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Forbidden Love ; Tom Riddle

Chapter 2

Diana Pendragon

We finally arrived at Hogwarts. I must say it’s a beautiful school. Beatrice and I went on the boat ride and got to see the natural true beauty of Hogwarts. Beatrice was mesmerized just as much as I was, although she showed it a lot more.

We were escorted through the dimly lit corridors by a woman named Professor Addington. She looked well around her 50’s, she was a tall woman, and had jet black hair. “Behind this door is the great hall where you’ll be eating all your meals. Some students like to study or be with fellow scholars. This is where the sorting ceremony will be held. Follow me.” Professor Addington turned around rather elegantly and opened the large doors.

The hall was filled with students, looking our way. There were four tables with students wearing robes in their house color. The roof was no ordinary roof, it appeared as if the sky was inside. Up front was a long table where the professors were seated.

Professor Addington stood behind a stool and held a pointy hat. She started calling students up to be sorted into their houses. I wasn’t paying attention to the sorting ceremony, I couldn’t help but feel as if someone was watching me. I tried my best not looking in their direction, whoever it was they caused goosebumps to form all throughout my body.

“Beatrice Pendragon!” The woman called. Some people gasped and the quiet murmurs began.

Bea quickly looked at me with a worried expression. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it as I winked at her. She smiled, making her way to the hat. She took in a deep breath when Professor Addington placed the hat on her head. She looked confused and had her eyebrows knitted.

“SLYTHERIN.” The hat shouted. The slytherin table cheered, welcoming Bea into their house. I was quick to notice Tom and his brothers, she was now in the same house as them. I locked eyes with Tom, he grinned as he slowly clapped, I quickly looked away. There was something-

“Diana Pendragon!” The room went dead silent. I swear everyone can hear my heartbeat racing.

I took a seat on the stool as the professor settled the hat on my head.

“Hmmm, another descendant from Morgana,” I heard the hat say. The book didn’t say anything about a talking hat. “Well sometimes you have to read the book until the end to finally receive answers.”

I was going to ask another question before he said, “RAVENCLAW.”

My heart dropped. There must’ve been a mistake.

The professor removed the hat, I heard cheers and saw people standing from the corner of my eye. My attention was elsewhere; my sister. She looked just as upset. I felt someone pull me from my arm, not having a care in the world who it was. They took me to the ravenclaw table, I heard people calling my name but I could only hear my heartbeat racing.

I’ve never been separated from my sister. Ever since the incident I promised my mom- myself I would never leave her, that I will take care of her for as long as it takes. This can’t be where the promise ends. The house I wanted to be in was whatever house she was in. There has to be a way to change houses, right? Surely someones done it.

Before I knew it, food appeared on the tables. I didn’t really feel like eating but it smelled amazing. I ended up eating lamb, drumstick, and some macaroni and cheese. Eating didn’t help the sadness I was feeling.

I read about the houses and their common rooms. I’ll have to sneak in, check on how she’s doing. Some students were beginning to leave, I grabbed a napkin wiping my fingers and face. I got up starting to follow behind some slytherins. I kept my distance, making sure I wouldn’t get caught.

I wasn’t aware of my surroundings when I felt someone grabbing me and pushing me against a wall.


“Diana Pendragron.” The boy clicked his tongue. It was dark in the corridor, not being able to see him. I tried breaking from his grasp, only making him grab my waist tighter.

“Who are you?” I hissed.

“Such a shame you don’t remember me. I was hoping that from our history you would.” He ran his thumb on his cheek. I moved my head, making him angrier. “Maybe this will make you remember.” He put his hand on my forehead. I was suddenly reliving memories from when I was child.

I was running around the castle with some kids. A curly haired boy had pushed me down the stairs, breaking my ankle. I had another where the boy hexed me. I started feeling as if he had hexed me again. I was drifted to another memory, when my dad was shot. How their family laughed at my fathers death. They said that mom was next, making Bea and I orphans.

The memories stopped, making my head start pounding. I closed my eyes as I placed a hand on my forehead.

“Morningstar.” I scoffed.

He tightened his grasp on me as he snarled, “It’s Nickolas to you.”

“Listen, Nikcolas,” I slapped his hands away and was free from his grasp, “I need to find my sister, and don’t flatter yourself.” I grinned and walked away.

He grabbed my wrist again as I yelped in pain.

“Don’t you dare-”

“Don’t touch things that aren’t yours Morningstar.”

We both turned around to find Tom with his brothers behind him. Tom pulled me aside and checked if I was alright. He saw how purple my wrist was and his eyes turned deadly.

He signaled Angel and Theodore as I saw them roll up their sleeves. Tom took me away not letting me see what was happening, but I could hear the grunting and yelling. Tom stopped in his tracks as I looked at him, “I saw you sister going to the library, now if you’ll excuse me I have certain matters to attend.”

“Wait.” I called out.

He turned and faced me, coming closer. “I wanted to say thank you.” I mumbled, keeping my head down. He cupped my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. “Don’t ever thank me” He said with a stern tone and walked away while rolling up his sleeves.

I walked through the corridors lost, not knowing where the bloody library was. It took a couple of minutes until I found it. I pushed the doors open as I saw how beautiful Hogwarts library was. I walked inside as I saw Beatrice sitting down at an empty desk reading. I sat down next to her as she spoke lightly, “Took you long enough.”

I scoffed, “You expect me to find this library in this ginormous school? Wow Beatrice you’re becoming quite the comedian.”

I heard a small laugh come out of her mouth as she faced me. Her smile dropped as I saw tears fill her blue eyes. I held her in my arms comforting her, “H-How will you p-protect me?” She said in between sobs.

I couldn’t find the answer to her question. How would I protect her? What would mother think? She’d be so disappointed in me.

“We’ll find a way,” I ran my hand through her hair, ”I promise.”

She nodded her head and sniffled. We stayed like that for a while in silence. It started raining a couple of minutes later. It’s London what did I expect? It was really dark out, I accompanied her on finding wherever the slytherin common room was. She told me it was in dungeons, why would they put students in the dungeons?

It appears we have found it, Bea said the password, “Pureblood.” I rolled my eyes at such a password. I walked inside with her, to be found in a dark room with emerald green and black throughout the room. Even their fire was green.

“You’re not supposed to be in here but I guess I’ll let it slide.” Someone from behind me said. I turned to the voice, Theodore. He leaned against the wall with a grin across his face. I looked at his hands, his knuckles were covered in cuts and I noticed a slight bruise on his left cheek.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, only Slytherin’s are allowed to be in here.”

“What a pathetic rule.”

“You sure you’re a ravenclaw?” He jeered.

“I don’t believe I am.” I replied unsure.

“Well that’s too bad. May I escort you to your common room?”

“What about-”

“Your sister will be just fine. Give me one moment.” He aparated out of the room, seconds later he came back with his twin brother Angel. “Take her to her dorm.” Angel gladly obliged, walking up to her. Bea and I said our goodbyes, as Angel took her to her dorm.

“C’mon now. Wouldn’t want young Thomas to get mad for you being in here.” I laughed at the name Thomas. He hooked his arm with mine, leaving the common room.

“Are you alright?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?” He furrowed his brows.

“Your hands, your cheek. Are you hurt?”

He slightly chuckled. “I’ve gotten worse. No need to worry darling.”

I felt my cheeks warm up at the nickname. “Did he hurt you?”

“No.” I didn’t want to tell him about our past. It’ll hurt me just by remembering.

“How do you know where the Ravenclaw common room is?”

“Well- I have some friends there.”

“By friends, do you mean acquaintances?” I teased.

“Acquaintances is a better word for it. How would you know if I have acquaintances or not.”

I widened my eyes. “Well I would be surprised if you didn’t. I saw some girls stare in ‘awe’ at you and dying over you once you walk past them.”

“Do you not die when I walk past you?” He smirked.

“Well I’m still standing aren’t I.”

“I haven’t hit you with my charm yet. You just wait.”

“That’s certainly the reason as to why I haven’t fallen for you.”

“It certainly is the reason.” We both laughed.

The two of us continued talking about nonsense and it was quite nice. He was a lovely person.

“Sadly, this is where we part ways.”

The door to the Ravenclaw common rooms was right in front of me. A part of me didn’t want to open the door. As soon as I walk inside that room my whole life will change.

“Thank you Theodore.”

He nodded and apparated, leaving me alone. I turned to the door. “I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have a body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?”

“An echo.” I replied confidently.

“Smart girl.” The door immediately opened, allowing me to enter. “Child’s play.” I scoffed. As I walked in the common room it was breathtaking. It was covered in white marble with blue banners and a beautiful fireplace. They had two couches with shelves of books all around. I guess the hat didn’t make a mistake after all.

I saw a girl reading near a window, and decided to ask her where my dorm was.

“Uh- Hi.”

Her eyes went directly to me. She had beautiful green eyes and long brown hair. She had freckles on her nose and tiny ones on her cheeks. She had long eyelashes and plump pink lips.

“Oh hi! You startled me.”

“Oh I’m sorry, must be an interesting book you’re reading.” I let out a small laugh looking at the book.

She flipped it over so I could read the cover, ‘Astronomy: Constellations.’

“You like astronomy?”

“Yeah,” She mumbled, “People think it’s boring-”

“Me too!” She gave me a weird look as I explained, “Oh sorry I meant I like it, I don’t mean that I think it’s boring. It’s rather fascinating.”

She gave me a warm smile as she introduced herself, “I’m Roselyn Berkshire, but you can call me Rose.”

I smiled and hoped she wouldn’t run away from hearing my name, “I’m Diana, Diana Pendragon.”

“Oh you’re new? Want me to show you where your dorm is?”

“Would you?”

“Of course!” She beamed.

She got up as I followed her upstairs. She wasn’t walking, she was skipping. There was something odd about her, but odd is a good thing. She opened the door to find a beautifully decorated room. It had two beds, and it was covered head to toe in white and blue.

“This is our room.” She smiled.

“I’m sharing it with you?” I gave her the biggest smile and she replied, “Of course silly!”

I was overwhelmed with happiness. I walked over to my bed and found a pair of Ravenclaw robes and a letter. Who would send me a letter?

I opened it carefully as I began to read the letter,

Dearest Diana,

You won’t be able to protect your sister for long.


Nickolas Morningstar

I felt my heart race as I thought about how I would protect her from Nickolas. My anxiety rose as I knew Nickolas was in Slytherin along with Beatrice.

How would I protect my little sister from the wrath of Nickolas Mornigstar?


Credits: @GeorgeWeasleyManaged

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