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Fame and Magic (A Fred Weasley love story) (18+)

“If Not Fred, Than George.”

"Ok girls remember the plan, we go to my house, get ready, then at 8 p.m we all floo power our asses to the Burrow" Holly said while grabbing her bags and making her way to the cab that was outside of the airport waiting for them.

"Wait- if we could have used floo powder than why did we take the plane?" Isabelle asked sounding slightly annoyed and packing her bags into the cab.

"Before we left England we boarded up the fireplace so nobody could get in the house, so unless you wanted to spend an eternity in the fireplace, the plane was the way to go." Holly responded.

"I'm kinda nervous..." Amelia stated with a slightly worried face and a small smile. "I mean.. what if they don't like us? What if they don't like the dances we do? Our dances and songs can be kinda explicit sometimes..."

"Have they seen what we do? Or heard our songs?" Isabelle asked.

"What if they don't like what we wear to dinner?" Ava asked now sounding worried and fidgeting with her fingers.

"Or- " Amelia started but got cut off.

Holly knew that some songs they performed were explicit but she honestly didn't care, she never got any backlash so if performing an explicit song the only thing she had to worry about she didn't care.

"Guys! It's fine. The Weasley's are very loving people and there's no reason for them not to like us unless we've done something wrong, and I'm not sure if the whole family has seen what we do, but I know all of the girls have so we'll be fine. You guys should be excited not worried!" Holly remarked with a reassuring smile.

Amelia took a deep breath along with Ava. Those two girls were the biggest worriers Holly had ever met, it usually starts with Amelia then moved on to Ava, like some sort of infection. Isabelle didn't really care and was known as the bitch of the group, while Holly was the mainly known as the "flirtatious and outgoing" one of the group.

All of the girls knew this was a mostly a lie and it was simply characteristic traits that were given to her by her manager to add some spice into the group. Holly had a kinky and sexual side but she was introverted deep down and kept that part of her hidden, unless she was joking, she was really good at hiding it.

At times you'd find Holly on the floor reading a book or in a closet reading a book, anywhere were she could hide she'd go. But when it came to being flirty, she always knew what to do. She mainly joked but when she was serious it was always game over for the boys she'd seduce.

"Ok, so how far away is this place of yours, Holly?" Isabelle asked.

"Well by the looks of it, we should be arriving in a good 20 minutes." Holly replied already impatiently waiting in her seat.

The girls talked until they finally arrived, they unloaded their bags and headed for the front door. Once the door was opened the girls started calling rooms almost immediately.

"We should start clearing and cleaning the fireplace before we start getting ready, just in case we're late," Amelia looked at Ava then continued "we don't want it to be in our way." She finished.

"That's an excellent idea!" Isabelle exclaimed then sat down on the couch.

"Well, are you going to help?' Ava asked.

Isabelle looked at her with a small smile, "tha- that- that's CHILD LABOR!" She said dramatically and playfully. Isabelle finally got up and started helping the other three girls. In 20 minutes the girls finished and went up to their rooms to talk.

"YOU'RE A BLOODY IDIOT!" Yelled Isabelle with half a face of foundation that was too dark for her skin.


"CAUSE I GET DARKER IN THE SUMMER SO I NEED TWO!" Isabelle started wiping away the foundation with a make-up wipe while giving Ava a death glare, which Ava returned.

"Can both of you shut up? I'm trying to do my eyeliner, and you all know how hard it is to do eyeliner." Amelia said staring intensely into the mirror making sure she didn't mess up.



Holly was finishing up her make-up and applying lipgloss. The girls constantly argued like this so she was used to it and changed the subject, trying to fill the awkward silence.

"How do I look?" She asked propping her face up to the light.

"It looks good!" Ava said kindly.

"Ooo you're going with the natural look." Amelia replied.

"As always." Isabelle replied to Amelia. "You look good Holly, maybe add some highlight on your Cupid's bow....makes your lips pop more." Isabelle said with a wink.

"You girls know I don't like heavy make-up, it makes me feel weird. Just some concealer, blush, mascara, and highlight will do the trick" she said giggling. "And yes, I'll do that now" Holly grabbed her highlight and placed some on her Cupid's bow.

"Ohhh, I love this! Thanks Izzy"

"No problem." She replied "How do I look?" Isabelle asked.

"You look great."

"You look like you're ready to seduce someone..." Ava said as a compliment.

"Oh god, knowing her she's probably going to try," Holly said laughing. "You look great by the way."

"Thank you girls, thank you. Holly, are any of the Weasley boys cute? I know you said you had a crush on... Gred...Weasley?"

Holly snorted and replied, "yeah, I did before I left, I'm pretty sure it's gone now though. Oh and Izzy, It's Fred and George Weasley."

"THE TWINS!" Ava and Amelia said together excitedly remembering what Holly had told them in the cab. The girls were particularly excited to meet the twins, they had heard of their notorious pranks and sense of humor which make both girls impatient to meet them.

"Yeah" Holly laughed.

"You think Fred stayed cute H?" Izzy asked.

Holly felt a blush creep on to her cheeks remembering all of the great times her and the twins had and remembering how close they were before she left. "He wasn't that cute when I left, so I don't know..." she finally replied.

"Why did like him then?" Isabelle asked sounding genuinely curious.

"His personality, and the fact that he could always make me laugh. He actually gave me this necklace." Holly said displaying the heart shaped necklace on her neck that she almost never took off.

"Aw, that's so cute." Amelia said in a swooning voice.

"Well, puberty can work wonders, I mean look at you. You have the perfect body and you're only 15." Ava said and starting to look around in her bags for an outfit.

"That's true, when you joined you barley had a figure and now you have hips, boobs, and an ass." Amelia said, backing up Ava's statement.

"Don't forget the pretty face!" Isabelle added also looking for an outfit.

"If Fred doesn't fall in love with you now... I'd be shocked.." Ava retorted.

"Girls!" Holly said playfully now looking for an outfit as well. "I don't think he'd ever be interested, I'm pretty sure he only sees me as a little sister or something.."

"HE'S ONLY A YEAR OLDER THAN US! He'd be a moron not to catch feelings... and if not Fred, than George." Amelia said winking at Holly who was beat red.

"Oh wow! that's great advice! If you can't get the one you want, go for the brother!" Holly said laughing.

"Yeah." Isabelle said clearly unbothered and sounding almost honest.

"Let's just drop it, ok? Let's play it safe and say he's not interested." Holly said.

"But if he were..." Ava teased trying to get Holly to blush more or bother her.

Holly shot Ava a glare then sparked a new conversation. "Can you girls help me? I don't know what to wear and it's already 7:30" she asked.

And with that all three girls shot up from their seats on the floor and started rummaging through Holly's bags. They picked out a wine red satin dress that tied from the back and hugged her curves. They then picked out some black heels with a small heel to match. They rushed to give her her outfit and waited for her to put it on anxiously.

Holly slipped into the dress and slipped the heels on and looked in the mirror. "Don't you think it's a little much?" She asked with a concerned voice.

"I think it looks beautiful." Ava said honestly.

"You might want to re-think that clear gloss... here borrow some of my nude lipstick" Amelia said handing her a make-up wipe and some nude lipstick.

Holly took off her gloss and applied the nude making her outfit look 10x better than before.

"Oh, and here" Ava said grabbing Holly's face and adding the slightest amount of a warm nude eyeshadow on Holly's crease's which also made the outfit look so much better. Isabelle quickly ran up and applied some black eyeliner on Holly before she could protest.

Holly turned back around to the mirror to see the new look, and she loved it. It still looked natural but with some flare. Holly turned around hugging each girl and saying thank you. She turned back around and admired herself in the mirror. She looked gorgeous.

"Does Mrs. Weasley cook good? I don't want to make a face at dinner, it was nice enough of her to even invite us." Amelia asked Holly as she started changing into a pastel yellow dress with white sunflowers on it paired with some white flats.

"Oh... her cooking is to die for. Trust me, you'll love it." Holly replied truthfully with a smile on her face. "OH! I almost forgot the gifts!" Holly rushed over to her bag and pulled out a pack of pens, a ring, a necklace, and placed them in her dress's pockets.

"Oooo what did you get them?" Ava asked.

"I got Ginny a ring, Mrs. Weasley a necklace, Mr. Weasley a pack of pens." Holly answered. The girls looked at her confused and slightly concerned at the fact that she was giving Mr. Weasley a pack of pens.

"Mr. Weasley loves muggle things, they write with quills and inkwells there and he's never used or seen a muggle pen. The wizarding community here is kinda weird." She said reassuringly.

"I can't wait to see their house." Isabelle said out of the blue but sounding excited.

"Me too! Is it really as tall and old as you say? I'd love to get out of this rich area, and live like before." Amelia said sounding somewhat dreamy and hopeful towards the end.

Although the girls loved the fame, and money, and the big houses they all missed life before the fame. They all stayed extremely humble even after all these years.

"Yup, and same Amy, I know where you're coming from..I think we all do." Holly said sounding somewhat sad. "But come on lets hurry! It's already 8:25!"

All the girls hurried towards the fireplace and stood in. Holly grabbed some floo power.

"Everyone changed and ready?" Holly asked, which was returned with nods and a "yup" from the girls.

They all look beautiful in the dresses they were wearing.

"The Burrow." And just like that green flames engulfed all four girls.
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