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The Ginger Next Door


SMUT 18+ A George Weasley Fan Fiction :) You have always fancied George Weasley since you first laid eyes on him. You guys are best friends but you never told him how you felt throughout the years. Will this new school year be any different? Or will you both fall in love with another... This is a slow burn (except for the first few chapters) so I hope you enjoy what I've written :) SIKE this isn't a slow burn- but I still hope you guys enjoy my writing :) (George and Fred Weasley are still in school and haven't opened up their shop until they finish their final years) I hope you guys really enjoy this book considering it's my first one that I have written! DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own ANY of the Harry Potter characters! That credit goes to J.K.R and Warner Bros!

Romance / Fantasy
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Last Few Days

"Fred give it back!" George snapped at his brother from across the room.

"Not until you say please!" Fred ran across the living room, holding onto George's quidditch jersey tightly.

I laughed from the couch and listened to them bicker more with each other.

"Fred, I swear if you don't give it back I'm telling mum!" George chased Fred around the couch and I just laughed even more.

We only had a few days left of summer break until my 5th year started. I spent it at the burrow hanging with Ginny, talking with Hermione, and admiring George like always. I always fancied him but never got around to telling him.

He was always on and off with Angelina so I got used to keeping it to myself.

George ran after Fred around the bottom floor of the house giggling and almost tripping on several things before he caught up with his twin.

I was reading one of my favorite books and heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I looked over towards the staircase and saw Ginny and Ron coming down in their pajamas.

"Oh shut it Ron! I do not like Harry!" Ginny laughed and slapped Ron's shoulder playfully.

"I'm just saying you guys are getting really close with each other and you always stare at him. It's weird." Ron came down the stairs and sat down at the dining table.

"Where's the food?" He looked around confused and then his eyes slowly met up with mine.

I bit back another laugh and said, "Your parents aren't here remember? And it's already the afternoon. You missed breakfast." I looked back down at my book and kept on reading. I looked back up and Ron had his arms crossed in front of his chest with a frown growing on his face. I giggled quietly and the front door swung open.

George and Fred came running in the house and George had his quidditch jersey in his hands. They were both covered in dirt and sweat and their chests were rising then falling quickly.

Hermione came downstairs zipping her sweater up and said "Geez what happened to you two! You guys look like pigs!" Ginny laughed and Harry came down the steps behind Hermione.

George and Fred were behind the couch watching me read. I felt my cheeks grow warm and my hands start to sweat.

"Now what are you reading this time, darling?" Fred grabbed my book and closed it.

"Hey! I was reading that!" I gave Fred a glare and sat up straight against the arm rest.

Fred flipped through the first few pages and George just looked at them every once in a while. I sighed and started twisting a strand of my hair around my finger. I looked up at the two red head twins and to my surprise they were laughing at the stuff in the book.

"Oh give it back you dimwits." I sat up and grabbed my book out of their hands and closed it.

George then looked at me and said "Why so feisty? Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" He pouted then pretended to whimper.

"Shut it, George! And no I'm actually feeling pretty good." I said as I scoffed and looked up at him.

George looked at me and narrowed his eyes and smiled. I couldn't help but blush scarlet. I smiled back and walked over to the table where Ron and Harry were thumb wrestling.

"Hey Laura long...time...no...see" in between words Harry was grunting trying to win over Ron's thumb in the long match that they were in.

"Hey you two. I have a question. And it's a secret." I immediately got Ron and Harry's attention and they stopped what they were doing and lowered their heads closer to mine. I looked around the room and said "Come closer..." they moved an inch closer then again I said "Closer..." they got closer and I put my hand on one side of Ron's head and the other hand on Harry's side of his head. I bonked their two heads together and laughed.

"Bloody hell Laura that hurt!" Ron rubbed the side of his head and pouted. I giggled then stood up from my chair.

"Sorry guys I had to. You are just to gullible sometimes." I giggled again and Harry adjusted his glasses.

I walked over to the steps to go up and get dressed for the afternoon. As I was walking I felt two hands wrap around my waist and turn me around. Before I turned I said "Hey buddy hands off." The hands flipped me around and of course it was George.

"Laura I'm so so so sorry! Please forgive me I never meant to cheat!!" He said this playfully and grinned. I can tell he was trying to not laugh behind his devilish smile. I looked over at Fred who was leaning on the back of the couch laughing. I rolled my eyes and walked down the steps in front of George.

"You really think I'll forgive you after breaking my heart!" I pretended to cry then I giggled softly with my face in my hands. I felt his hands let go of me then all of a sudden he grabbed my wrists and pulled them away from my face.

"Don't cry, love, I was only joking..." George laughed and I popped my bottom lip out while admiring his gorgeous face. We then stood there for a couple moments giggling then Ginny interrupted.

"You guys wanna play some quidditch?" She looked over at Harry and Ron smiling then at Fred then lastly me and George.

"Sure let's play" I heard Harry talk from the kitchen then saw him walk out with a glass of water.

Hermione then said "I'm not really good with quidditch so I'll keep score if that's alright" a soft smile curved from her lips and she stood up from the chair she was sitting in and walked outside towards the quidditch field.

Fred nodded his head in agreement then followed Hermione outside. George and I stared at each other and both said "I'm in!" We raced to the field and George obviously won.

"That's not fare! Your legs are longer then mine so you can run faster and farther!"

I complained about losing then eventually stopped when George said, “Don't get upset it was only a race." he smiled at me softly and I felt butterflies fill my stomach.

Ginny then shouted "Okay! Since there is only six of us there will be three people on each team! One chaser, one keeper, and one seeker! You can choose who you want on your teams if you'd like!"

Fred ran up to where Ginny was and said "Hmm okay then! I choose Laura and Ron!" Me and Ron walked up to Fred.

Ginny then said "Alright I'll have Harry and George then." They both walked up to Ginny and whispered to each other.

George was eye balling me and I squinted at him then walked up to him. I stood in front of him and put my hands on my waist and said "I'm gonna win you know?"

He scoffed and said "In your dreams book worm"

Book work was the nickname he gave me when we first met.

I was sitting across from three ginger brothers with my nose stuffed in a book. I was reading a book on magical creatures that my father had gotten me for my birthday that summer.

Everyone else was eating and right when I got sorted into my house I walked over to the table, took a seat, and opened up my book.

I was 12 years old and always took a liking to reading ever since I was little. I loved all the fictional characters and every single one of the books I read. Suddenly I heard a laugh from in front of me. Then a giggle.

I looked up from my book and saw two twins and a small adorable ginger looking at me reading while giggling.

"What's the matter? Do I got something on my face?" I cleaned my mouth with my robe and stared at the twins.

"Nope just wondering how you're reading with all this commotion going on." One of the red head twins, with light freckles plastered on his cheeks, giggled. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"You know what? I'm calling you book worm"

"I have a name you know" I laughed.

"Yeah it's book worm" he laughed to.

I rolled my eyes at George and he said "You're cute when you're mad" he got on his broom and flew up.

I stood there kinda shocked and surprised from what he just said to me.

I got on my broom and flew up towards my chosen team.

We were in front of our opponents with the same positions as us.

I was in front of George, Ron in front of Ginny, and Fred in front of Harry. Hermione sat down on the ground ready to release the Bludger, the Golden Snitch, and The Quaffle.

George was across from me and stared me up and down. I felt my palms start to sweat and my cheeks started to warm up. My hands were around my broom in between my legs. I dragged them up towards the top of the broom slowly -making sure I wouldn't slip by accident- letting me lean over a little. I looked at George and he was watching my hands then looked up at me.

"Ready to get beat bookworm?" He grinned devilishly at me staring into my eyes.

I looked at him and said "You really think you're gonna win?" I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"I'm not going easy on you Rory" he rarely called me by my real nickname my mother gave me. I told him when I first met him that my friends called me Rory but he didn't care and just stuck with bookworm. I thought he forgot about it because I never mentioned it after that but I guess not.


The teams are tied and Ginny and Ron are racing to grab the Golden Snitch. George scored three times and so did I. He had the bludger in his arms tight against his chest so no one can get it.

I ran into him and knocked the bludger out of his arms. I swooped down and caught it and flew straight towards Harry. I juked him out and flew in front of the right hoop and threw the bludger. It flew through the hoop and I scored for the team.

A couples seconds later and Ginny catches the snitch. And our team looses.

I got to the ground and jumped off my broom and walked away like a sore loser. I talked to myself quietly saying how stupid the game was.

George caught up to me and threw his arm around me. I wiggled out of his grasp and started walking faster towards the burrow.

"Hey! What's wrong?" He ran up to me and started walking at my pace.

"Hey Laura talk to me." He ran in front of me and started walking backwards.

"It's nothing, just kinda mad about the game." I turned towards the door and he blocked it. "George get out of my way I'm not in the mood for your gloating right now." I crossed my arms in front of my chest and rolled my eyes. "George please move. How many times do I have to ask?" I walked up to him and tried to push him out of the way. I failed and looked up at him. "Please move George." I looked into his eyes and smiled weakly.

"What's the magic word?" He asked this while putting his hands behind his back.

"Ugh come on George. I'm just trying to go inside and take a shower please let me go inside."

"Not unless you say the magic word!"

"Fine. George can I please go inside?" I stared at him and couldn't help but notice his messy hair, the way his chest rose slowly each time he took a breath, and overall his beautiful face.

"Yes you can Rory" He slid to the side of the door and opened it for me. I walked in and ran up the stairs to mine, Ginny, and Hermione's room. I grabbed a white skirt with a light blue t-shirt, and other essentials and walked to the bathroom.
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