Achilles Heel

06. What's it to you, Styles?

I was awoken from my deep slumber by the sound of my phone ringing but not from the alarm. No. Someone had the cheek to call me at the ass crack of dawn. Whoever it was could leave a voicemail or wait. No one was that special. My hand moved over, blindly tapping all over my phone until the call went dead.

At least I didn’t hit the green button. That would’ve been far too embarrassing.

“Good-morning, Little Devil.” A voice rang out through the phone, my eyes opening wide as chills ran down my spine. How the fuck did Harry Styles get my phone number? Seems as if I spoke too soon before.

“Or should I say Astar? I’ve heard a thing or two about you through the grapevine. It seems as though we need to have a conversation. I’ve sent a location to you. Be there at two. No questions asked.” The line was silent and a part of me thought he had hung up after that although I knew better because I didn’t hear the click.

“And I know you’re awake. I can hear you breathing, darling. Don’t be scared. I promise I don’t least not too hard. If I remember correctly, you like it that way though.” And with that, the click echoed through-out my barren bedroom.

I let out a breath that I didn’t know that I was holding, racking my brain for possible ways that the man could have gotten my phone number. The girls? All of them had my number. It was mainly for work purposes though. Except for Sapphire. She and I have become particularly close over the past week.

Once my hand came into contact with my phone, I blinked the sleep from my eyes to see what time it was. It was seven in the morning. Who in their right mind would be that cheery at seven in the morning? Just another reason why I disliked him, even if it was a petty reason. Early risers were to not be trusted.

Harry was such an arrogant son of a bitch. Who did he think he was? Waking me up from my slumber and then mentioning that godforsaken night? Like he didn’t act like a pretentious asshole by throwing money at me.

Still, my curiosity was piqued and I found myself throwing the covers to the side and swinging my legs over my bed, sliding my feet into my baby Yoda themed house slippers. I was dressed and slightly more alive half an hour later, doing a little one-eighty in the mirror to make sure the jeans hugged all the right areas. I wanted to have Harry’s eyes glued on me.

The distressed blue jeans seemed to compliment the black corset, which had some frills at the top near where my bust was. I wore my hair down like usual, letting it fall upon my breasts, adding a bit of highlight to my collarbones so that if I turned the right way they seemed to glisten.

I was half tempted to remove the black corset and change it for a red one but felt that would be a bit too loud. This was just a meeting, nothing more. Just two acquaintances probably going out for a little drink. Maybe some coffee. Even if this seemed like anything but.

Once everything was sorted, I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and slipped it into my back pocket but not before glancing at the time. It was only eight-thirty, meaning I had a good few hours to kill. Hell, I probably could’ve squeezed in a few more hours of sleep but once I woke up there was no going back to sleep. My brain just wouldn’t have allowed that. Once I was up, I was up for the rest of the day.

So I found myself sitting on my burnt orange couch, journal on my lap whilst holding a cup of coffee in the other, trading out my morning routine of drinking tea.

Time called: 7:06 am

Number: unknown

Styles seems to have gotten my number from someone. Possibly one of the girls? Maybe Tony? Hacked into the computer that tony has? None of it made sense. Sent me coordinates to an undisclosed location. Definitely not a coffee shop like I had initially hoped.

On the map, it seems to be off a beaten path. My uber will have to drop me off a little ways away. The call didn’t seem urgent or frenzied. It was more of a business-like tone that he spoke in. If he had found out, I’m sure I wouldn’t be alive and writing this now.

I eventually closed the journal, reclasping it shut and returning it to one of the hidden compartments under the coffee table. I was far too lazy to walk all the way back to my room just to put it away. What was the point if I had another area to put it right here?

A quick glance at my watch told me that the making of my coffee and writing took about two hours. So it was now about ten-thirty. Still far too much time before the meeting and I could feel the nerves starting to settle into my tummy. I checked the map once more, trying to get a feel for what this place was. It was in the middle of nowhere.

There were no landmarks around it. Just greenery. When I tried google street view it showed nothing as well. I got a bad vibe from all of this but I was going against my intuition. I needed to know what this conversation was about. It was probably in my best interest to go for the mission as well.

Once one in the afternoon rolled around I called myself an uber, climbing into it and giving the guy the address. He seemed a bit confused since it appeared to be a field but I assured him this was the destination that I wanted to go to, giving an excuse about wanting to go on a hike even if it seemed unrealistic to go on a hike more than thirty minutes away from home and not near any signs of life.

I laid my head down against the cool glass window, watching as the scenery flew by me and the houses became more spaced out before they just didn’t exist at all and it was nothing but green trees. There weren’t any cars on this road other than the uber either so that set an entirely new set of nerves off in my tummy, shifting a bit in my seat as I glanced at the GPS to see just how far away we were.

I made sure to generously tip the driver for having to drive out into the middle of nowhere and once he drove off, I was alone. I could hear birds chirping and the sound of the trees swaying as the wind started up but other than that nothing. I did a full three-sixty, seeing nothing for miles and the view of the car that dropped me off just got smaller and smaller as he drove down the straight road.

I used my foot to kick at the dirt path, watching as some dirt kicked up and blew away with the wind before turning to face the path fully. Honestly, fuck Harry Styles on not giving me specific instructions on what to do once I had arrived. Do I sit here and twiddle my thumbs? Stand on the side of the road and put my thumb up, wait for the right person to come along with instructions?

Do I walk down the dirt path and into the woods? That seemed like the most logical answer but that didn’t mean that I liked it. There were no weapons on me in case I was patted down but I was starting to regret that decision when I saw how dark the woods were.

After a few moments of sweet-talking to myself, I started walking down the dirt path and into the woods. I walked quickly, deciding I didn’t want to be one of the girls that stopped to view the scenery and ended up in a ditch somewhere because they weren’t vigilant. Or maybe I was just being over-paranoid. Either way, I was quick on my feet, only glancing around to see if I could spot any landmarks.

Eventually, I came to another dirt path that was larger than the one I was on. The tire tracks on it were fresh, taking that as a sign to follow them. The sleek black Escalade with an illegal tint stood before me on an idle. One of the windows were slightly rolled down, a thick trail of smoke emitting from it and it reeked of weed.

“Seems as you’ve made it on time.” A voice rang out, the sound of the doors unlocking being heard as I approached the vehicle. One of them opened and against my better judgement, I just climbed right on in, being faced with just Harry who had a joint perched between his two fingers. “Proud of you.” He smirked, throwing a wink my way before he raised his head and gave his driver a nod.

The doors locked once more and we took off, driving smoothly down the dirt path. I was quick to access my surroundings in case I needed to escape. The opposite door would be my best bet. The door I was sitting next to would be far too obvious and Harry could grab my hands before I even reached the handle yet alone unlock the door.

“So, Astar. A little birdie told me that you’re good at organising heists and you’re even better with money.” Harry’s lips have never looked redder than they did at that moment as he took a lazy drag from the joint, the smoke falling from his lips in a mesmerising manner.

“What’s it to you, Styles?” I questioned, standing my ground as I moved to cross my arms over my chest, tilting my head a bit to the side.

“There’s an event coming soon for an auction.’ll have to pass a few tests before I let you just...organise stuff and look over my funds.” He tsked, clicking his tongue up against the roof of his mouth. He brought the joint down on the ashtray, putting it out before rubbing his hands down his trousers to get rid of any wrinkles.

“Pass a few tests…” I drowned off, breaking my gaze to look out the dark tinted window. “What makes you think I would willingly take a few of your tests when you can’t even pass the test of giving me an orgasm?”

The silence was deafening inside the Escalade. Since it had come to a stop, Harry must’ve felt like he didn’t need to answer.

“Welcome to The Devil’s Tribe. I hope your visit is unpleasant.” He spoke, pushing the door open to reveal a massive warehouse. If you were to ask me how to get here, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. It was smart of him to just give me random coordinates and of course, cell service out here was non-existent.

“If I can handle you, Styles...I’m pretty sure my visit will be anything but.” My lips turned up into a smirk as we started our walk towards the warehouse. I didn’t miss the way Harry’s lips turned down into a scowl, jaw clenching as he fixed his blazer by doing up the button on it.

As I said, two can play this game, Styles and game on.

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