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Bittersweet Tragedy ; Draco Malfoy


Celeste Diggory

"So tell me about hogwarts, Ced. How are the People there? I want to know everything." I asked excited and looked at my brother with a huge smile.

Today's my first day at hogwarts. Our dad didn't allowed me to attend hogwarts earlier which was really weird because Cedric could. Even though I kept asking him what the reason was for years, he never told me.

"It is nothing special, really. Most of the people are great there." Cedric replied kind of annoyed. Then he continued talking, as he looked out the window from the hogwarts train. "Except the Slytherin. Just make sure to stay away from them, they're not the nicest." He snapped and turned into my direction again.

I looked at him with raised eyebrows. "You know I can get sorted into slytherin, right?" His Expression went mad fast, I haven't saw him like that since it happened.

"You're not going to be a part of this fucking house. I swear, I'll do anything to keep you away from them. I don't want you to experience the same thing I did. Do you understand that, Cel?" He asked harshly. I nodded and looked out of the window, watched how we stride further away from Kings' Cross.

A tap on my shoulder, tore me away from my thoughts. I looked towards me, where Cedric sits. Beside him now was sitting a boy wearing glasses. Of course, I directly knew who he was. "You're Harry, aren't you? Harry Potter." I said, a slight smile on my face. The boy nodded. "And you're Cedrics sister. He talks about you a lot. It's getting annoying, really." Harry replied laughing.

During the ride, Harry's two best friends joined us. Their names are Ron and Hermione, if I remember correctly. Both of them are very welcoming and nice. We talked about many things. What subjects there are or about the different houses. To be honest all houses sounded interesting but Slytherin fascinated me the most. It's just the risk, the danger that attracted me. Also I was dying to know, if Slytherin's really were as horrendous as Cedric told me.

While my head was full of thoughts about the houses and people, I wasn't aware that we already reached hogwarts. Loud voices caught my attention. Outside the compartment, we were sitting in, lots of students gathered, ready to get out the train. "Come on guys, we also need to leave the train" Hermione said, got up and waited for us to get up too.

As we were walking to the school, a group of students, walking a few meter ahead from us got my attention. Four students. Three boys and two girls. Out of the boys, a particular one was most compelling ; The one with a bony, pale face and white-blonde hair, which gave him a beautifully distinctive look.

"Who are they?" I questioned Hermione quietly. "Slytherin's. But not just any random ones, they basically are the head group. If I were you, I would avoid them. Worse things are happening around them." She whispered, making sure Cedric, Harry and Ron couldn't hear us. My interest grew. "And the boy with the blonde hair? Who is he?" Her eyes lightly widened. "That's Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. He is the worst of them. Not only a bad reputation but also a terrible human being. Don't let him bring you down in any way and don't go near him. promise me this, okay?" I nodded.

Even though Hermione told me about Draco and how cruel he is, a part of me just really wanted to get closer to him. It probably will be a big mistake but my mind couldn't let go of the chance. I wanted to change things, especially the prejudices against the Slytherin house, that everyone knew and had.

We walked into the great hall. A gasp left my mouth, because it was breathtaking. A large hall with four long tables, four colors for each house. The ceiling was covered with candles and it was enchanted to look like the sky.

"She's acting like a fucking tourist." Ron giggled behind me. I turned around and looked into his ocean eyes. "Stop it! You're being mean. Sorry, that I'm impressed by it." A soft hit from me landed on his arm, he flinched. "Don't tell me you are scared of her" Hermione teased. We all started laughing and they walked to their tables, sitting down, matching to their house.

All of them except me. I had to go to the others, the kids which were 11 or 12 and waited for their sorting for their first year. Not gonna lie, I was so embarrassed as I stood between these little children. Mainly because I could hear the laughter from the older students behind me. I also heard Cedric and how he made them shut up, which caused me to chuckle. Suddenly names were called in a row.

"Next is: Celeste Diggory." A older woman said, her name was Ms. McGonagell. "Finally." I muttered under my breath. The chair where she awaited me for the Sorting Ceremony got closer, the more steps I took. She placed the Sorting Hat on my head and it started talking. "Ahh I see.. Celeste Diggory, your name? Well, i know you're different than everyone else here. You have the Potential for every house. Bravery and Chivalry like a Gryffindor. Just and loyal like a Hufflepuff. Intelligence and knowledge like a Ravenclaw. Cunning and ambitious like a Slytherin. But out of all houses, one fits you the most."

What's that supposed to mean? 'different than everyone else' I guess I am not the first one he told that.

"You're house is gonna be." The hat paused.
".. Slytherin." It shouted and my mouth dropped open. My eyes searched for Cedric. As soon as I found him, we glanced at each other until he frustrated got up and left the hall. I looked to the ground. Disappointed. Then I got up. Slowly, and walked to the table, where the students with the green robes were sitting.

Everyone in the hall gave me this weird look: like there was something wrong with me. I sat down beside a girl. She had ginger hair. I looked down at the table because I felt horrible for being put in Slytherin and disappointing my brother. "You're Diggory's sister?" The ginger-haired girl asked me. "Yes I am. Celeste Diggory." I responded quickly. She smiled at me. "Nice to meet you Celeste. I'm Harper Nelson." Harper gushed.

She is very nice but it also could be a façade. Well, there's no doubt, she is different. Her whole behaviour yet is so dissimilar than what Cedric always said.

"Don't fucking talk to her." Someone bellowed. "She's probably the same piece of shit as her loser of a brother." The same voice spat. It was a guy sitting besides Harper. My blood started to boil and leaned to the side, trying to see who the person is. When I saw white-blonde hair, I immediately recognized him. It was Draco Malfoy. His eyes collided with mine. Compared to Ron's eyes, his were cold and lifeless. So cold, that I got goosebumps. I wanted to defense Cedric but no words could left my mouth. It was almost like his presence was so seductive, making me unable to speak.

Now that I could see his whole face, I was impressed by his facial features. The clear, smooth pale skin combined with his grey, narrowed eyes and the strong cheekbones, made him look gorgeous.

Harper put her arm around me, hugging me slightly. "You're being fucking rude, Draco. I think she is lovely. Look at her, such a pure soul. Just because she's Diggory's sister, doesn't mean you can judge her." She snapped at him. Turned back in my direction, she whispered. "Don't be bothered by him. He isn't as rude as he comes off. Secretly, he is a softie." A smile grew on my face. Her character is delightful, just like her. Beautiful red hair framed her face. Her eyes were brown, the complete opposite of Draco's ; In those brown eyes, the warmth of an everlasting heart reflected. The green robes went well with her orange sunset wavy hair.

"Now that it seems like that you're a part of our friend group, I'll just introduce to everyone." She exclaimed. "Alright, so in front of you is sitting Caden. He's the funniest and also the cutest, always cares for his loved ones more than everyone else. The one besides him is Blaise. He may come off as intimidating at first but he really is a sweetheart."

The way she described them, was so heartwarming. Her personality is contagious. I knew we always would get so well along. "Now to Draco." She sighed. "He's by far the most difficult in our group to deal with." That was all what she said about him.

Later that day, we all were sitting in the Slytherin's common room. Not only the look of it was impressive but also the atmosphere. Even though it looked dark and cold, it was quite welcoming there. Green themed and dungeon-like but it nowhere felt like one.

Gladly, I was paired in a room with Harper, it couldn't be better. The only thing that kept me worried, was Cedric but I decides to talk to him after dinner. Blaise and Caden were just as kind as Harper, the only problem was Draco. He isn't very communicative. But it had a reason according to Harper, she just didn't talked to me about it yet.

It probably is way too soon to ask her that. I mean, I only know her for a few hours. But I can't wait, I'm so interested in Draco. He seems like this bad, tough person. Something's just really off.

I couldn't wait, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her into our dorm. "Please tell me the reason why Draco is this way." I begged her. "Okay, okay. I'll tell you but you have to promise me, that you'll never tell anyone." She replied and held her pinky finger out to me. "Pinky promise, alright?" I nodded and agreed.

Then she started talking. "Draco had a really terrible childhood. His father was very abusive and still is to this day. He teached Draco a lot, but only bad things and these with violence. He don't really know how to be good or show any emotions other than the bad ones. Draco is just very broken and it seems like nothing can help him beating that. When we first met, he wasn't like this: he could feel Happiness, Joy, Hope, Serenity. Over time his father taught him how to not be 'weak' so he lost all of his positive feelings, which made him to this awful person. I mean, deep down he still is a good person. It is just really hard to break that wall down, which he built up around him. It takes a lot of patience."

Hearing that, made me feel nauseous. I am deeply sorry for him. "Oh." I sighed. "No worries. I won't tell anyone" Harper slightly smiled and nodded.

As we were eating dinner in the great hall, Blaise and Caden told me many things about them and their families. I glanced at Draco a few times and he just stared at his plate. I was so curious of how I could get closer to him because he clearly doesn't deserved the things Harper told me about. But before I can deal with this, I need to talk to Cedric. Everytime someone entered the great hall, I looked out for him but he never came so I lost the hope, that I even could talk to him today.

We walked back to the common room, Caden walked on my right side and Harper on the left. "So Celeste-" I interrupted him. "You can call me Cel. I actually like it more than my name." "Yeah whatever- So, since you're new here, I still need to introduce our Ritual, that we do when new students join us, to you." He said smirking, bending down to me because I was way shorter than him. "And what is it?" I asked directly, looking up into his green eyes with biting my lip out of curiosity. "A party in the common room." He cheered and put his arm around my shoulder. "It's not gonna be your first time drinking right?" The beautiful read head on my left asked me.

My head turned into her direction. "What- No! of course not, I used to party all the time." I lied laughing. "Wow. Very convincing, Cel." Harper said giggling while rolling her eyes. "My dad doesn't want me to drink before I'm 18." Caden raised his eyebrows. "That means you're going to get wasted tonight." He winked at me. "I'll take care of you, I promise." His lips turned upwards into a sweet, little smile. I smiled back at him.

When we entered the common room, Harper dragged me into our dorm. "We need to decide what we're wearing for tonight's Party." She screamed excited, jumping around. "I don't have any cute outfits." Shortly after that sentence left my mouth, she stopped jumping."You don't have to worry Cel. I have tons of clothes, you can always borrow my clothes by the way. Everything that I own, belongs to you now too."

Harper and I looked through all of her clothes. I tried on a lot of dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and jeans. Slowly it became really annoying. "How many things do I need to try on?" I asked frustrated. "I'm so fucking exhausted." I screamed out and dropped onto my bed. "THIS IS PERFECT!!" She yelled and held a dress over me. "Alright but that's the last one I'll try on." I yawned, got up and tried it on. "Holy shit Cel, you look gorgeous. Fucking stunning." Harper cheered and pulled me into a tight hug. Then she pushed me to the mirror where I let out a gasp.

It was a green velvet dress, ending right above my knees, thight at the waist, which hugged my body perfectly. As a highlight, it had a slit at the leg. "Woah" was the only word I let out. "You look so hot! Do you mind, being the reason why I'm not straight anymore now?" She chuckled softly. "You better watch out tonight. You're new, which means almost all boys are gonna flirt with you and wanting more. I mean, I can't blame them. I'd do the same. But if you never leave my sight, I'll watch out for you." She winked. As a response I rolled my eyes. We started laughing and I helped her with her outfit for tonight. We chose a green dress for her too. Almost the same as mine, the only different thing was the material; it was silk.

Then someone knocked on the door. "Come in Caden." She shouted. I sent her a confused face. "He's the only one of our group that knocks. The others don't care about privacy." "That's right. I'm special." Caden joked as he entered our dorm. The moment he saw us, his eyes grew wide. The green eyes he had, were stunning. In them every green hue of the forest in summertime gleamed. "Both of you are looking like goddesses." He clearly was flashed by our looks. Moments after looking at us amazed, he pulled us towards him. Hugging us carefully so our dresses doesn't get messed up.

The aroma of his cologne was as comforting as him in general. There was something about Caden that drew me to him. It wasn't just his looks; his personality was refreshing. Not quite similar to Harper but they gave off the same vibe. "I'm so glad that you're a part of us now, Cel. I mean we definitely needed someone new in our group and then you appeared." Caden smiled. "Thank you Caden. That is really adorable of you to say." I looked up at him and saw how he blushed. "Our big boy is blushing!" Harper giggled to me and hit his chest. "Fucking stop it Harp. I'm no douchebag." Caden hissed back at her and earned a warning look from her. "Just because you're 6'4, you don't need to act tough."

Time passed by and I got ready. Harper told me a thousands times how stunning I looked and I did the same to her. Loud music could already be heard from the inside of the common room. Just after we were finished, the door brutally swung open. Blaise and Caden stumbled in. They had their arms wrapped around each other, looking like a couple. Obviously they were already tipsy. "Hello beauties." Caden shouted. "Are you ready to party?" Blaise asked excited. Harper looked at me with a smirk on her face. I smirked back at her, grabbed her hand and we all walked out of our dorm, where the party had started 30 minutes ago.
That was the first chapter! I hope it wasn't too bad and you enjoyed it <3 if there are any grammar mistakes or sth pls let me know!:)

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