Achilles Heel

08. Enjoy the show, Styles.

I...apologise in advance for this chapter.

Red. Red seemed to be my new favourite colour. Red Lipstick. Red lipstick stains on the vodka tonic glass as I occasionally sipped at it. Red LED lights that bounced off the dressing room. Red silk that clung to my body in the form of a dress. The red paint that covered the walls of the Red Room. Red was my new favourite colour.

I set the now empty glass off to the side, shifting it to where the ice made a sound whenever it came into contact with the desk. I then leaned forward, using my pinkie finger to wipe away the excess lipstick from the corners of my lips.

My hands then came up to press my boobs up a bit more in the red dress, doing a little one-eighty to see what the back looked like. It was low cut, hanging in a scoop right above my ass to show off my back and the tattoo that ran down the length of my spine in a straight line. Well, semi-straight line since I had scoliosis. If I bent over it’d probably be off centre.

My hair fell perfectly near the middle of my back, turning back towards the mirror to get a good look at myself one last time. Underneath my dress was a white lace lingerie set with little flowers on them. Today was Tuesday, a free day but I decided to wear the lingerie Tony insisted on. A few moments later I exited the dressing room, walking around the floor since my time wasn’t for a few hours.

I sat in the chair closest to the stage, crossing one leg over the other as the slit on my dress fell perfectly on my thigh, exposing it for all to see. I had also rubbed some oil over my thighs so that they glistened under the light.

“Welcome to the stage, Fern.” The voice boomed out and I sat up straighter, my lips turning up ever so slightly at the corners as Sapphire made her way out onto the stage just as the lights dimmed. Flashbacks of inviting her to my place last night flickered through my head like a movie, causing me to shift a bit in the seat. After boss didn’t say that I couldn’t shag my co-workers.

“Astar, fuck.” A breathy high pitched whine left Sapphire’s lips as she gripped onto my hair, giving it a rough tug as her heel roughly dug into my shoulder blade. I rolled my tongue slowly over her clit, using my finger to pull the hood back so that my tongue was working directly over the sensitive area.

The way her fingers gripped my hair in a mean way sent chills down my spine, only spurring me on as I worked my tongue over her clit in a mercilessly way. I ran my fingers slowly through her wetness, a soft moan falling from my lips once I felt just how wet she was all from me.

My fingers slipped in with ease, immediately curling them in search of the all-too-familiar spongy spot inside of her so that I could send her right over the edge. Once I found it, I moved my fingers in an almost brutal way that had her back arching off the bed. My free hand then came up, grasping onto her hips and forcing her down onto the bed.

I made sure my grip was rough, nails biting into her skin to leave marks for her to remember me by. Every time she looked in the mirror she would see the indentations that my nails left on her bare skin and think of this night until they healed.

To say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while was an understatement.

I blinked myself from my thoughts, my eyes slowly making their way down the length of Sapphire’s body once she came into my line of sight. The second we made eye contact I just knew the same thoughts were running through her mind.

“Good evening, little devil.” That fucking voice. My eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head and I didn’t pay him any mind. Just kept my gaze focused on Sapphire.

The way her body swung to the beat. The way her fro had little different coloured butterflies in it. The way her hands slowly slid down the pole in a manner that had me mesmerised. The way her yellow lingerie set clung to her body and complimented her skin tone. I swore if I knew how to draw she would be a muse for me.

“Come on, don’t be like that, darling.” He spoke up once more from beside me. I could feel his eyes burning into my side yet I still paid him no mind.

“Drop the nicknames. My name is Astar.” My voice held no emotion and I didn’t turn to look at him when I spoke. Sapphire and I locked eyes again as I moved to grab a drink from one of the girls that walked around with the trays.

“Should you be drinking whilst on the job?” Silence. I hesitated before bringing the shot of tequila up to my lips and downing it with ease, setting the now empty shot glass back onto the tray without even making a face.

The silence that lingered between us was deafening at this point. Not even Ciara singing about riding could drown it out.

I finally mustered up enough courage to break my gaze from Sapphire to Harry, my eyes staying focused on his as to not give him the satisfaction of me possibly checking him out. I definitely wanted to.

“What I do and don’t do on the job is frankly none of your business.” My eyes narrowed at the man. That seemed to be my immediate reaction to his presence at this point.

“As a paying customer, baby, I’m afraid that it is my business.”

I placed my hands down on the armrests of the seat, pushing myself up. I smoothed my dress out, getting rid of any creases before I turned to look at him once more.

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: What I do and don’t do on the job is none of your business. Enjoy the show, Styles.” I gave him a tight smile as I brushed past him, not missing the way his jaw clenched. These next few months ought to be fun if I got to push his buttons.

Once I got back to the dressing room, I felt along the side of my locker for the key. Once I felt the outline, I slipped it off of the magnet and brought it around to unlock my locker. I set the key down on the bench for a brief moment as I shimmied myself out of the dress, folding it up neatly and placing it into the locker with my money bag.

My hands came in contact with the floral choker, debating on it before I eventually slipped the thin, cheap fabric around my neck and fastened it. Might as well go all out. The floor-length mirror next to me gave me the side view of my outfit as I reached around, fixing one of the thigh garters that was connected to the lingerie outfit.

Surprisingly none of the little flowers on my outfit were scratchy which was something that I had originally been afraid of. What a shame I couldn’t find this outfit in red though. I quickly removed the red lipstick to replace it with a shiny nude gloss, rubbing my lips together to make sure that it wasn’t tacky before I stood behind the thick black curtain.

“Welcome to the stage, Dahlia.”


The intro to Dance for You by Beyonce filled the speaker and that was my cue.

I pulled back the crushed black velvet curtain, the lights hitting my eyes but quickly shifting as I stepped out. I focused on the music, letting it take over my senses as I sauntered towards the pole, bringing my hand up to wrap around the cold metal as I slowly gave a swirl around.

Five-pound notes were already being thrown at my feet for doing the bare minimum. Men were so easy to please. You show a little cheek and they kiss the ground you walk on.

I wanna make that body rock….sit back and watch..” Beyonce’s voice echoed throughout the club as I hiked myself up the pole before eventually removing my hands from around the pole to lean back, letting my core keep me steady along with my thighs as I swirled around the pole.

I caught sight of Harry’s dark gaze, his eyes following my every move and even though I had caught him staring he didn’t take his eyes off of me.

Since I was feeling brave, I hopped off of the stage and made my way through the crowd, watching as everyone watched me with hungry eyes. As if I was nothing but a piece of pie that they could take a bite out of and they were starving.

I made my way over to Harry, walking around and placing my hand on his shoulder before leaning down so that my lips were right up against his ear, something that we both seemed to be doing a lot of lately.

“Tonight I’m gonna dance for you….boy, I like it when you watch me…” I sang softly into his ear, bringing my hands down to roam his chest before pushing my hand underneath his unbuttoned shirt. I felt his hardened nipples under the pads of my fingers, taking the left one in between two of my fingers and rolling it slowly.

The sharp intake of breath that fell from his lips didn’t go unnoticed. I kept my hand where it was as I walked around, slipping into Harry’s lap and facing him, a smirk gracing my lips. “I’ll be swirlin’ on my babe..” The second that line started, I rolled my hips down slowly over his clothed cock, continuing to roll his nipple between my two fingers as I did so.

His cock was steadily hardening underneath me. I could feel every little twitch, especially when I’d pinch at his nipples roughly and tug on the piercings that went through them or if I used my nails. That especially got a reaction out of the man and before I knew it he was flushed down to his neck and looking at me through lidded eyes.

Men were so easy and predictable.

Before the song came to an end, I languidly removed my hand from inside of his shirt, pulling it shut and giving his chest a little pat before removing myself from his lap and making my way back onto the stage to finish out my set.

By the time the song ended and I had turned around, he was gone. There was nothing but an empty seat with an empty glass of bourbon sat on the table next to it. That was unusual. He’s never left before one of my sets was over before.

Not that I cared or anything. In my opinion, it was good riddance.

I collected all of the money from off the stage, shoving it into the money bag that I had set on the side of the stage before disappearing behind the curtain for the final time that night and entering the dressing room.

“Did you enjoy watching my set?” Her sultry voice invaded every little crevice of my brain, sending pools of lust into my tummy as I straightened up my spine almost immediately.

The effect this girl had on me had to be illegal. Just from one night and she already had me thinking of her unprompted.

“I did. Did you enjoy mine?” I questioned, valuing Sapphire’s opinion more than I should.

“You already know the answer to that.” I did.

“C’mon...Feed into my ego, princess.” I felt the outer corners of my lips tilt up as I shut my locker, finally turning around to face the girl who was already right behind me. If I stepped any closer our lips would be ghosting right over one another.

Sapphire took the next step, invading my space and placing her hand right next to my head on the locker. I could feel her breath on my lips as she spoke.

“All I could think of while you were performing was just how good your fingers felt inside of me last night…”

And fuck, that definitely wasn’t what I had expected her to say. I expected a ‘Yeah, you did amazing, Astar.’ However, I’d take this too.

We jumped apart like the ends of the same magnet that met whenever Tony’s voice boomed through-out the dressing room. How long had he been there? I didn’t even hear him come in. My mind was a constant murmuring of Sapphire over and over.

The way her eyes had kept flickering between my eyes and my lips. The way her tongue darted out to wet her own lips whenever she’d look at my lips. The way she had started to lean in before he so rudely interrupted us.

I pushed a tight smile up onto my face as the man started to speak, everything just flowing into one ear and right out the other until my name was mentioned and the man was closer than before. “Did you not hear me? I said Styles wants you in Red Room Three again. He’s paid for about an hour and a half.” He repeated, giving a shake of his head before leaving right as my eyes rolled right into the back of my head because of course.

The red room seemed to be our meeting place now.

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