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The Forever Series - All 4 Books in One!

Chapter 2

I woke up to Hermione’s blaring alarm clock. Lorelei jumped off the bed, onto the rug. She quickly got out of bed, and hit the alarm clock over the head. I looked at the time. It was 6am, we had two hours. I changed into my pleated gray skirt and gryffindor cardigan. I would put on my robes later, it was too hot outside.

We met Harry outside the room, and brought our luggage downstairs. We placed them onto carts, Lorelei sitting on top of my bags, and began walking towards the station. hundreds of muggles were getting on their morning trains as we walked to platform 9 3/4. We met up with Ron and Ginny at the platform. “Hi Mrs. Weasley,” I exclaimed. “Hello dear, Fred and George have already gone inside. These two waited for you,” Hermione gave Ron a hug. We ran through the brick one by one onto the platform. I picked Lorelei off my bags and we boarded our luggage. We stepped onto the Hogwarts Express and found an empty train car. Harry, Ron and Ginny sat together, and I sat with Hermione across from them.

“Anything from the trolley dears?” asked the witch. “I’ll have two chocolate frogs and a Bertie Bott’s beans please,” Harry said. “I’ll take a droobles,” Ron asked. “I’ll have two packets of fizzing whizbees,” I asked. “Glacial Snowflakes and a chocolate wand for me please,” Ginny asked. We all paid and began eating. “I’ll be right back,” I said, walking towards the restrooms. On the way, I spotted Malfoy and his friends. We gave each other the same look that we gave in Flourish and Blotts. I swiftly moved past, into the bathrooms. I washed my hands, and put some water on my face. I walked back to our compartment as fast as I could.

As I sat back down, we looked out the window to see Hogwarts in the distance. “I call the front of the carriage,” I quickly said. “We know,” everyone said in unison. I loved to sit in the front. My mother had died when I was five during a death eater attack. She looked just like me, at least my father said so. Long, wavy, light brown hair, fair skin, deep, dark brown eyes. I sat at the front to see the thestrals that pulled the carriages. Despite their dark, skeleton look, I admired them. The train stopped slowly at Hogsmeade station. Our luggage was loaded off by wizarding staff, and we loaded into the carriages. I gave the thestral a small pat on the head. He let out a small satisfied noise. We rode along the trail, following the carriages in front of us. The groups laughed about the year to come, talking about this years courses and all the parties to come. Despite the talk, I couldn’t help but zone out. Lorelei slept, curled up in a ball in my lap.

Draco and his friends rode two carriages ahead of us. Every minute or two he would look back at us; I couldn’t help but think he was looking at me. Why would he pay me any mind? Even though I was friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione, I was a loner. I liked to be by myself, I felt alone despite all the people around me. He was probably watching Harry; he hated him after all. We pulled up to the castle, and hopped off the carriage. Lorelei jumped into my arms, and we entered the castle. We sat at our house tables in the great hall. First years were put into their houses, and we began the feast. Ron stuffed his face with chicken, as Hermione, Ginny and I looked at him disgusted. Harry laughed. I looked across the room towards the Slytherin table. Draco seemed to be everywhere I looked now. Maybe I just didn’t notice him before. He picked at his food with his fork, but didn’t seem to eat anything.

After we finished eating, Professor Dumbledore walked up to the podium, and began his speech. The room fell silent. “This year, you will not be attending Hogwarts alone. Hogwarts has been selected to hold the Tri-Wizard Cup.” We all looked around, confused. He continued to explain the tournament. “I introduce you to, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!” the doors of the great hall opened to a bunch of beautiful girls, wearing azure satin dresses, and cotton top hats. Every boy in the room seemed to be held in a trance as they walked in. I rolled my eyes. sparkling blue birds flew from their fingertips as they walked up to the side of the podium. The boys burst out in applause. I looked at Hermione. “Ridiculous,” she said. I smiled.

“Next, we have Durmstrang Institute,” Dumbledore exclaimed. Dozens of boys in brown uniforms walked into the hall. “Now those, are men,” I whispered to Ginny, giggling. They had long wooden sticks that they struck on the ground. One stood in the middle of the room and blew a dragon out of fire. My eyes grew. Finally things settled down. Dumbledore brought out a large cup. “Anyone over the age of 17 may put their name in the goblet of fire,” he exclaimed. The crowd booed. “RUBBISH!!!” Fred and George yelled. “SILENCE!!!” Dumbledore yelled. The room fell silent once again. After giving us a lecture on ministry safety, he released us to our dorms.

We walked up the great staircase, and were greeted by the Fat Lady. “Password?” She asked in a sing-song voice. “Fairy Lights,” Said the head girl. The door opened, and we went inside. The room was warm, and smelled of spices. Hermione, Ginny and I plopped down on the couch, while Ron and Harry went upstairs. I opened up my fresh potions textbook, and began studying. “What do you think we’re gonna be doing this year?” I asked Hermione. “I mean, I’ve got no idea what to start with,” I said, flipping through the pages. “Start with a wit-sharpening potion, I overheard that’s one of the first things we’re learning this year,” Hermione explained.

“What should I do?” Ginny asked, grabbing a pillow. “Last year we learned poison antidotes in potions,” I said. She nodded and opened her book. “I’m gonna head to bed,” I said, closing my book and picking myself up off the couch. “Night,” Hermione said. I walked up the stairs to my dormitory. I entered to see three beds, one for Hermione, one for Ginny, and one for me. Lorelei laid on my blanket, nuzzled against my fluffy pillows. “You’re in my way,” I whispered, picking her up and moving her to the end of my bed. I got into my pajamas and got into bed. Lorelei snuggled up against my arm. As I fell asleep, I couldn’t help but think of Draco. I couldn’t understand why he was on my mind. It was like magic. Maybe it was.

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