Achilles Heel

14. Sue me

The light breaks through the black curtains, lighting the room up which cast shadows upon the walls. For blackout curtains, they aren’t doing their job very well.

However, soon more light is filtering into the room as the curtains are pushed open more, causing the sun to shine directly onto my face.

“What the-” I curse, pulling the covers up over my bare chest as I sit up, having to rub the sleep from my eyes with my free hand. A glance at the nightstand tells me that it’s nearing seven in the morning. What is it with them and seven am?

“What’s the point of waking me up at seven in the morning?” I grumble, trying to process what is happening as the stranger remains quiet. They bent down to pick up the scattered clothes that remain on the floor from last night.

Last night. The memories came flooding to the forefront of my brain all at once. I can feel arousal beginning to pool between my thighs at just the images that are flickering throughout my head.

“No need to cover yourself, little one. I do believe my mouth was attached to those perky tits last night, no?” The stranger, who I have now identified as Niall breaks the silence, yet leaves my question unanswered.

I give a shrug of my shoulders, letting the blanket fall down to reveal my bare chest to the lad. He isn’t wrong. Essentially all of the boys, excluding Liam have seen all of me.

At this point, I’ve given up on trying to get Niall to call me anything else. Little one just seems to have stuck. It has dug its little feet into the soil and it’s here to stay.

“Zayn is making some sort of traditional breakfast this morning. I hope you like spice,” He grumbles, placing all of the dirty clothes from last night into the hamper that is sat by what I can only assume is the en suite.

Niall seems to stop in his tracks after he puts the clothes in the hamper, turning to look at me. His eyes remain on my chest rather than my eyes but I decide not to call him out for it. If I were in his shoes I would be doing the exact same thing.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure I know you like spice. You can’t dislike spice given how spicy last night was.” He points out, tilting his head to the side as if he was in deep thought. I decide not to mention that those two things have no correlation.

“Sure, titty boy,” I grumble, the sides of my lips turning up whenever Niall starts to laugh at the nickname that I had just given him. His laugh is infectious. It’s hard not to smile around him. He reminds me of the colour yellow, bright and enthusiastic. Optimistic about everything.

However, how filthy his mouth is contradicting that a lot.

“Alright, little one. You’re free to use the shower if you want. I can imagine a wet rag can only do so much..” He clasps his hands together as he talks, making his way towards the door. “I’ve left some clothes on the bed that I think will fit you. Whenever you’re ready to come downstairs, the kitchen is the first archway on the left. Can’t miss it.” He speaks before he gives me a nod of his head and leaves the room, making sure he closes the door behind him to give me some privacy.

The clothes given to me are questionable, to say the least.

The top that he has given me is a bit big, two blazed out marijuana leaves are right where my breasts would lay. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is Zayn’s shirt. The panties catch me off guard because to my knowledge there aren’t any other women in this house.

The panties are grumpy bear with two middle fingers up and the back says ‘have a nice fucking day.’ I just might keep these. I don’t know who they belonged to before me, but they’re mine now.

I make quick work of standing up, feeling like I reek of sex and sweat. I quickly grab the clothes that Niall left for me, having a little ‘pip’ in my step as I walk to the en suite, even if just the simple act of walking sent a little zip of pain up my spine.

I refuse to let the boys know that they were successful in their mission to ruin me. I’ll just hide the fact that I have a slight limp, shouldn’t be too hard.

My shower takes about fifteen minutes, quickly drying myself off to slide on the clothes that were given to me by Niall. I don’t know what made him think the shirt would be able to fit me. While I was in the shower I even took the liberty of stealing one of the toothbrushes to quickly brush my teeth.

What I dub as the marijuana shirt goes down to my knees, hiding my legendary care bear panties which I want to show off so I quickly tuck the shirt into them.

After a few seconds of contemplating, I pull the door open to walk out into the hallway, taking a few moments to admire the photos on the wall. There’s one of all five boys on the opposite wall, holding up pints of beer in their hands. They all look happy, bright smiles with bright, glazed over eyes.

I decide not to waste any more time, not wanting the boys to be suspicious if I take too long. I can always blame it on me feeling sore from last night however my ego won’t allow me to admit that.

The smell that hits my nose is a foreign one, something new but it smells delicious.

“Ah. So she’s alive.” I hear Zayn say right as I enter the kitchen, moving to climb up onto one of the barstools so that I could watch him cook. It’s obvious that he’s now finished since he’s starting to plate the food.

“What’re you making?” I question instead of saying something smart back to the man.

“Bread Upma. It’s essentially bread and a bunch of spices but I promise it’s delicious.” He assures me, pushing a plate directly in front of me along with a glass of water. At least it isn’t tea or coffee, I’m particularly picky about those.

The first bite of the dish has my eyes rolling to the back of my head, glancing down at the food before I look back up at zayn. I make sure to swallow before speaking. “This is amazing.” I breathe out, wanting him to know regardless of how I visually react.

The cheeky smirk that graces his features tells me nearly everything I need to know. The others were already digging in, Niall shoving big bites into his mouth along with Harry. This is the last place I thought I would be.

Zayn’s eyes linger on my ass as he moves to take a seat on the barstool next to me. His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline, moving his gaze over to Harry before they return to me. “Nice panties.” He smirks, shovelling food into his mouth.

“Thank you. Giving me some random girls’ panties to wear, hm? I’m keeping them.” I mention, hearing Zayn chuckle under his breath as he makes eye contact with Harry once again.

I feel like they’re having a secret conversation with just their eyes.

“Share with the class?” I question after swallowing, washing it down with the water.

“Not some random girls’.” Zayn quips, bringing his napkin up to wipe at his face, swatting away the hand that Harry tries to cover his mouth with.

“They’re Harry’s.” He smirks upon seeing my reaction as I make eye contact with Harry.

That’s the last thing that I expected. The fucking care bear panties were Harry’s.

Harry’s looking anywhere but me, chugging down the glass of water as if he was parched.

“They make me feel pretty, sue me.” He grumbles, making it clear that he wants that to be the end of the conversation, so we all drop it.

Despite us dropping the conversation, my mind is running rampant with images of Harry in panties. Pale pink lace panties to be exact.

Breakfast flew by and before I knew it, Harry moves to place a hand on the small of my back to grab my attention. He stands beside me, doing a head motion towards the door before walking over to it.

“Thanks for the breakfast, Zayn. Feel free to drop whatever off at my place since you have my address.” I shrug, making my way over to the door so that I could join Harry who was waiting patiently for me with my shoes in hand.

“Did you order me an Uber?” I question, moving to take my shoes so that I can pull them on, confusion pulling at my features as I watch Harry grab the keys to his car.

“No,” he speaks, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he leads me outside to his Range Rover, “with the headspace you were left in last night, I don’t trust anyone else to take you home even if you think you’re completely out of it.” He explains, making my breath catch.

This wasn’t something I expected from him. He avoids my gaze every time I try to catch it, instead opening my door for me and allowing me to get into the passenger seat. It’s like he could barely believe those words fell from his own lips. They sounded foreign to his ears it seems like.

I climb up into the passenger seat, not bothering with a seatbelt as Harry himself gets in and starts the car up.

I immediately turn the music up once I hear what’s playing. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Harry’s nose scrunching up, rubbing it with his index finger.

Harry starts singing along to Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.

“I was walking down the street when out of the corner of my eye I saw a pretty little thing approaching me…” Harry sings along to the radio, tapping on the wheel right as he looks at me to continue the next part as the girl, a smile growing on my face.

There has been a definite shift between us in the last few days. I didn’t know what it was. The agreement to the heist? Him seeing how good I was with a weapon? Seeing that the other men liked me?

Harry’s the definition of hot and cold though. I know this could only last so long before he switches up on me and I needed to be prepared.

“I never seen a man..who looks so all alone..” I jut out my lower lip into a pout, bringing my hand over to run my index finger slowly down his chest as I sing. “Oh, could you use a little company? If you pay the right price, your evening will be nice and you can go and send me on my way..” I drown off, my mind flashing back to the night Harry threw a twenty-pound note on me as if he didn’t just spend three thousand pounds.

That wasn’t even twenty percent. Not even close. Cheap bastard.

He continues with the next line, acting like the guy in the song. For the next line, he turns his gaze to me, eyes filtering over my body.

“You’re such a sweet little devil,” he changes the lyrics to fit his narrative, my eyes rolling as I give a shake of my head. “Why you do this all to yourself?”

I move to roll my window down, a bright smile gracing my lips as we join in for the chorus, moving to lay my head on the door panel as I place my legs over Harry’s lap. His free hand that’s not holding onto the wheel comes down to rest on my thigh, occasionally giving it a squeeze every now and then.

Something has definitely changed between us. The question is will it stay this way?

“You know,” I begin, twirling a piece of my drying hair around my finger, “you only tipped me twenty pounds on a three thousand pound tab. Feel like you could’ve done more, big shot.” I speak, tilting my head to the side a bit as I watch him.

Harry is silent for a few moments as he turns onto my street, rolling his lower lip between two of his fingers. He then moves to parallel park, shifting the gear.

“Is three thousand not enough?” He questions, eyebrow shooting up before he gives my thigh a rougher squeeze only to remove his hand to push the shirt up a bit. “Ah.” He tsks, placing his hand over the scabbed over wounds that Louis’ fingers had left from how hard he gripped me.

“Gonna get off to the thought of this, little devil?” He questions.

And...the mood is broken.

“Alright,” I say, not surprised considering men only speak and think with their dicks. “That’s my queue to leave, Harry. Thank Zayn for breakfast and the orgasms you were unable to give me.” I give him a cheeky smile before slamming the door shut just to be a dick, forcing myself to try and not limp to the front door.

Mission failed.

“Enjoy your limp! Wait until I tell the boys that!” He cackles before driving off, leaving me with my jaw agape before I finally snap it shut and head inside.

Back to business with my journal in hand, wincing slightly as I lower myself onto the couch.

’Lieutenant Bailey is working with Harry’s gang. His job for Harry is unknown. My suspicion is that it’s the removal of any suspicious reports of crime involving bodies or break-ins.

Niall’s home is near…..’

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