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Not a chance - Fred & George Weasley


Hi my name is Charlotte Scarlett and well I still don't know what I want to do in the future... So at the moment I'm working in a joke shop. And unfortunately this is not a joke... Anyway, I'm a Slytherin and you could say I wasn't much loved, but I honestly don't care! I have a family, friends and TWO dickheads in my life. What more could I ask for, right! Okay! Can we stop I've had enough of this- "NO!" Geez, okay, I'm sorry... Stay with my story...

Fantasy / Romance
alice ✨👂🏻
Age Rating:


Hello everyone! I decided to create this disclaimer to say some things that you may or may not expect in this fanfic.

I wanted to say that this is my first time writing anything that will probably get an audience, so if anything doesn’t make sense or has mistakes, please let me know. Also my official language is not English, so I considered this an opportunity to train more writing in a language other than my own. I’ll be available to answer any questions or listen to any suggestions.

1st notice:

Only the main character (Charlotte Scarlett) and her family (mother, father and brother ‘Theodore’) are by me. The rest of the characters belong to the writer of the Harry Potter saga (JK R*wling).

2nd notice:

Although I’m doing this fanfic, it doesn’t mean I agree with any act of JK R*owling. I do not agree with any of her actions towards the LGBTQIA+ community ; nor any other action she has done or does.

3rd notice:

This story will contain characters from the LGBTQIA+ community , so if you don’t feel comfortable I advise against reading. Not allowed any mean comments about it or any other subject. Remembering that everyone is welcome, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality...

4th notice:

This story will also contain smut and other stuff... But don’t worry, whenever a chapter contains it, there will be a warning before it. The beginning and end of each smut scene will also be symbolised.

Every time you see this symbol ” ***** “, it means the beginning of the scene, when you see the same symbol again it means the end of the scene. In case you don’t feel comfortable reading it, I advise you to skip that part.

5th notice:

I will try to update at least once a week. The chapters are about 1500 words each; I know it’s not much, but it is what is advised. Sometimes I may update more than one chapter a week, it depends on how much I’ve written. I ask you to be patient, I have more free time at the moment, but I need to study and organize my life like anyone else. If something unexpected happens, I try to let you know as soon as possible.

6th notice:

This story is also published on Wattpad: “bettermellow”. If you want to follow me on TikTok it is: “bettermellow”.

I will post some videos associated with the fanfic and maybe some edits, not quite sure yet. For now I don’t have any other social media, but I’d like to create some! What do you think?


If you have any suggestions or questions you would like to put, please feel free.

I’m thinking of making a playlist on Spotify for you to listen to while you read or at the start of each chapter I’ll give you one or more songs to listen to. What do you think is better?

I think that’s all I have to say for now...

I hope you enjoy the story and feel like the main character!

Love u!

Stay gorgeous!!!

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