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The Forever Series - All 4 Books in One!


The entirety of the Forever Series published in one book. Enjoy <3

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Okay obviously not my best work but you guys love this series for some reason so I’m uploading it here as well :,))

!!This is a fast burn!! Just another warning. Don’t complain when you see how fast it goes because I’ve warned you twice already. If you want a slow burn, I don’t recommend reading. They literally kiss in like the first three chapters lmao.

Have you seen the headlines?” my father asked, as he set his tea down on the table. I looked up at him confused. My hair had yet to be brushed, and I was still in my pajamas. “No,” I chomped down on my bacon and eggs. “Dark wizards attack quidditch world cup tournament. You’re lucky we didn’t go Caroline, we could’ve been killed.” I rolled my eyes. “Well, I hope everyone is alright,” I said, chewing loudly on my breakfast. “Have you packed your bag for Hogwarts tomorrow? Make sure you have everything. You’ve got to remember your wand, cauldron-” “Yeah Dad, I know.” I cut him off. I put my dishes in the sink, and went back to my room.

My Gryffindor scarf was neatly folded on top of my luggage, and my outfit laid to the side. “I’m going to Diagon Alley to finish purchasing my school supplies,” I yelled out to my Dad. We lived a small walk away, just outside of the alleyway. “Alright, be safe,” He yelled back. I put on my light blue jeans, with my black knit shirt that went down to my elbows. I finished it off with some white worn sneakers. I put Lorelei, my tabby cat, on her leash and I grabbed my bag filled with galleons as we walked out the driveway, onto the street.

I walked into the Leaky Cauldron, picking up Lorelei as we walked inside. There sat Harry and Hermione, discussing last night’s events. “Hey guys,” I waved. “Caroline!” Hermione exclaimed, getting out of her seat to give me a hug. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yeah, we’re just a little shaken up. Especially because the attackers were.. You know..” Her voice trailed off, becoming quieter. “Yeah, I understand. I’ve got to go shopping if you’re up for it.” I asked. “We’d love to,” Harry said, picking up his bag. “Let me just put Crookshanks back in my room,” Hermione said, walking up the stairs. I sat down with Harry. “I can’t believe they would ruin the world cup like that,” I said, annoyed. Lorelei jumped on the table, walking towards Harry, as he patted her head. “I know, what Hermione said was an understatement. Fire was everywhere, they had these tall pointy hats, it was honestly really scary. Don’t tell her I said that.” I laughed at him. Hermione walked back down. “You two ready?” she asked. “Yep,” we said in unison.

We walked towards the brick wall, and Hermione tapped on it with her wand. The bricks slowly melted away towards the corners, leaving us a walking space into the alley. It was bustling with students and parents, looking at the shops and items. “Look at the new Firebolt,” Harry exclaimed, as we looked into the shop. “I’d love one of those for Quidditch,” I said dreamily. Lorelei sniffed around, my leash keeping her close. We kept wandering, and came across Flourish and Blotts. “I just need my potions book for this year, the rest I bought last week. Hopefully they’re back in stock, I really don’t need Snape up my ass again this year.” I said jokingly. We walked into the store, and I ran to the back section, grabbing one of the last three potions books. I spotted Draco Malfoy browsing the dark arts section and turned away. Harry and Hermione may hate him, but I could see right through Draco’s façade. No matter how much of a dick he was. I had never had an up front experience with Draco, only things Harry, Hermione and Ron had told me. Ron and Ginny were to meet us tomorrow at the platform.

I had never had a class with Malfoy, let alone be in the same room as him. I’d passed by him in the hall a few times, but I’d never spoken or really had a good look at him. I just like giving people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for Harry and Hermione, Draco spotted us across the room. I looked away and continued browsing, acting as though I hadn’t seen him look our direction. He gave Harry a sly grin and walked over to us. “Who’s this Potter?” He snarked at us. I turned around, my pony tail swinging sideways. We locked eyes for just a moment. His face seemed to freeze as he looked at me. His eyes may have been ice blue, but they seemed warm and comforting under the surface. I looked down, breaking the stare. “Why is it any of your business who she is Malfoy?” Harry said. Lorelei brushed up against Draco’s leg. I giggled. “Get your bloody cat off me,” He tried to keep his voice strong, but I couldn’t help but grin at the small smile only I could see on his face. “Sorry,” I said. “Caroline Bellegreen.”

“Right,” Draco said, looking back at me. He picked up his book, paid at the desk and left.

“That was strange,” Harry said. “Yeah, he always puts up a fight,” Hermione exclaimed. “Maybe it was Lorelei,” I said laughing. “She has that effect on people,”

“Maybe it was you,” Hermione gave me that look. I shook my head. “Draco? Being interested in a Gryffindor girl? Yeah right.” I looked away. I paid for my potion book and we left, shuffling our way back through the alley. After browsing through a few more shops, we returned home for supper. We dropped our shopping bags off in our room, and I took off Lorelei’s leash, leaving her with Crookshanks. I shut the door behind Hermione and I; Harry was across the hall.

“Why did he look at you like that?” Hermione asked. “What are you talking about?” I said, plopping down on my bed, chewing down on my fish and chips. “I’ve never seen Draco like that Caroline,” She said, picking up Crookshanks and undoing her sheets. “Well, I’ve never seen him face to face, let alone speak with him,” I said.

“He just seemed.. Different.” She said. “Whatever,” I brushed it off, and slipped under the blankets. Lorelei jumped on my lap. “Have you set your alarm for tomorrow morning?” I asked. “Yep,” Hermione said, putting the alarm clock down on her bedside table. Hermione turned the lights off, and I swiftly fell asleep, dreaming of the day to come.

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