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My Best Friend’s Brother{Fred Weasley x Y/n Tonks}


Y/n Tonks was a quiet girl, much different from her older sister Nymphidoora. Even though their personality’s were different, Y/n is a Hufflepuff just like her sister. Y/n met the Weasleys the summer after her third year after Voldemort returned at the end of the triwizard tournament due to the order of the Phoenix being reformed. Y/n was the same age as Ginny and sharing a room for the summer brought them close together. Don’t let Y/n’s timid quiet personality fool you, just like the twins, Y/n is a beater on the Hufflepuff quidditch team. During the Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor game during her fourth year, Y/n lost control of her broom, and Fred Weasley was the only player around... DISCLAIMERS🚨 ~ The plot, Y/n, and any Original Characters (OCs) are mine and everything else belongs to J. K. Rowling!

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

✨ Intro ✨

Welcome to my first ever book on this app!

I’ve written ok other apps/websites such as Wattpad and Tumbler

I usually do Anime characters on those so I decided I wanted to try something new for this app!

So if you’ve found me from my other books, Hi! I hope you enjoyed my other stories and I hope you enjoy this one!

I never have a set schedule so updates for this book will kinda be random

A little about me:

~ I’m a huge nerd lol
~ I’m in Band and Chours (I play Trumpet and I’m predominantly a Soprano but have a decent range for my age so I sing wherever I’m needed)
~ I write for fun (that’s why I have no schedule for my writing and just updated whenever but I will let you know if it will be more then a 1-2 week break just so y’all know)
~ I’m a weeb
~ I will look back and hate on my writing so if I say something in Authors notes about it being bad, don’t pay attention to it lol, I’m hard on myself for music and writing (even though I do both for fun lol)

Alright that’s it, but I’m excited to start writing here and hopefully make people enjoy my stories by writing good ones lol

~ Joanna <3
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