make out what was being yelled. As I focused more on it I woke up.

“Diana Eleanor Celeste Pendragon!”

My eyes shot open as I looked around clueless. I turned and found my mother with an angry expression across her face.

“What’s the problem mother?” I questioned politely half awake.

She crossed her arms. Her curls were brushed out and she was in her black silk nightgown. My mother was truly wonderful; she didn’t look anything her age. Her skin was fair and smooth, it had no flaws and it was completely clear. Her lashes long not needing anything to curl them. Her light brown eyes were mesmerizing.

“The problem is you slept here and need to get ready before you miss the train to Hogwarts!” My mother complained.

Hogwarts. I completely forgot! I stood up all night reading!

“Well what are you waiting for? A royal invitation?”

“Yes mother.” I got up and ran downstairs to my room. I had everything packed I just needed to get ready. I brushed my hair and picked out a nice black gown that hugged my curves tightly yet perfectly. I put on light makeup as I walked out with my trunk. Beatrice was already waiting for me as she was smoothing out her skirt. She heard me coming and grabbed her trunk. My mother was beside her still wearing her nightgown as she rushed, “C’mon girls. Come here Diana,” I walked over to them both as she told me I was going to apparate us to platform 9 ¾. She pulled us into one final hug, “I’ll miss you both so much! Look out for your sister Diana. And yourself.”

“Yes mother.” I agreed.

Beatrice held my hand and her trunk in the other as I did the same. I apparted us to platform 9 ¾ and Merlin there were people everywhere. Students were already boarding the train as Beatrice didn’t wait for me and hopped on. That girl is going to be a handful.

I tried getting by all the people and their families. I wasn’t watching where I was going and ran into someone. My head hit them right in the chest as I groaned and rubbed my forehead. I had accidentally dropped my trunk on their foot which made them wince in pain.

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed. “I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“It’s fine.” They muttered.

I looked up to find a tall handsome boy my age. He had dark curly hair with a black suit on. He had beautiful green eyes that pierced my soul. He had fair pale skin and his black curly hair fell onto his forehead perfectly. He chuckled and rolled his tongue on the inside of his cheek. This was enough to make my face flourish red. He noticed and cupped my cheek.

“Like what you see?” He smirked, putting both hands on my waist gripping it tightly.

I opened my mouth but no words were able to come out.

“What’s your name?” He questioned me.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.” I replied and saw a grin form on his face.

“Tom. Tom Riddle.” He bit his lip which made butterflies form in my stomach.

“Now,” He caressed my cheek gently. “What’s yours?”


“All aboard!” The train conductor yelled.

I completely forgot. I looked back at Tom as I quickly grabbed my trunk and said, “I’ll see you later!”

I got on quickly and he came shortly after. “I guess not.” I murmured.

“What did you say your name was again?”

“Diana. Diana Pendragon.” I didn’t want to see his reaction because I knew it wasn’t any good.

He grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the train wall, “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” He snarled. He grabbed both my wrists tightly, not letting me move.

“You can’t just-”

“Oh but darling I can.” He licked his lips. Merlin he was irresistible.


“Hmm? Use your words darling.” He smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Who’s this brother?” Two boys said in unison.

Me and Tom looked in their direction meeting their eyes. Both wearing black identical suits and had pleasantly good looks. Guess it runs in their family. They both had dark curly hair, fair skin, and sharp jawlines. They also had brown mysterious eyes that looked right through me.

Tom looked rather… unpleasant that they had interrupted

“What do you want?” Tom asked with a rude tone.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us dear brother?” The one on the right smirked.

“This is Diana.” Tom muttered annoyingly.

“Lovely to meet you.” The one on the right grabbed my hand and kissed it. I could see Tom tensing up.

“I’m Theodore, but you can call me Theo.” He winked at me and smiled.

I returned the smile and looked at the other one, “I’m Angel,”

“But he’s a devil.” Tom and Theodore snickered.

“Pleasure to meet you both.” I smiled.

“We’re the Riddle brothers. Me and Angel are twins and the first borns-”

“I’m the first born, you’re 7 minutes younger.” Angel interrupted.

“Don’t interrupt you bloody git, don’t you have any manners?” Theodore teased.

He faced his direction back to me and continued, “Tom here is the youngest.”

“We’re just starting seventh year,” Theodore began.

“Little Tommy here is in sixth,” Angel continued.

“Still hexing people are you, eh?” They said in unison.

Hexing people? Why on earth would he need to hex someone?

They started arguing about Godrick knows what as I quietly slipped away to find my sister. I looked through all the compartments as everyone gave me weird looks for why I was looking in their compartment.

It took a while until I found her with another girl her age. As I opened the compartment door their eyes immediately shot to me.

“Where were you Diana?” She questioned me, giving me a confused look.

“Where was I? Beatrice you got on the train without me! Mother told me to look out for you, but you make it so difficult!” I ranted and set my trunk inside.

She gave me a sad look knowing I hurt her feelings. I looked at the girl next to her who asked, “Who are you?”

I scoffed and replied, “Diana Pendragon,” Her eyes grew wide, “I’m Beatrice’s sister.”

“Y-Your the heir?” She questioned me with an amazed look.

“Yes, now who the bloody hell are you?” I was not sure I could fully trust her. I sat down across from her and Beatrice as she replied,

“Ophelia. Ophelia De Loughrey.” She smiled, crossing her leg.

“Pleasure.” I lightly smiled. I turned to my sister and said, “Don’t do that again.”

She shook her head. “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“So Pendragon?” Ophelia inquired.

“I believe you’ve heard of the name.” I raised a brow. Ophelia scoffed, “Of course I’ve heard of the name. Everyone from the wizarding world knows your name. I never thought Hogwarts would be lucky enough to be blessed with your presence.”

“I believe we’re the unlucky ones.”

She laughed. “Hogwarts isn’t as bad as you think.”

“Every school has its quirks. If what I’ve heard is true then I guess I shouldn’t be so worried about my sister and I attending Hogwarts.”

“What house do you wish to be sorted in?”

“I don-”

“Ravenclaw or even Gryffindor.” My sister beamed.

“What about you?” Ophelia tilted her head.

“It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Apologies. My sister doesn’t care for many things. She hardly shows emotion at all.”

“I beg your pardon. You shall not say such things about me. You have no say on whether I feel or not.” My sister raised her hands in surrender and laughed with Ophelia. They drifted into their own conversation. I kept to myself and looked out the window.

I hated that my family thought I didn’t feel. I have a perfect as to why I’ve been so serious my whole life. I’ve done many things so Beatrice wouldn’t have the trauma I’ve been through. I may have lied earlier during the conversation with Ophelia.

I knew exactly what house I wanted to be sorted in.


Credits: @GeorgeWeasleyManaged

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