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SWEETS | Luke Patterson


Presley James; the girl who moved next door to Lead Singer Luke Patterson from Sunset curve in freshman year. The girl who stuck with her friends Past the end. • The teenage girl being a much needed mediator and badass to the boys sticks with her best friends all the way into the afterlife. Follow Presley through the ups and downs of her life with her bandmates; her boys. find out what happens when the girls relationship is tested by others, when her love for the boy who nicknamed her "Sweets" is used against her. • LUKE PATTERSON x OC DISCLAIMER: I ONLY OWN PRESLEY JAMES AND HER FAMILY, ALL OTHER CHARACTERS ARE FROM JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS AND I DON'T OWN THEM.

Fantasy / Romance
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Just Unspoken Thoughts

One ~ Just Unspoken Thoughts

“Luke. I got a good line” Calling for the boys attention, Presley James was helping her boyfriend Luke Patterson Prepare for the biggest gig of his - and their bands - life.

Currently writing the last bits of their song Now or Never.

“Yea Pres? What’s your mindblowing lyric” a smirk on the boys face, anticipating the girls response.

“Ok so after when all the days feel black and white i was thinking extend this- and add in something like those are the best shades of my life! Like that, you know?”

“Ok I see where you’re going, yea let’s do that. I’ll get the boys so we can practice it,” Kissing her on the forehead Luke left the Garage to go find their friends Alex, Reggie, and Bobby who were probably in Bobby’s Kitchen.

Leaving Presley alone in the garage she has time to think about all the times her and the boys have shared in that garage. One specific one poking out.


- luke crying -

“Luke? Are you in here?” The light and airy voice of Presley James walks through the doors of Bobby’s Garage, where Luke had been living, ever since leaving his own home.

Trying to wipe away his tears, Luke forgets to close his song book “Yep! I’m cool Pres.” he says, rubbing his puffy eyes.

Looking down at the notebook Presley Mutters a quiet ‘Emily…’ before saying louder “Are you writing about your mom?” and looks slightly up to make eye contact with the boy sitting at the desk.

Luke looks deeply into the light blue eyes that seem to be able to read his mind, the eyes the same color as the bottom of her hair, usually covered by her sharp black locks, but right now pulled into a bun with something. Either a Pen or alex’s Drumstick

She pulls a pen out of her hair, letting her locks flow loose “May I?” she asks, gesturing to the book.

Hmm so it was a pen today.


“Here. a good song title would be Unsaid Emily.” she's now pulling up a chair to sit next to Luke, not making any effort to ask how he’s doing because she knows that question is pointless.

“You wrote Conversations in my head, and that's where they're gonna stay forever. Like Unspoken thoughts right?” he nods. “Another option instead if Unspoken; It doesn’t flow that well with the name emily.” Luke chuckles slightly, the girl always knew how to let her bubbly personality sparkle through at the perfect times. “Unsaid. Unsaid Emily. Do you want me to help you work that into the song?

With that Presley was Awoken from her daydreaming to the loud laughter of her 4 best friends.
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