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Basically what this is, is one shots. I do requests of any ship from BNHA so feell free to request a ship and/or plot! I do any ships! LGBT+ and poly ships!^·^ I also do smut and fluff. I'll tell you if it is smut though!

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Izuku was walking home with ear buds in his ears listening to sweet songs. He walked up to a bus stop and waited for the bus but whole time he was waiting he felt like someone was watching him. Though he ignored it and got onto the bus sitting down and going on his phone to change the song and see if there was anything new. After a while the bus stopped at Izuku's stop so he got off and walked home. Inko, his mom wasn't home for another few hours. He sighed and walked home feeling like he was being watched again hr quickened his speed.

Katsuki blushed as he stalked Izuku. Once he saw Izuku walk in the house Katsuki climbed up and through Izuku's bedroom windoe then going and hiding in his closet picking through the door cracks. Little did Katsuki know that Izuku knew it was Katsuki now since he had a stromg Carmel scent. Izuku walked in his bedroom and scanned the room for a bit then realised Katsuki was in his closet. "Hm~ such a sweet smell~" He smirked walked to the closet ane opened it. "Oh look at that." Izuku bent down. "Stalking me again, for the 9th time?" Izuku asked while smirking at Katsuki who was blushing. "10 ac-actually-" he stuttered out. Izuku chuckled and stood up picking Katsuki up. "Oh really?~ why?" He carried Katsuki to the bed and then undressed himself and dressed into pjs. Katsuki stuttered and watched. "I-I uhm well uh- er-" Katsuki whined. "Speak up kacchan." Izuku said as he laid down. Katsuki blushed more. "I-I like you.." He whispered. Izuku still heard him and pulled him into a hug. "Well that's good. Stalker~" Izuku chuckled and pulled him into his chest. "I'm tired let's go to sleep..." Katsuki nodded and cuddled him. "M-mine." Izuku nodded. "Yeah but I'm the dom." Izuku kissed the nape of Katsuki's neck and started to already fall asleep. "Wh-what why?!" Katsuki gasped. "Sleep we'll talk about this tomorrow"


Katsuki was asleep onto of Izuku when Izuku woke up and started to rub his ass making Katsuki wake up and whine. Izuku awatted his ass to get him to stop and it worked. "Kacchan. Explain why you're alwayd stalking me." Izuku said as he sat up still holding Katsuki. Katsuki growled. "No shitty nerd!" That earned him getting his ass swatted. "Bad. Now just tell me." Izuku ordered. Katsuki whimpered and nodded. "I-I honestly don't know... I just really... Wanted to..." Izuku nodded and laid back. "Ok kacchan." He pulled Katsuki close and kissed him. "So how are you going to make it up to me? Maybe wear a dress?" Izuku smirked and Katsuki nodded whining. "Not cool!... But i guess so since it's only fair, in a way..."
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