Nothing- pansy Parkinson


Draco and I were once in love until the new girl showed up. Now he’s moving and I seemed to not be able to until the new boy showed up.

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Dracos wifey
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Finishing what we didn’t even start

It's Wednesday, March 20th, 2001, I'm sitting on my bed waiting for Draco to take me on a date. Draco and I are supposed to go on a picnic in the Astronomy tower. He was supposed to be here an hour ago. " Can't make it sorry made plans last minute I will make it up to you tonight darling." Draco texted. Wow, I can't believe he canceled on me. I got all dressed up for nothing. The next thing
I know my mascara was running down my face. my makeup is ruined, and I'm sitting in my short black silk dress. I walk into the bathroom to wipe my makeup off and to change into an oversize black t-shirt and some shorts. while in the bathroom I put my hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror. He doesn't love me anymore, does he? No, I can't think like that he does love me very much. I head back to my bed, but before I get to my bed I hear a knock on my door. It's Draco he must be here to apologize. I let Draco in. He pulled me in and started to kiss me. after a few minutes of kissing, he whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry darling the new girl came up to me and asked if I could give her a tour around the school." "A new girl? what was her name?" I demanded. " Her name was y/n Diggory," he said while pushing me on the bed. He got on top of me and started kissing my neck. He started to take my clothes off but I told him to stop and he said, " What's wrong with you?! You always let me." I sighed and told him to go-ahead. He continued to take my clothes off. I sat there in silence until he started.

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