Achilles Heel

09. Don’t Flatter Yourself, Styles.

Warning:This chapter mentions the use of drugs. If you’re a recovering addict of pills, please refrain from reading this chapter. I hope you all have a lovely day.

The second I pushed the door open I was met with the stench of strong weed, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Harry was sat on the bed this time, one hand behind him to hold himself up while the other one was lazily bringing the joint up to his lips.

“Nice of you to finally join me,”

His voice seemed to have gotten deeper since I last saw him. After a few brief moments of having a staring contest, I finally stepped into the room and pushed the door shut behind me, making sure to lock it as well, upon hearing the click, I let my hand fall from the doorknob.

“Is this our little meeting place now?” I questioned in a soft voice, stepping up onto the platform right as the song that I had chosen started up. It was the pop-punk version of lollipop by framing Hanley.

“I wanna lick the wrapper..”

I pressed my back right up against the cold metal of the pole, sliding down at an excruciatingly slow pace as I kept my eyes locked on his, his eyes following my every move. His hand that was holding the joint came to hover over the astray, putting out what was left of the joint before he stood up from the end of the bed.

He fixed his cuff links on the sleeves of his blazer, keeping the buttons on his semi-sheer floral top undone before taking long strides until he finally stood directly in front of me as I sunk down the pole.

His hand came down to wrap around my neck, pressing two of his fingers directly against my pulse point which had my head lulling to the side. He then pulled me upwards by my neck, chewing viciously at a piece of gum before he leaned his head to the side a bit and spit it onto the floor. Which—gross. He didn’t have the decency to at least spit it into the bin? Or even spit it in my mouth?

He moved his hand from my neck to my jaw, holding it in a manner that would for sure leave bruises before he forced me to turn around and pulled me flush up against him, tilting my head back and forcing my mouth open.

“Open wide, baby.”

The pet name sent shivers down the length of my spine as I obeyed, parting my lips and sticking my tongue out as he placed a little pretty coloured pill on my tongue. I was no stranger to ecstasy at this point. All of the girls took it before a show. It made me feel like I existed on a completely different plane of existence. I was coexisting in a way and everything was amplified.

He then picked up the bottle of Don Julio, taking a big swig that had to be at least three shots in one, holding it in his mouth as the song played in the background before he set the bottle back down. He leaned over, making sure my jaw was still open before he spits the tequila into my mouth and released my jaw so that I could swallow.

Most would find that act disgusting, but for me, it sent pools of lust flooding into my tummy and made me clench my thighs together. My hands came up to grasp onto his wrist, keeping his hand flush up against my throat so that he could feel me swallow, keeping my eyes locked on him as I did so.

“And she licked me, like a lollipop…”

The direct eye contact that we held had my stomach swooping dangerously, making sure to hold the eye contact for a few more moments before my hand slowly fell from his and he released my neck, running his hand down my chest slowly before finally removing it from me altogether.

“So you do know how to follow directions, little devil.” His husky voice spoke up.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Styles,” I spoke. “You were offering free drugs. Of course, I was going to listen for a brief moment.”

The room was silent once more before the sound of Harry clicking his tongue up against the roof of his mouth was heard amongst the music.

“If you say so, darling. However how pliant you were under my touch tells me something completely different. Bet I could order you to your knees and you’d do it in a heartbeat, no?”

“I wouldn’t risk rug burn on my knees for you, Styles. However, for Zayn? That’s a different story.” I then placed my hand on his chest, playing with the buttons on the sheer shirt.

This was the first time I actually paid attention to his body, granted the hue of the red light distorted it a bit but I could still make out the details of his tattoos and the shiny piercings that stood out through his nipples.

I rolled the fabric in between my two fingers, letting my thoughts take over my mind as I felt his gaze run over my body. Something that seemed to be happening more and more often. Not that I didn’t mind it. I was under the sharp gaze of men every day almost. I knew that more often than not they’d go home, imagine me with their hand wrapped around their cocks instead of the image of their wife.

I wouldn’t let Harry get a taste of me. At least not yet. I’d let his imagination run wild. I’d tease him until he couldn’t take it anymore. It’d be our little game. A little back and forth. Styles put on this front to appear as a man of control but I knew I could make him spiral.

When he laid his head down on the pillow tonight, I’d make sure he had dreams of the way my mouth looked when wrapped around his cock. I’d make sure he’d wake up with a tent in his boxers with them ruined by precum or just cum in general because he dreamt of me.

After a few brief moments, I brought my eyes back up to Harry’s, taking notice that even after all of the time that had passed, his gaze was still heavy on me. He was so close that I could see the little gold specks that infiltrated the green of his eyes despite the red hue of the light. The silence was something that had become common between us. We just seemed to take in each other's presence, not uttering a word. Just using our sense of sight and touch.

I let my fingers ghost over the diamond-encrusted cross that hung against his chest, finding it odd that he would wear something like that whilst having red devil horns tattooed onto the back of his neck.

Harry Styles was a walking conundrum and I was going to end up losing myself in the puzzle that was his mind.

This moment that we were having seemed far too intimate so I took a step back, creating some space between the both of us as the song fizzled out into nothing and the track changed to River of Fire by In this Moment.

My lips tilted upwards at the next track, placing my hand back onto Harry's now slightly damp chest and giving him a small shove so that he knew I wanted him to start walking backwards. His legs buckled from underneath him once the back of his knees hit the couch, sinking down into it as he kept his eyes locked on me.

“I want to feel you strike me down with lightning…”

In my humble opinion, this was the perfect song to give a lap dance to.

The temperature in the room seemed to skyrocket but I knew that was just the ecstasy that Harry had fed me kicking in. I welcomed the feeling as I sunk down into Harry’s lap, making sure his hands stayed glued to his side as I leaned back against his chest.

“No touching,” I breathed out as I laid my head back against his chest, making sure he could hear me.

I slowly moved my hips in a circle, making sure I was pressing down against him so that he felt every little movement against his clothed cock.

“Baptize me in a river of fire..”

I sat up straighter, leaning forward so that he got a good view of my ass as I ground my hips back against his lap, arching my back a bit so that he would know exactly how I’d appear if he was fucking me in this position.

His hands eventually came up to grasp my waist, pushing me down harder against him since he wanted the friction but I was quick to stop him, grabbing a hold of his hands and forcing him off.

“Remember, touching.” I turned my head around to look at him as I clambered off of his lap, sinking down to my knees before him and laying my head on the inside of his thigh, eye to eye with the bulge in his pants as his hands now rested at his side.

I could see his fingers twitch in my peripheral as if he was aching to touch me but he wanted to be a good little boy. It seemed to be killing him that he wasn’t able to touch.

“You love this, don’t you? Someone else taking away your control and telling you what to do?” I questioned, bringing my hand up so that my index finger traced along the inseam of his zipper, feeling just how hard he was under his slacks.

“Mm...I bet you do. Judging from how hard you are. Bet you’re leaking at the tip. I’d love to have a little taste, daddy. Can I?”

I then lifted my head up, jutting out my lower lip to appear innocent as if my actions weren’t anything but that.

The quick intake of breath that fell from Harry’s slightly swollen lips told me everything that I needed to know. His lips parted and he had looked away from me, finally breaking the eye contact we had held from the second I stepped into the room.

I took that as a sign, moving my hands to unbutton his slacks and pull them down to about mid-thigh, my eyebrows rising in surprise whenever I noticed that he had gone commando.

Although given his reputation and the churning rumour mill, I wasn’t all too surprised.

“Look at me,” I spoke before moving to take his cock into my hand, resting it against the base.

“Good boy,” I added once he did just that, leaning forward to lightly blow air onto the leaking tip that seemed to glisten a bit in the red lights. Harry’s cock twitched in my hand as I blew on it, moving to stick my tongue out and drag it through his slit to collect any and all precum that was there.

He tasted better than most guys that I have been with so that was saying something. I didn’t once look away, holding onto the direct eye contact and just hoping that my slight lazy eye didn’t float off and make me look ridiculous.

My left hand came up to cup his balls, rolling them between my fingers and keeping my eyes focused on his face as I watched his reaction. The soft little gasps that would leave his lips seemed to just urge me on, thankful that they weren’t being drowned out by the music.

To hell with what my boss had told me at this point. I was breaking an abundance of rules.

No drugs. I’ve taken ecstasy and smoked weed, who knew what else I'd dabble in?

No sex with the enemy. I was currently resting his precum on my tongue.

No taking the tips. I have—granted I’ve been giving all of the money to local charities that meant a lot to me, I was still taking it.

What my boss didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

With that I cleared my throat to the best of my abilities, starting to take the man down until the head of his cock hit the back of my throat, trying my best not to gag but it was a lot to take. A lot bigger than what I was used to. It didn’t help that he unsurprisingly had the tip of his cock pierced. My mind was already running wild with thoughts of how that would feel inside of me.

Harry was looking at me in awe, feeling my hair being brushed out of my face before he wrapped my hair around his hand twice and gripped onto it roughly, tugging me off of his cock just slightly.

Everything felt heightened. The tight grip Harry had on my hair. The way he tugged on my hair made goosebumps rise on my skin. The little noises that would occasionally fall from his lips had me clenching my thighs together to try and stop the wetness but it failed. Harry just had an effect on me that sent my senses into overdrive. Even more so now that I was here, rolling off of my ass on MDMA with his cock down my throat.

“Such a good girl, little devil. Fuck.” He cursed, leaning his head back against the couch to expose his neck. A vein protruded from the side as a shaky moan fell from his lips, firmly placing his feet down on the floor so that he had a bit of leverage to start moving his hips.

My little rule of no touching seemed to have gone straight out the door the second he wrapped my hair around his fist and the praise started.

I moved my head up and down faster, hollowing out my cheeks as I did so. My tongue pressed up against the underside of his cock, running it over every protruding vein. I wanted him to dream of this the second his head hit the pillows when he went home.

My right hand came up to fondle his balls, dropping it from the base of his cock since I could take all of him down with ease now, ignoring the way I could feel spit collecting around my lips and run down my chin the more I moved my head—occasionally letting him guide my head.

“Astar,” He moaned out, finally moving to fuck up into my mouth which left me spluttering and struggling to breathe for a brief few seconds. His cock slid to the back of my throat with ease as I massaged his balls, giving them a squeeze every now and then as I alternated between the two.

My other hand came up to run behind his balls, past his perineum and ran the dry finger over his hole, adding a bit of pressure. The sudden deep groan that left his lips only spurred me on, pressing my finger against his hole even more and left it there, only dipping it in slightly.

His thighs started to tremble around my head and I suddenly retreated, knowing he was nearing his orgasm. My hands come to rest on his thighs, pushing myself up whilst licking over my lips.

“The hour and a half are up, Styles.” My voice was hoarse as I spoke, letting my eyes wander over Harry as his brain processed what had just happened.

My hand came up to wipe at my mouth, feeling spit sliding down my chin to my neck as I did so.

Harry just seemed to be in a bit of a daze as his eyes filtered over my body, taking in everything before bringing his eyes back up to rest on my face.

“I see how it is, Little Devil.” He breathed out, his voice having dropped and out of breath.

I felt my lips turn up as I made my way towards the door, wanting to get out of my panties as soon as humanly possible and take a cold shower. My body was overheating. From the combination of the E and how turned on I was.

“Oi, grab a stick of gum before you leave. Don’t want Tony to see you with a shaking jaw do you?” A voice called out. He seemed to have finally gained his composure, the sound of a zipper being heard from behind me.

He wasn’t wrong. I didn’t know how Tony would react to that. He may be okay with weed but the presence of pills in my system might be something that he didn’t like. I needed to keep this job for obvious reasons.

Something seemed to have shifted between us at this moment but I didn’t think anything of it. I still despised him with everything in me and I couldn’t wait to bring him down. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face as I did it. Would it be one of horror? Of anger? Sadness?

The stick of gum that Harry held out was spearmint. It wouldn’t last long but it would keep the shaking of my jaw to a minimum. My hands quickly unwrapped it and popped it in, already feeling my teeth grind against each other which made my body recoil in on itself. I hated that sensation more than anything.

I tossed the wrapper into the bin, making my way towards the door once again, not saying anymore to Harry but he seemed to want to get a word or two in before I exited the room.

“Test two starts tomorrow, Astar. Don’t worry, I’ll send a car.”

The only thing I could think of was how the hell the other man got my address as I walked out of the Red Room.
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