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Fame and Magic (A Fred Weasley love story) (18+)


Holly Evans is a witch. A muggleborn. A mudblood. But she is also an American pop star. What happens when she returns to England after 2 years and rooms with the Weasley's? Will she fall in love with a red-headed boy? Will she find out the meaning behind her strange dreams? Sneak peek: "SHE'S HERE?!? SHE'S ACTUALLY HERE?!" asked Ginny waiting for a confirmation that her best friend was back in England. "Yes, dear, and she'll be staying with us as well. Up in your room with Hermione" Mrs. Weasley stated happily." Goblet of Fire and onwards! :) I will be adding modern lingual and songs, I'll put and give credit after every song I use. THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN THE MENTIONS OF DRUG USE AND RAPE, THIS STORY WILL ALSO CONTAIN SOME STRONG LANGUAGE AND SMUT. I WILL PUT A TW ON EVERY CHAPTER THAT MENTIONS THE USE OF DRUGS AND OR RAPE! Please note that the majority of the characters in this book are not owned by me but are owned by J.K Rowling. Thank you.

Romance / Erotica
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Coming Home

Holly grabbed her bags and headed straight for the front door. She was absolutely ecstatic! After 2 whole years, she was finally going back to England, going back to Hogwarts, going back home. Now.. don't get her wrong, she loved life in America, it was great. She had everything she could dream of, a big house, friends, money, freedom, and fame but England just felt like home.

Holly is 15 years old, she was born in California, but moved to England at the age of 9. She got accepted into Hogwarts when she turned 11 (which came as a shock considering she had no clue that magic even existed), and made excellent friends with the whole Weasley family, with the slight exception of Percy.

Holly had the opportunity in her 2nd year to move back to California and join a girl group. Holly joined the girl's group (4W, they called themselves), she knew that they were already "well known" as she says, but everyone knew that they were popular, famous with a large fan base that not only included muggles but started including the wizarding community as well when she joined. You'd probably be questioning how the wizarding world knew her, well.. not only did muggle-borns introduce other wizards and witches to 4W but Holly herself made it obvious. No, she didn't go around saying she was a witch, but... she had a scar on her right forearm with the word "Mudblood" carved in, given to her by He Who Shall Not Be Named when she was 11.

Holly showed off her scar at concerts, she soon became a symbol for muggle-borns internationally.

After 2 years of success, homesickness, and LOTS of begging to her manager she was finally allowed to go back to England. She immediately owled Mrs. Weasley and Ginny with the exciting news, Holly and Ginny owled one another with updates on life CONSTANTLY. They were best friends since before she moved and stayed best friends after she moved, Holly thought of Ginny as her little sister and was very appreciative of her. At first Holly was planning on staying at her old house in England but after owling Mrs. Weasley with the news Mrs. Weasley insisted that Holly stayed with her and the Weasley's in the Burrow. Holly gratefully accepted the invitation and set up the rest of the plans with Mrs. Weasley and her mother and father.

"Moooom hurry!! I'm going to be late for my flight!!" Holly exclaimed, and with that her mother walked towards her and opened the front door and opened the car trunk for Holly to place her bags in.

"Thank you, it took you a lifetime!" Holly said playfully with her mother laughing at her side.

"Shut up and get in, daughter of mine." Rebecca (Holly's mother) said, opening the car door and starting the car after her daughter followed her orders, "Now remember what we say about paparazzi..."

"Yes, yes, I know, I know, "don't let them see you cry, don't let them get under your skin, and in no circumstances give them names of the people you're with, unless they allow you to say their name." Holly said in a monotone voice, she had learned the rules about paparazzi, she was used to it.

"Yes, but..."

"Never let an annoying bitch or man tell me what to do, if I have to go off on them I have your permission to do so, because I'm a bad bitch and I can't be controlled" Holly said with a smirk as she looked out the windshield watching other cars go by and the airport sign come closer.

Holly's mom let out an approving nod and grin before sighing and saying, "please be safe, dear." with a concerning face that she tried covering with a smile.

"Of course mom." Holly replied truthfully and with reassuring eyes and a smile.

Holly let out an excited shriek as she saw that they were pulling into the parking lot of the airport. She started looking around for 3 other familiar cars and spotted all three. Her mom finally parked and helped her daughter take her bags out of the trunk and into the airport. Holly's mom looked around for 6 familiar faces, her face lighting up with glee as she found all 6 girls standing by waiting for them.

Did I forget to mention that 4W stands for 4 Witches? Well... surprise! All four girls of the group were witches, who were now transferring schools and going to Hogwarts. The plan was that the 3 other girls of the group go and stay at Holly's old house while Holly hoped back and forth between the Burrow and her home. That would give the girls time to get to know the area and over all give Holly time with the Weasley's.

In Holly's 1st year she was sorted into Gryffindor along with the Weasley's and a couple other girls that she had a falling out with when she left. Holly was excited to see where the girls would go, she hoped for them to all be sorted into different houses so that she'd be able to visit every common room, but she was fine with anything. They would all be in their 5th year this year and Holly was terribly excited to be with her old and new friends in England.

Holly ran up to the three girls that were all chatting happily about going to England and gave them all a quick and excited hug. She gave the pureblood girl with long blonde hair and fairly tan skin a hug first, Ava her name was (is). She then moved on to Amelia, the half-blood girl with beautiful dark skin and dark brown hair that reached her shoulders, and finally giving Isabelle, the pureblood girl with medium black hair and fairly pale skin a hug. Holly herself was beautifully tan and had beautiful brown ombré hair that reached her waist and was layered.

After a while of chatting the girl's plane was finally boarding, all four girls waved goodbye to their mothers and started boarding their plane. They all had first class tickets so they didn't need to worry about being alone on the plane, besides they all had each other to keep them safe.

(A.N) AHHHHHHH OMG!!! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THAT!! This is my first fanfic that I'm ever writing so hopefully it turns out good lol. This is a psa that i will be adding a lot of modern lingual to this story (as you can see with the conversation between Rebecca and Holly). I'm honestly writing this for fun but if you're reading this and enjoying it so far please comment and let me know, I'd love to see some support so i know I'm not just wasting my damn time lmao. Anywhooooooo hope you enjoyed!! :))

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