Achilles Heel

13. Oh, Darling.

Thirty minutes.

It took us thirty minutes to get to whoever’s house this was from the rundown warehouse that was a makeshift shooting range.

The drive over was an intense one. I was sitting in the back between Zayn and Niall while Harry and Louis sat up front, conversing quietly to where I couldn’t hear them.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they were either conjuring up plans for me or talking about the gang, something I would be excluded from.

I was more than preoccupied with Zayn and Niall though, both of their hands seeming to be glued to the inside of my thighs, dangerously close to my pussy. Who was I to complain though considering I knew exactly what was about to happen?

Their favourite thing seemed to be teasing me, making me shift in my seat to try and get comfortable but the second I would find the perfect spot, they’d go right back to teasing me so that I would have to move again. The teasing consisted of them brushing their knuckles right up against the skin where my thigh met my pussy, causing my breath to occasionally hitch.

Every now and then my eyes would catch Harry’s in the rearview mirror. His knuckles would occasionally turn white from how hard he was grasping at the steering wheel moving his eyes from where the lad’s hands were back up to my face in the mirror before turning back to the road. He would shift in his seat as well, bringing the hand down that wasn’t on the steering wheel to pull his pants down some.

The fact that such small actions had the biggest effects on him left me wanting to see what other minor things caused him to topple over the edge.

That led me to where I am now. The house that we pulled up to was white and gated, orange trees lining the way up to the door. A part of me thought this would be something Harry would do but also I highly doubt Harry would bring me to his house this early on.

I take Zayn’s hand whenever he offers it, saying a small ‘thank you’ as I step out of the Range Rover. I’m immediately hit with the strong scent of oranges as we all walk up to the front door. My eyes follow everyone’s movements, documenting as much as I could for later however I doubted I would retain anything after the day was over.

Niall moves to place his hand up against the door, a click is heard before he pushes it open. My eyebrows rise to my forehead at this new information. He hadn’t used a key or even just turned the door handle. They were chipped. This was smart but also a bit risky. However, it told me a lot about how skilled Niall really was.

Then again it could just be Niall considering he was the techy of the group.

I wonder how many programs he had on the chip. Was it just his house? All of the members? Did he have Harry’s? The main warehouse?

If I were to run a device over his hand, could I extract the data or would it send off an alarm that the data had been duplicated? Knowing my luck, the latter would happen given what I have read from Niall’s file.

This newfound information has my head swirling with thoughts that I had completely skipped over whose house it was.

However, it didn’t take a genius to know considering the grand entry consisted of a portrait of no one other than Niall, completely relaxed with his legs spread at his desk.

“Nice purple pants.” I suddenly mention, seeing that the picture next to the massive self-portrait was one of Niall staring out of the window, back to the camera. The purple pants did wonders for him.

“Thank you, Little one.” I hear from behind me, the door clicking shut before the lock is turned. This nickname was one that I was starting to grow old of quickly. Normally it was a little devil but for some reason, Niall used little one.

All of the times that I mentioned the scene being straight out a shitty porno before this was nothing compared to now. This is definitely straight out of a shitty porno. Tight little girl fucked by three macho men while the fourth watched. Great title.

I’d probably click on it if I’m being completely transparent here.

“Let’s treat our girl here to a few mind-blowing orgasms,” Zayn speaks up, placing his hand on the small of my back as he leads me towards the staircase. There was one on either side and they met up on the second floor. A grand entrance truly with a nice portrait at the top.

A little red dot that consistently flickered on and off caught my attention. Security cameras. There went my chance to snoop once they were all out of it.

Niall seemed to catch my drift, quickly opening his mouth to reassure me but for some reason, his words didn’t ease my worries at all. I didn’t trust any of them yet. I highly doubt I would ever come to trust any of them.

“Don’t worry. The room we’re going to doesn’t have cameras and it’s soundproof.” He spoke, brushing past the boys so that he could start leading the way. This gave me time to study the walls as some pictures did hang there. His place was surprisingly homey.

Then again, it was mostly self-portraits. I’ve never met someone so vain.

There was a picture of him and Harry. Harry was cuddled into his side, seemingly drunk with a blinding smile on his lips. He seemed almost soft which was a much different light than what I saw him in. It’s like he had two different personas. The front he gave me and the one he had when he was with his friends.

In the picture, his eyes were glazed over but the green was nearly non-existent which meant he was also high out of his mind. I didn’t find this to be shocking. Harry seems to be the type to do a plethora of drugs, always on the hunt for his next high.

Whether that be from killing someone, sex or drugs.

Once we’ve arrived at the end of the hall, Niall moves his hand over the door handle and a click can be heard as it unlocks. He then pushes the door open, my jaw falling open at the sight of the room. I had expected this in Harry’s house, not Niall’s.

The walls of the room were black with black-out curtains which was the first thing that caught me off guard. Next was the bed, a canopy style bed with black silk sheets and black silk pillows. Everything was black, including the wood flooring to the back of the door.

A hand is placed on my back once more, guiding me into the room before a click could be heard meaning one of them had locked the door. Anyone else would be terrified in a situation like this, surrounded by so much testosterone but I had to keep clenching my thighs together. I know it didn’t go unnoticed either as I make eye contact with Zayn, his gaze running slowly over my figure as his tongue darts out to wet his lips.

“I think I need a reminder as to how you taste, Little Devil,” Zayn speaks, his voice having dropped an octave as he brings his eyes back up to meet mine.

“Oh.” I breathe out, seemingly out of breath even though I’m in perfect shape. I just hadn’t expected us to jump right into it, but suddenly there isn’t one, not two, but four pairs of hands on me. They run greedily over my body, pulling at my clothes as if the clothes I had on are useless and they need them off.

I bring my arms above my head so that the turtleneck could come off, hearing it fall to the floor. Next, I step out of my pants, leaving me in only my lingerie set. The only bad part is that it isn’t exactly an attractive lace one. I didn’t think I’d come to the test and end up going home with almost the entire gang.

“Harry….” Zayn chastises, seeing as Harry’s hands are roaming over my body as well, his fingers gliding over the top of my panties. “You’re meant to watch, bossman.” He then gestures towards the corner of the room where a chair is sat, giving him the perfect view of the bed.

My jaw falls open as I watch Harry’s hands retreat from the top of my panties, taking a step back. He is listening to Zayn. This is something I never expected to see, Harry listening to someone else’s orders. Something about the man submitting in a way to someone else had a small breath of air escaping from my lips.

Niall brings his hand down to the small of my back, leading me over to where the bed is as his index finger traces shapes into my back. His touch is always gentle, cautious as if he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries. He is tentative which was drastically different from the other boys so far.

Once my back hits the silk sheets, the coolness of them makes the hair on my arms stand on end. Each corner of the bed dips down when a new body is added.

“Can I have a taste, baby? Use your words.” Zayn speaks, bringing his hand up to dip his fingers into my panties, just ghosting them along the seam. A vicious gang that is hellbent on consent. That’s new.

I didn’t need to think twice about my answer, giving zayn a quick nod of my head before opening my mouth to give a vocal answer. They seemed to like that better than a nonverbal answer. “Yes.” I breathe out, an idea coming to the forefront of my brain. “Yes, Sir.” I tack on, trying my best not to let the corners of my mouth turn up.

A small tsk fell from Louis’ lips which tears my gaze from the other boys because unlike them, Louis is still standing next to the bed, hands on his belt as he undid the buckle, making sure the sound could be heard as he swiftly pulls it off.

The belt falls to the floor, my eyes following every action that he makes. He was a man of very few words but his actions made up for it. “The only person you’ll be calling Sir is me. Not Zayn, not Niall and definitely not Harry. Do I make myself clear?” His voice is calm but authoritative, as he steps up to the bed, unzipping his dress pants to push them down.

Harry is very quiet throughout all of this. It is so different compared to the nights in the red room and how I have seen him at the tests. I never expected Louis to be so dominant. I bet he was the one on top when he slept with the others. What I would do to see that.

“Yes, Sir,” I repeat, making sure it’s aimed directly at Louis so the man knows that I understand what he’s saying. Zayn is working on getting my panties off of my body as Louis’ speaks to me, his eyes never straying from my face.

My thighs part with ease as I feel Zayn’s fingertips trail up the inside of my thighs, gliding his fingers through my wetness once he has reached my pussy. A sharp intake of breath could be heard, Louis’ eyes finally leaving my face to look at Zayn.

“She’s soaking for us, Lou. Why don’t you come have a feel? I bet our little girl would love that.” The whimper that falls from my lips at the attention is one I would never admit to happening. I sound like a little bitch.

The odds of me being about to actually walk out of here were slimming by the minute.

The bed dips on my right side, meaning Louis had climbed up onto it, his pants now laying in a mess on the floor. The belt lays on the nightstand next to me though, meaning it could possibly be used later.

At least I’m not the only one that’s somewhat naked right now, even if realistically he only has his pants off.

Before me, Louis grabs Zayn’s hand and brings it up to his lips but not before making direct eye contact with me. My brain nearly short-circuits as I watch Louis wrap his lips around Zayn’s fingers, hollowing out his cheeks as he cleans my wetness off of them. A small breathy moan leaves his lips, pulling off Zayn’s two fingers with a pop.

“Soaking for us, darling. You taste amazing.” Louis grins, dragging his tongue over his lower lip before he moves to get comfortable between my legs, completely pushing Zayn off to the side like he isn’t even there. The face Zayn makes was one of pure disrespect, narrowing his eyes at Louis’ head before he flips the man off behind his back.

I’m rendered speechless, not being able to find my voice for once. The sheer dominance that Louis exudes has caught me off guard. I’m not used to someone that’s dripping with it, as if that is all they knew.

My hands come down to bury into Louis’ messy hair the second he buries his head between my thighs but he quickly pulls back upon contact, giving a slow shake of his head.

“I don’t remember telling you that you could touch, darling.” He speaks, disappointment dripping from his lips like I just made the worst mistake.

“Didn’t realise there were rules.” I point out, narrowing my eyes at the man but his eyebrows only raise as he tilts his head to the side, looking from Niall to Zayn before he refocuses his gaze on me once more.

“Ah. I don’t appreciate little girls who think it’s okay to speak back.” He chastises, moving to grab the belt that’s set on the nightstand, moving to grab both of my hands into his before he loops the belt around them. He slips two fingers under the belt, making sure it isn’t too tight before pushing my arms above my head.

“Is this okay?” He asks, tone soft. There is a shift in Louis’ tone, the dominance dropping almost immediately. He wants me to know that if at any point I’m uncomfortable, I can safe word out.

“More than okay.” I breathe out, breathless by everything that’s happening even if it is all just starting. “More than okay, Sir.” I correct, wanting to let Louis know this is a green light.

Louis nods, moving back between my thighs, tracing small shapes into them as he lays his head on one of my thighs. “I can understand why Zayn is practically begging to taste you, sweet girl.” He breathes out, making sure his breath hits my centre as he edges closer, darting his tongue out to let it flick directly over my clit.

The sudden touch has my body moving, knees bending to give him more room but it knocks Louis’ head off of my thigh.

“Look at that, baby. I think your body likes me.” He grins, hands coming up to grip at my thighs, nails biting into the skin there before he dives in, leaving me gasping for air as my hands turn into fists.

His licks are greedy, flicking over my clit with fever as he tugs me towards him every time I try to reposition my hips or pull away because he’s giving my clit tortuous licks. He’s determined, wanting me to cum on his tongue like it was the last thing he would do.

He doesn’t even come up for air, eyes focusing directly on me.

He pulls me into his face, moving down to lick from my hole up through my soaking wet folds to my clit, wrapping his lips around the sensitive nub before he drags his teeth over my now exposed clit which leaves my back arching off the bed, jaw going slack.

I’m unable to stop the noises that leave my swollen lips, digging my nails into the palms of my hands as something to grab onto since I couldn’t touch Louis which is rude in itself.

There’s nothing I loved more than being able to tug at someone’s hair, to listen to the breathy gasps that would leave their lips. To pull them up so that I could see the mess that I had made of their face, yet I couldn’t do that here.

Louis’ face moves down some, releasing my clit from between his abusive teeth only to push his tongue inside of me, small moans leaving his lips as if he’s getting off on pleasing me. Which is the hottest fucking thing.

Two fingers join in beside his tongue, immediately curling them to try and find that sensitive spot inside of me that would leave my toes curling and that familiar warmth rushing to my gut.

Louis finds it in record time as I make eye contact with him, his eyes having a mischievous glint in them as my eyes slip shut on their own accord as my legs begin to shake. It’s only a matter of time and Louis knew exactly what he was doing.

He slowly withdraws his tongue from inside of me but doesn’t ease up the thrusts of his fingers, massaging my g-spot brutally as he watches my face closely with a look of pleasure on his own face. My eyes open just slightly as I’m hit with the sudden force of my orgasm that has my back arching up off of the bed, thighs shaking violently to the point that Louis had dug his nails into them even harder. I could feel his nails break the skin, causing blood to slowly drop from the crescent-shaped wounds.

Louis’ wastes no time in making eye contact with me as he places his tongue against where the blood was, licking slowly upwards to collect it all up before sucking at the open wound. Whenever he pulls back, his lips are stained with crimson as it fills the cracks in his lips along with his chin.

“Fuck.” I curse, bringing my arms down from above my head, making grabby hands at Louis.

He got what I wanted, leaning down to bring our lips together so that not only I could get a taste of myself but also the blood that stained his lips and tongue, wrapping my lips around his tongue and sucking fervently.

The mixture of the two has me groaning, rolling my hips up to try and give him some friction since his hard-on is now aligned perfectly with my core. I didn’t care if I’m sensitive, Louis’ deserves to cum too.

However, when I roll my hips against him I can’t feel him which has me pulling back, a confused look taking over my features.

The look on Louis’ face is a bashful one, dipping his head a bit before glancing down at his boxers. “Uh. Sort of already came.” He chuckles somewhat nervously, tilting his head to the side as he brings his blue eyes back up to me. At least what is left of his blue eyes considering they are blown out with lust.

“You’re a vision when you cum, sweet girl.” He speaks, wiping his lips with the back of his hand to remove whatever is left that I hadn’t gotten and fuck, if that didn’t leave me with my thighs clenching.

Louis’ had cum just from getting me off.

I didn’t even know that was possible but it left me wanting to do it again. The sheer power I felt just from those words alone.

I bring my attention to Harry, almost having forgotten he’s even there since he’s so quiet. His gaze is hot on me, unwavering. He keeps his eyes on my face, not moving them any lower, not moving them to look at the boys or even Louis’ ruined face.

Harry still has his clothes on, the tent in his pants being obvious. His hands stay put on his thighs, nails occasionally digging into them or slightly pulling his pants down some in an effort to get comfortable.

He is waiting for someone’s permission to tell him to touch himself.

Or he just got off on watching others please me. It was one of them but I didn’t have time to think about it.

Suddenly Zayn is between my legs again, running his fingers through my wet folds to collect up what hasn’t dried yet. He then brings his fingers up to his mouth, licking them clean with a small groan. “Obsessed with how you taste, Little Devil.”

Zayn is the one to undo the belt, tossing it carelessly to the side before he grabs my hands. He proceeds to place gentle kisses to the inside of my palms where the skin had been broken from me digging my nails into them.

“Louis made you cum pretty hard, huh?” He tsks, clicking his tongue up against the roof of his mouth. I had the feeling this was going to be a challenge for all of them, wanting to one-up each other until I was spent.

His fingers trail up the length of my stomach to my breasts, undoing my bra with ease before he tosses it carelessly to the side, now leaving me naked before all four boys, their eyes on me and taking in every inch.

Niall soon attaches his lips to my neck, biting and sucking at the skin but not hard enough to leave any bruises in his wake. Louis’ on the other side and from what I can see, his cock is steadily hardening once again in his briefs.

Niall makes his way down my neck to my collarbones with ease, his mouth working expertly as my hand comes to bury in his brunette locks.

The way Niall and Louis kiss at either side of my neck seems like a challenge, seeing who could tear the most noises from me. Every time a little gasp would tumble from my lips, they would only kiss my neck a little harder.

The noises I’m making are a reward to them.

My eyes meet Harry’s once again, the man still sits in the chair. He still hasn’t moved an inch but his fingers would twitch every now and then. Especially when Zayn attaches his lips to the inside of my thigh, placing kisses up to my pussy.

Before Zayn can attach his lips to my clit, he’s pulling back and giving my thigh a rough squeeze.

Harry’s voice is the reason for this sudden change.

“You know lads, I think our Little Devil would look amazing on her knees for Zayn and Ni, no?” His lips twitch up at the sides in a half-smirk, bringing his hand up to slowly roll his lower lip between his index finger and his thumb.

Harry’s words make a smirk grow on my own lips. “Oh H, I agree.” I can tell that my words had caught them off guard, using my hand that’s in Niall’s hair to gently push him from my neck so I can sit up.

“After all, I did say I’d much rather risk rug burn for Zayn rather than you, didn’t I?” I question, feeling pride fill me up as the cocky half-smirk that’s on Harry’s lips drops just as quickly as it had appeared.

I clamber off of the bed, already missing the feeling of the silk under my somewhat sweaty skin even if it had stuck to me. I just loved the coolness of it all.

Once I’m perched on my knees, I look between the boys to see that they have yet to move.

Zayn is the first to move, ridding himself of his dress pants and briefs, cock standing pretty as he makes his way towards me. Niall quickly follows suit, standing next to Zayn with his cock standing up and leaking precum from the tip.

The head of Zayn’s cock is an angry red colour, glistening in the light with precum that leaves my mouth watering.

I bring my fingers up to Niall’s cock, pushing the precum down his shaft as a form of lubrication before I wrap my left hand around him. My right hand comes up to wrap around Zayn’s cock, mimicking the actions I did with Niall’s cock as I begin to stroke them in a slow and teasing manner.

There are a few questions that I wanted answers to.

“So...” I drown off, bringing my mouth close to the head of Niall’s cock since he seems most likely to break.

“Have any of you slept with each other?” I question, my tongue darting out to dip into the slit of Niall’s cock, collecting the precum as I make eye contact with him. I pull back to let the precum rest on my tongue, leaning over to also collect the precum from the slit of Zayn’s cock, letting them mix together as a shaky moan falls from my lips.

The room is completely silent, all eyes boring into me. I don’t mind the attention. I knew exactly how I looked at this moment.

It’s Harry who decides to break the for once comfortable silence as I swallow the precum that rests upon my tongue, making sure I lift my head to show off my throat so they could watch me swallow.

“Sometimes we do sleep with each other. Want a show, Little Devil?” He questions, eyes having followed me from the bed to where I now sit on my knees before two very attractive guys with their cocks in my face.

This new news doesn’t shock me in the slightest. That one time Zayn and Harry exchanged my wetness between each other was enough confirmation for me. I just wanted the vocal confirmation.

With that, I lean forward to take the head of Niall’s cock between my lips, lapping at the head to collect the rest of the precum that has bubbled out from the tip.

I continue to stroke Zayn with my other hand, squeezing the shaft every now and then as my mouth works on taking Niall all the way down once I have relaxed my throat.

I keep my eyes on Niall as I hollow out my cheeks, dropping my hand from his cock so that I can run it slowly down his thigh. His hand comes down to brush my hair out of my face gently, tucking it behind my ear.

“Fuck.” He curses, accent thick which makes it sound like he said ‘fook.’

“Taking me so well, sweet girl. Gonna let me cum in your mouth, yeah? Bet you’d look so good covered in my cum though.” He rasps out, lips parting as he begins to slowly move his hips to chase his orgasm.

Zayn begins to move his hips as well, fucking the tight grip I have created with my fists. Both of the men are now chasing their orgasms and using me to do so.

Right as Niall’s thighs begins to shake I pull off, replacing my mouth with my hand, moving it quickly to replace the sudden loss. I move my hand on Zayn at the same pace, aiming both of their cocks near my face as I close my eyes and let my jaw fall slack.

“Cum.” I order, tongue falling from between my lips as I feel the sticky, warm substance begin to fall onto my face, painting it white from both of the men. I can only imagine how pornographic I look at this moment.

I can feel the cum land on my cheeks, my forehead, my chin, my breasts and even my shoulder but I just know one of them will end up licking me clean as if it were their last meal of the night.

The noises they are making went straight between my legs, feeling the arousal pool there. I can feel how wet I’m becoming as I clench my thighs together, trying to ease the ache that’s building up.

I’m suddenly pulled up to my feet by a tight, bruising grasp on my jaw.

“Open your fucking eyes,” Zayn spits after wiping some cum from my eyelids.

I’m quick to open my eyes, being met with two men who are panting with looks of awe on their faces. Zayn swipes some of the cum off of my cheek before he presses his fingers past my lips, my mouth having a mind of its own as I wrap my lips around his fingers and suck them clean.

The saltiness of their cum makes me let out a small groan which turns into a whine as I’m pushed onto the bed, Zayn now hovering over me and pressing open-mouthed kisses down the length of my body as he forces my knees apart.

The look in his eyes is almost animalistic as he bends my knees, tongue darting out to run through my folds before he attaches his lips around my clit, continuously flicking his tongue over the sensitive nub.

Louis and Niall are on either side of me, cleaning the cum up from my chest.

“Zayn.” Louis speaks, watching as Zayn detaches himself from my clit to listen to whatever the man has to say.

“I want you to open her up for me. I’m gonna be under her and then you’re going to be on top of her. Niall, I want you playing with her clit as we fuck her.” He explains, completely ignoring the way my eyes go wide upon hearing him.

Zayn wastes no time flipping me over as if I weighed nothing, moving to grab a pillow to place it under my hips in case my knees are to go weak and give out on me.

I suppose I have three holes for a reason.

I feel Zayn’s hands come up to pull my cheeks apart, his breath fanning over my hole but before he can go any further Louis stops him.

“Are you okay with all of this? I think we need a safe word.” He mentions, the other boys chime in agreement, including Harry.

“Yes.” I breathe out, knowing he needs the vocal consent. “This won’t be the first time I have done anal. My safe word is tyrannosaurus rex….” I drown off before adding, “don’t question it.” I then place my cheek against the pillow once more.

A soft chuckle can be heard from across the room, followed by a ‘for fucks sake,’ and I just know it’s Harry. As if his safe word is any better. I bet it’s something dumb like ‘cocaine.’

That must’ve been all of the confirmation that Zayn needed before he licks from my pussy up to my hole, groaning softly as he did so. I’ve never met four men who are so open about not only their sexuality but what they enjoyed.

His tongue works over my hole in languid motions, blindly grabbing what I can only assume is lube from Louis since the nightstand had opened and shut and I could hear the movement.

A cap can be heard opening, squelching noises ringing throughout the room as Zayn slicks up his fingers and sets the lube to the side. With that, a cold finger runs slowly over my hole before he pushes it in beside his tongue, a small groan leaving my lips at the feeling.

It’s been about a year since I’ve done anal so I know the first few seconds will be a bit uncomfortable but the pain is always welcomed.

Zayn’s careful with opening me up, spending a good bit of time with each finger as he works his way up to two, spreading them out inside of me before he curls them.

My mind is blissfully blank, any and all thoughts about the mission have gone straight out the window.

All I can think about now is how good Zayn’s fingers feel inside of me, moving my hips back against them with a shaky groan.

“A third.” I squeak out, biting down on my lower lip as I’m granted just that.

Zayn spreads out all three fingers, thrusting them at a fast pace. I can feel him shift a bit behind me and I can only assume it’s so he can give Harry a good view of everything that’s happening.

God, the idea of being watched makes this that much hotter. What would be even better is if we were all high, however, that isn’t the case. Maybe next time.

“Are you gonna fuck me like a little whore?” I manage to breathe out, face suddenly scrunching up as his fingers move even quicker inside of me. Anything I wanted to add to that just went straight out the window.

A soft chuckle tumbles from Louis’ lips as he listens to me, bringing his hand down to brush back the hair that’s sticking to my sweaty forehead.

“Oh, darling. We’re going to fuck you like we hate you,”

And yeah, it’s safe to say I probably won’t be walking out of this room tonight.

Zayn’s fingers slowly withdrew from inside of me, a small whimper leaving my lips at the feeling of being empty. I hated being empty more than anything but I didn’t get a chance to complain because suddenly Zayn’s hand is around my throat and he quickly pulls me upwards and flush against his now bare chest.

Zayn forces my head to the side, attaching his lips to my neck right as Louis moves to lay down in front of me, his hands coming to rest on my hips so that I can easily be manoeuvred to sit on his lap.

“Good girl,” Zayn whispers right against my ear.

At this point my pussy is throbbing, a painful ache settling between my legs.

“Please. Want you.” I breathe out, leaning forward to place my hands firmly on Louis’ chest once Zayn releases my neck. As much as I miss the pressure there, I’m more than happy to lift myself onto the pads of my feet so that I’m now hovering over Louis’ cock.

A quick glance to the side shows me that Harry’s still fully clothed and straining against his dress pants, watching us with clenched fists and a clenched jaw.

How obedient he’s being only spurs me on, grabbing ahold of Louis’ cock as I let it run through my wetness before glancing back at Zayn to make sure he’s ready behind me. That’s the only way this will work.

Zayn quickly slicks his cock up, even going as far as rubbing more lube over my hole--which I shouldn’t find sweet but I do. I know most guys wouldn’t go the extra mile to make sure that everything went smoothly and that the girl didn’t rip.

Before I can sink down though, Louis’ hand comes to grip my wrist. I’m getting real tired of him stopping stuff before it happens.

“Safeword?” He questions, a small smile forming on his lips as I answer him.

“T-rex.” I giggle, being far too enthusiastic as he gives me the go-ahead to sink down, which I happily do and right as I sink down on Louis’ cock, Zayn is sinking into me from behind.

My skin feels like it’s on fire suddenly, feeling Niall press his thumb right up against my clit like he had been instructed to do earlier.

I can feel them everywhere. I’ve never felt so full before and it’s overwhelming. Both boys come to a complete stop once they are inside of me, filling me up to the brim. I feel like all the air has vacated my lungs.

“Oh--Jesus Christ.” My voice is shaky as I scratch lightly at Louis’ chest, needing something to grasp onto to try and ground myself. I’m thankful that they are giving me a moment to breathe. There’s no way I’m going to last long. Both of the boys are snug against right where I need them to be and my legs are useless.

“Ah...Close. However, that’s not my name..” Louis grits out between clenched teeth. It’s nice to know he’s just as affected as I am, using his grip on my hips to suddenly lift me up off of both of their cocks.

Zayn and Louis seem to silently communicate with each other as they create a steady rhythm. Both of them would pull out only to roughly and quickly fuck back into me, all of the air being pushed from my lungs every time.

I’m in pure ecstasy, adrenaline and fire running through my veins with every thrust. This is a feeling I knew I’d never be able to replicate. The noises they are making is sending arousal right between my legs, being able to hear Louis’ as his cock disappears inside of me over and over again.

“Look at you, taking both of our cocks like the greedy little slut that you are.” He spits, nails biting at my hips in a mean way that will leave welts in his wake.

His filthy words combined with Niall’s harsh rubs to my clit will no doubt be what sends me over the edge. I can already feel my orgasm building up in my tummy with every thrust, nails scratching at Louis’ chest in an attempt to warn him since my brain couldn’t process or formulate sentences.

“C’mon. Cum for me. Make a fucking mess all over Louis’ cock and Niall’s hand. Show us what a little whore you are.” Zayn speaks up from behind me, his voice having been pulled tight as if he was trying to hold off on his own orgasm.

I can’t control the sounds that are leaving my mouth. This had to be the loudest that I have ever been, laying my head back against Zayn’s chest as the two men held me up.

The feeling that overcomes me is one that I can’t quite explain. My legs shake violently around Louis, tightening around his cock as my orgasm hits me like a freight train. It takes my breath away and leaves bright lights and stars before my vision.

The sound around me seems to fade in and out, a shaky little breath of surprise leaving my lips as I feel both Louis and Zayn cum inside of me.

“Mm...Thank you, Sir.” I breathe out, a lop-sided grin growing on my face as arms come up to wrap around my abdomen and slowly pull me off their cocks.

The next thing I know, I’m laying down on the bed and Harry is beside me, whispering soft things into my ear and ordering the other boys out. How much time had passed? I don’t remember blacking out.

“Did you…” I drown off, bringing my hand up to make a ‘jacking off’ and then ‘ejaculating’ motion. A soft chuckle can be heard as Harry reaches forward to softly brush his fingers through my damp hair.

“Thank you.” He mutters to someone before the door can be heard shutting and a cool rag is placed on my forehead.

“That doesn’t matter. Are you with me?” He asks in a soft voice, keeping his tone light and soft.

This is a side of him I hadn’t expected. I didn’t expect him to get the boys out since that would be overwhelming given the state I’m in. I didn’t expect him to start cleaning me up. I had honestly expected all of them to leave after getting what they wanted, yet I’m pretty sure Harry didn’t even cum.

All I can manage is a weak nod as I force my eyes open, feeling the corners of my lips move up into a light smile. “I’m here.” I breathe out, knowing that right now he needs me to speak and continue speaking.

Harry then moves the cool, damp rag down my body, hesitating a bit before he gently begins to clean the cum up from my pussy and what is seeping out of my hole.

“I’m sorry if this hurts.” He whispers, his voice still calm and gentle. “Once you feel up to it, I’m going to carry you to the bathroom so that you can pee, okay?”

I feel so vulnerable and exposed before the other man, like I’m bearing everything to him and he’s holding me gently as if I’m glass.

Any other time I would’ve snapped at him because I’m not made of glass, but at this moment I just wanted to bask in it.

“Okay.” My voice is barely above a whisper, mind and body exhausted from everything that had just occurred but I didn’t regret it one bit.

He does eventually carry me to the toilet, holding me upright to ensure that I don’t slump over as I’m peeing. I’m in and out of consciousness from exhaustion.

“Did you not get any sleep last night, little devil?” He questions, a soft laugh leaving his lips but I can tell he isn’t expecting me to answer.

“No,” I admit, honesty lacing my tone as he helps me wipe like the gentleman he is and even carries me back to the bed, sliding what I can assume is a pair of briefs onto my legs before pulling the covers over my body.

“I miss her, Harry,” I whisper, not being able to say much more before I let the darkness take over, slipping off into a much-needed slumber.

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