Achilles Heel

20. Astar - Divine Woman

My hands grip onto the pole with vigour, hoisting myself up before using my upper body strength to make the pole spin as I spin with it, leaning my head back as the music fills the quietest parts of my brain.

I roll my hips fluidly against the pole once my feet touch the stage, tongue darting out to lick over my lips slowly as I take in the crowd.

The bass is what fuels me along with the plethora of eyes that are glued to my every move as if I’m hypnotizing them.

“She don’t play nice…”

I can see all of the boys in the crowd, minus Liam because he has shift training to be a Security guard at the hotel. Due to how buff Liam is and his job history that Niall drew up for him, they hired him on as a security guard instead of a Janitor. Which makes it easier for us when it comes to the heist.

He’s missing out on a damn good show though. His loss.

“She makes me beg…”

I reach down, grabbing the handcuffs off of my hip, dangling them in front of Niall’s face as I step off of the stage. “What, little one?” I purr, straddling his hips as I sink down.

Niall’s eyes are wide, eyes flicking between my breasts and eyes, unsure of where to look as my finger slowly trails down his chest. I make sure to unbutton a few of the buttons as I do so, leaning forward to sing into his ear.

“I want a naughty girl like you..” I lick over the crest of his ear so he feels me, hearing Niall take in a sharp breath like he’s struggling to breathe. This only spurs me on as I grind down, feeling everyone’s eyes on me at this point. “Cat got your tongue, Little one? You’re usually a chatterbox.” I chastise, watching as Niall’s head rolls back to rest on the seat. “There’s nothin’ hotter than us two.” I continue, my hips moving against his thickening cock with ease to the shaking bass beat.

I can feel everything through the skimpy cop costume that I have on which leaves my breasts falling out. Every little move I make causes them to jiggle, begging for attention. Niall is giving them exactly what they deserve and then some as he leans forward, pressing wet kisses to the top of my breasts. I take this moment to move his hands behind the seat, handcuffing them there so he can’t touch me. “Sorry, Titty boy…” I purr, taking his ear between my teeth and giving it a small tug before I clamber out of his lap, walking behind the row of seats in the front row.

I then lean down once I reach Louis’ seat, my lips attaching to his neck as I let my hands roam under his slightly unbuttoned shirt. Louis welcomes every little touch, tilting his head to the side a bit to expose his neck to me. My fingers pinch at his nipples, giving them a tug for good measure as my eyes stay glued to his crotch. His cock gives a twitch which is exactly what I want.

“Mmm. Am I being good for you, Sir?” I huskily whisper against his ear, making sure it’s loud enough to travel over the music for him to hear. The song has since ended and rolled into another one, but I could honestly care less. Louis’ cock is thickening with ease the more I pinch at his nipples and speak, eventually abandoning him altogether and moving over to my next victim.

Zayn. He’s staring at me like I’m prey. He’s a tiger and I’m his dinner. He’s in for a surprise though as I place my hand on his shoulder, fingers dancing slowly against the clothed skin. “Remember when you and Harry didn’t let me cum? Just edged me until I was gasping?” I question, knowing that in a way Harry has already paid for that, however, I have yet to get my revenge from Zayn.

He doesn’t respond, just keeps his eyes locked on mine as I find myself slinking down into his lap with ease, running my hands down his buff biceps, giving them a rough yet innocent squeeze.

“What if I got myself off right here, hm?” I question, tilting my head to the side a bit as I roll my hips forward against him, just like I did with Niall. I want all of them to sit here and occasionally have to shift because they’re uncomfortable.

I’m in control tonight.

“Right in your lap, yet all you can do is watch? You can’t touch, can’t help…” I drown off, eyes lowering to watch as Zayn swallows. I know I’m bothering him because he’s no doubt picturing it in his mind. “What a shame,” I tsk, moving on to Harry. My last victim of the night.

Well, for now.

Instead of sitting in his lap to where I’m facing him, I turn so that my backside is facing him before bending over to fix my heels. “Sorry, daddy. A strap came loose.” I sigh, despite my heels being strapless. They’re red bottom slip ons, yet men are clueless. Harry’s hands are quick to come up, grasping onto my hips, tugging me down so that I’m sitting right on top of his hardened cock. He’s already fully hard just from watching me tease his friends and I can’t help but groan, rolling my hips back slowly.

Harry’s fingers create divots from how hard his nails are digging into my hips, bringing my movement to a stop. “You’re being a fucking slut tonight.” He spat into my ear which leaves my thighs clenching and I know he can feel it because his lips twitch up at the sides. “What makes you think you have the control, Little devil? Hm?” He questions, curiosity lacing his tone. He words it like a rhetorical question, one that isn’t supposed to have an answer, yet I have one.

“Because I said so,” I hum with confidence, bringing my hands down to his only to push them off of me before I get out of his lap. “None of you will be getting a taste of me tonight but you’re more than welcome to watch.” I smirk, feeling Sapphire wrap her arms around me from behind.

Her hands waste no time in wandering my body, claiming each part of it as hers. She doesn’t care that we’re in front of the entirety of the club. The only thing on her mind is me and my body.

Sapphire moves her pointer finger under my jaw, her thumb coming around to grasp the other side before tugging me to face her. The second our lips meet, I turn around in her embrace, hands dropping down her hips to make the space between us thin before essentially disappearing.

“Do you mind if we have an audience tonight?” I whisper once she broke the kiss, just wanting to make sure it’s ok with her before going any further. The last thing I want to do is make her uncomfortable.

“I need a verbal answer, babe,” I tack on when all she does is nod her head, tilting her head to the side a bit that just says, ‘really?’ So, I nod my head to answer her.

She just smiles that damn smile, the one that causes this little dimple to dig into her cheek right as she looks down at her feet, shuffling them back and forth before looking back up at me. “You and your incessant need for consent. You know I enjoy an audience…” She breathes out, hand coming down to wrap around my neck but I stop her before she even gets the chance.

The gasp she lets out causes me to loosen my grip on her wrist, bringing it up to my lips to press a soft kiss to it before shaking my head. “You know better than to pull that on me, Saph.” I tsk, clicking my tongue up against the roof of my mouth. “Seems as if Harry here won’t be the only bitch tonight,” I smirk, watching as Sapphire’s thighs visibly clench together.

This is the first time Harry’s stepping foot in my safe space, invading it with the aroma of tobacco mixed with vanilla. He’s respectful though. Instead of looking around the room, his eyes stay glued to me as he sinks down into the chair that is in the corner of the room. He has the perfect view of the bed, manspreading his legs as he pulls his dress pants down some.

I think it’s cute that he believes he’ll be able to touch himself tonight.

“Sapphire,” I quip, turning to look at the girl who seems to have made herself at home on my bed, propping herself up against the pillows. A few of the buttons on her prisoner costume have mysteriously popped open.

My mouth is already salivating at just the thought of being able to taste her again.

I lose my train of thought as I watch her remove the orange top, my eyes roaming slowly over her exposed chest as I gravitate towards the bed. Before I get too close though, I stop myself, giving her a slow, disappointed shake of my head.

“Oh baby…” I tut, sauntering towards the closet, my hips swaying from side to side. I’ve been accumulating toys over the past few weeks. It got to the point that I have had to upgrade to a chest that is hidden in the closet. “Don’t think I gave permission for you to start undressing without me, did I?” I question, not giving her the attention she wants as I open up the closet doors.

I pull out the heavy black chest, unclasping the gold clasps to push it open to reveal what is inside. Right at the top of the lid is a paddle, sitting pretty with the word ‘whore’ etched into it. My fingers twitch a bit upon seeing it, glancing back at Sapphire for just a brief second before deciding that it was better for a rainy day.

“You know, H.” I breathe out, addressing Harry rather than Sapphire. “I think my strap is bigger than your cock.” The sides of my lips twitch up just a bit as I speak, hearing a scoff from the corner of the room which makes me laugh.

“Highly doubt it, Little devil,” He speaks, his voice having gotten progressively deeper. My head is quick to turn, narrowing my eyes at him as I blindly pull a vibrating cock ring out of the chest full of toys.

“Did I ever say that you were allowed to speak,”

It’s a test. A rhetorical question. Will he answer or stay silent, following my instructions?

I’d prefer the latter, yet he goes with the former, testing my patience as it’s already running thin yet we’ve barely begun.

“No, but you didn’t say that I couldn’t,” he replies. The confidence in his voice is laughable.

I remain silent, letting it cover the room like a thick layer of dust that has lay barren on the furniture.

I pick out a few more items, laying them down gently on the shirt so that the floor doesn’t contaminate them. The most obvious being the strap on, attaching the dildo to the harness, making sure the straps are even before laying it down on the shirt. Two pairs of handcuffs are laid out next to them, both meant for Harry since he wants to be a little brat.

At this very moment, I’m realising just how convenient my useless purchase of an ice machine was for my room.

My mind trails off to how Harry thrives off of pain, switching the handcuffs out for rope so he can tug at the restraints until the skin on his wrists is nonexistent. A little blood has never turned me off, quite the opposite really.

Harry gets to meet the real Devil tonight.

I slowly rise, taking the two pieces of rope along with the cock ring before making my way over to Harry, his eyes widening just a smidge at what is in my hands.

“Undress for me,” I order, leaving no room for conversation and to my surprise Harry actually obliges.

His movements are slow, like molasses that have sat on simmer for too long. I can tell he wants to drag this out, consistently poking me just to see what will make me snap. Testing his limits to see how far he can go before I’m barking orders at him again.

I stand in silence before him, my eyes never straying from his face even as he removes his briefs. “Sit down,” I nod my head down to the chair, arms crossing over my chest as I wait. The temperature seems to have risen at least twenty degrees in the past thirty minutes.

Once Harry is sitting down on the chair, I approach him with the rope and tie his wrists to the chair. Two fingers push through with ease, letting me know that he is indeed still able to have blood circulating through before sinking down to my knees before the man.

“You know…” I begin, aligning the cock ring with the tip of his cock, slowly moving it down until it’s nestled pretty against his balls.

“You call me Little Devil all the time...yet seem to not truly understand the full extent of just how much of a devil I really am.” I drop my hand from his lap once I turn the cock ring on, watching as it vibrates against the base of his cock.

His hands are quick to clench into fists, fingernails digging into the palms of his hands as he tugs roughly at the rope.

“Awe, can’t take a little punishment?” I pout, moving to slowly trace my tongue over the tiger tattoo on his thigh, keeping eye contact with him as I do so. “What a shame. Thought you were going to be a good boy for me tonight, but turns out you’re just a pathetic fucking whore.” I spit, pushing myself up by his thighs before spitting right onto his face, watching as the droplet makes its way down, leaving a trail behind.

The vein in his neck protrudes the second the sinister words fall from my lips. Clearly he isn’t used to being degraded, but it shuts him right up and I don’t miss the way my words make his cock jump.

“Learning quickly. If you keep being silent, maybe just maybe I’ll think about letting you actually cum.” I taunt, striding back over to where my strap lays on the ground, placing it on the bed. I then grab a biodegradable cup from the ice machine, filling it with three cubes before returning to where Sapphire is.

She’s been so good for me. Her toes are consistently curling, hands clenching and unclenching as if she’s trying to distract herself.

“I’m glad someone in this room knows how to follow directions. You mind if I get a little taste of you, baby? I’ve been parched,” I groan, placing my hand on Sapphire’s ankle and slowly letting it travel up until it’s resting on her thigh.

I await her answer, easily getting it in the form of her spreading her legs for me so that I can get comfortable between them. “What a good girl,” I praise, running my hand up higher before it brushes over her clothed pussy, adding pressure to her clit which tears the most beautiful little gasp from her glitter coated lips that are now red and swollen from how much she’s bitten them.

“Promise I’ll make the wait worth your while, sweet girl. I always do, no?” And she’s nodding her head as if it’s the easiest question she’s ever answered.

A soft whine falls from her lips whenever I move my hand, bringing it up to dip my fingers into her shorts, only to grab the thin material and remove them from her legs so that she’s now sat in only her panties.

What a fucking view.

I waste no time as I lean down, attaching my lips to her panty clad clit. She’s hesitant but she eventually buries her hand in my hair, wrapping it around her hand once, twice before her fingers scratch at my scalp. For now, I let it slide.

When it comes to women, I prefer to be the one giving the pleasure. Contrary to what others think, seeing people enjoy what I give them gives me a sort of pleasure that is unexplainable.

After a few moments of teasing, I move my mouth up, making direct eye contact with the girl as I take her panties between my teeth and slowly remove them, tossing them carelessly to the side without a fucking care in the world. They could land in the bin for all I care. Useless.

I take a moment to look at Harry, his gaze hot on me. From where he’s sitting, he has the best seat in the house. Right at the foot of the bed but slightly angled to where if I were to spread Sapphire’s legs a little wider he can see my tongue hard at work.

His jaw clenches and unclenches, a part of me is slightly afraid he’ll get lockjaw if he keeps that up. Every few seconds or so, he’ll shift in his seat or his toes will curl against the hardwood floor, no doubt from the buildup in his tummy that comes with no follow through of an orgasm.

I push Sapphire’s legs open further once my gaze is hot on her once more, keeping eye contact as I spit onto her clit, breaking the eye contact for just a moment to watch the spit travel down her clit and between her folds that are shiny with how wet she was.

What a fucking vision.

If I could lay right here all day and please her, I’d take the offer without question.

Her eyes are hot on me as she watches me pick up the cup filled with ice, popping an ice cube into my mouth and sucking for a few moments. Realisation dawns upon her as I let it melt on my tongue, her jaw falling slack as a filthy whine tumbles from those lips made for sinning.

Sapphire acts like an angel but in bed she’s a filthy fucking sinner, begging for mercy but I’m relentless.

Once the ice cube is small enough, I get myself comfortable between her thighs before licking from her hole, through her slick lips right up to her clit, feeling her thighs twitch from the shock the ice sends through her.

Her hands hold onto my hair like a vice, tugging roughly as her back arches off the bed in an obscene manner that makes the corners of my lips twitch up ever so slightly.

I wrap my lips around the sensitive area, moving one of her thighs over my shoulder and pushing the other one up so that I have more room. The noises that are falling from her lips only spur me on, flicking my tongue quickly over her clit before I move down and push my tongue inside of her, groaning softly at how she tastes.

Despite the fact that her eyes have since rolled to the back of her head, I keep my eyes on her, wanting this to be the first thing she sees the second she looks down at me. My tongue is relentless, wanting to go as deep as I can, not caring about the fact that my face is becoming covered in her wetness.

I prefer it.

If you aren’t dripping by the end, did you even do a good job of pleasing her?

A guttural whine falls from her strawberry red lips as I detach myself, her eyes being one of panic as she makes eye contact with me.

“Just getting another ice cube, sweet girl.” I breathe out, moving to pull an ice cube out of the cup, letting the girl use the tight grip she has on my hair to pull me down for a kiss, getting a taste of herself on my tongue before I move back down between her legs.

I trail the ice cube slowly up her thigh, watching as her chest slowly starts to rise and fall in quick succession, the breaths coming out quicker the closer I get to her pussy.

Eventually I run the ice cube through her wetness, making sure it’s coated before I press the ice cube right against her clit, watching as she tries to shy away but I keep her in place.

“You like that, baby? Look at you writhing. Such a fucking filthy little whore,” I tsk, removing the ice cube only to pop the now coated ice cube into my mouth, bringing her in for another messy kiss so that I can push it into her mouth.

I’m stepping into the harness before she can even blink, running the dip of the strap on through her soaked folds before I’m pushing all the way in without stopping. The second I’m flush against the girl, I move her one leg up over my shoulder and hold onto the other one.

A long, drawn out moan escapes her throat, turning her head to the side a bit to bite onto the pillow but I’m quick to place my forefinger and thumb on either side of her jaw, forcing her to make eye contact with me.

“Don’t you ever fucking do that again, do I make myself clear?” I spit, watching as the droplets fall onto her face. I then force her jaw open, spitting into her mouth as she whines. “I said, do I make myself fucking clear?”

I get a nod in response, both of her hands coming up to dig into the flesh on my back, creating little divots that have me hissing. “That’s it, baby. Hurt me, you know I like the pain.” And with that I’m withdrawing myself, wasting no time in pushing back in, adjusting her hips a bit so that I know I’m aiming right for her g-spot.

My goal is to make her squirt in one try. I’ve done it before and I know damn well I can do it again.

The front of the harness is rubbing deliciously against my clit, creating the friction I need but in order for me to cum myself I’m going to need more than this. However, at the end of the night I could care less if I get to cum.

“Taking me so well, baby. Look at you,” I bite out, brushing a piece of her hair away from the face since the humidity in the room has caused her afro to grow larger but fuck if that doesn’t make her even more beautiful.

She’s a vision. Putting modern art to shame.

“Harder, Astar,” She cries out, heel digging into the bottom of my spine and who am I to not give her what she wants? She’s been so good for me.

“That’s not my name…” I drown off, purposefully slowing down my hips, briefly glancing between us so that I can watch the toy as it glides in and out of her with ease.

“Harder, daddy.” She corrects, dragging her nails down my back hard enough that I’m sure she’s broken the skin, yet all that does is help me in fulfilling her wish, drilling into her harder than before to the point that the headboard of the bed is banging into the wall.

Mental note to add headboard pads to my shopping list.

“Gonna make a fucking mess all over me aren’t you? Huh? Tell me when you’re gonna cum.” I spat, releasing the grip I have on her jaw. My hand falls to the side, digging into the pillow as I fuck into her, not easing up once. The only noises filling the room are her moans, the bed hitting the wall and...Harry’s heavy breathing.


A part of me completely forgot he was even in the room, having my entire attention aimed at Sapphire.

“Daddy, Daddy, I’m so close. I’m so fucking close. So close.” She rambles, barely able to formulate a proper sentence as she moves her head from side to side, legs shaking violently at my side.

I pull out without warning, burying my face between her legs before she even has a chance to protest. I push two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, curling them upwards so that I hit her swollen bundle of nerves every time. She’s nearly there and I’ve never wanted a facial more in my life.

My tongue circles her clit, not wanting to leave any part of her untouched as she pulls at my hair as a warning.

Jokes on her, I’m not pulling back.

I’m being hit with it a few moments later, eyes quickly shutting so as to not get any in my eyes. My name falls from her lips in the form of a cry, echoing through-out the four walls as it reverberates off the walls that hold zero memories.

Her thighs are threatening to close, becoming over sensitive to my fingers but I force her thighs back open, wanting more. I’m greedy, selfish, her cum already having soaked my face and hair but I need more.

I’m craving it.

“You can fucking cum again. Take it.” I spat, my fingers not easing up in the slightest. If anything they move faster, relentless as they fuck into the spongey bundle of nerves.

Her thighs are shaking up a storm, tears staining her cheeks. She’s unable to control the noises leaving her lips, her entire body vibrating with pleasure as she lets out a weak cry, voice cracking in the middle of it as she orgasms for the second time.

I finally withdrew my fingers, knowing that a third time would be pushing it.

My tongue darts out, slowly moving over my chin and lips to collect what landed on me.

What a divine woman.

The second her back relaxes onto my sheets, I’m by her side, whispering sweet nothings into her ear and pushing her hair out of her face.

“Hey, Hey. Eyes on me,” I whisper, gently brushing the tears from underneath her eyes with my hand that isn’t covered in her wetness. No pink eye here.

“There we go. You were so good for me. So so good,” I praise, reaching off to the side to grab a rag, moving between her legs once more so that I can gently clean the girl up. I’m as gentle as I can be, knowing how sensitive she is at that moment.

“Want Harry to watch me get you off. Show him how everyone else knows how to make you cum properly but he can’t…” She drowns off, seeming a bit out of it which makes me chuckle. It’s sweet that even though she’s nearly half asleep she wants to make me cum.

“We had this discussion last time, sweet girl. You know I prefer to please you. Why don’t you take a small nap? I’ll wake you in a few to go pee,” She’s out of it within seconds, making me giggle but that she makes the heavy breathing that’s coming from the corner of my room even more prominent.

Without turning around, I start to talk. “Did you enjoy the show?” I question, turning my head to look directly at him as I remove the strap on, laying it off to the side. I make sure to gently pull a sheet over Sapphire, not wanting her body to be exposed even if Harry did just see all she has to offer.

He’s silent, gritting his teeth together as he tugs at the restraints which makes me look down. His wrists are now an angry red colour, the rope a pretty shade of dark red from dried blood.

“You may speak. You were such a good boy for me,” I praise, sauntering over to Harry and taking a seat in his lap. The tugs to the rope only get rougher, as if he’s testing his strength to see if he can break them. He’s tugging at the rope so hard that the veins in his arms are becoming more prominent, the blue veins coming to the surface to contrast against his porcelain skin.

“You haven’t been good enough that you can touch though, baby.” Yet, I take pity on him when I see the state of his cock. It’s borderline purple at the tip, glistening in the dim light that I have on with precum.

I let my finger circle over the head, collecting a bit of the precum before placing my finger on my tongue, looking up at him as I do so. “I gave you permission to speak. Surely you haven’t gone that quiet.” I hum, cleaning my finger up before Harry clears his throats, the tugs to the rope ceasing.

His voice cracks from disuse.

“You’re such a fucking bitch,” He seethes, my eyebrows raising with intrigue as I move to grab his neck suddenly, placing two fingers against his carotid artery before applying pressure to cut off the blood flow to his brain.

To my surprise, a groan falls from his lips and he leans into my touch, taking his lower lip between his teeth. “Harder,” He breathes out, to which I resist and actually lighten my grip.

“Call me daddy,” I speak, his eyes popping open suddenly to make eye contact with me. I can tell he’s questioning whether or not I’m being serious but I’ve never been more serious about anything.

“I said…” I drown off, “Call me fucking daddy.” I spit, shifting so that instead of my fingers applying the pressure to his carotid artery it was my nails. Harry’s face contorts into one of pain, a hiss falling from his lips as he tugs at the restraints so hard that the chair shifts against the hardwood floors.

“If you scratch these floors, you’re paying for the repairs. You’re such a useless fucking whore.” I give a shake of my head as I clamber off of his lap, seeing the look of panic cross over his features the second his lap receives a gust of air due to me leaving.

“Daddy,” I hear him mutter under his breath, hand wrapping around the arms of the chair.

“Ahh...What was that? I can’t quite hear you.” I tsk, watching as he mumbles something that is incoherent under his breath before repeating it louder. “Daddy.”

That’s all I need to hear as I sink to my knees before Harry, grabbing the base of his cock as I lick from there all the way to the tip, tongue circling the head to make sure I gather up every last drop of precum. The moan that leaves his lips is pornographic. It’s raspy and filled with cracks, his head rolling back as he’s unable to hold eye contact like he usually does.

I let my tongue play with the piercing before I wrap my lips around the head, circling my tongue around it right as I relax my throat. The vibrations elicit a groan from Harry, the sides of my lips twitching up because he’s unable to stop the noises that are falling from his lips.

I take him down until the piercing hits the back of my throat, moaning softly around his cock so that he can feel the vibrations. My cheeks hollow out instinctively, head moving up and down slowly just to tease him as I look up from under my eye lashes.

The cock ring is still vibrating softly against the base of his cock but I quickly turn it off, wanting him to feel just my mouth.

I pull off with a pop, licking over my lips as I lick up the side of his cock. “Being such a good boy for me,” I praise, watching as Harry forces himself to look down at me with glazed over eyes. He’s just begging to cum at this point.

The cock ring glides off of his cock with ease, being tossed to the side just like Sapphire’s panties earlier. It’s now useless to me.

The look of relief is instant, Harry’s body relaxing against the chair but not for long. I’m quick to take him right back down to the back of my throat, hands coming up to massage his balls, rolling them between my fingers.

His face is one of pure ecstasy. He’s beauty personified. Harry is always the definition of beauty I’m beginning to realise.

“Daddy…” I hear from above, the nickname rolling off of his spit slick lips in the form of a desperate whimper. “Can I please cum?”

The word please catches me off guard because if my memory serves me correct, Harry Styles himself said he’s never one to beg. Yet here he is not only asking, but begging me to let him cum.

My mouth leaves his cock for just the briefest of moments once again, one hand leaving his balls to stroke him to make up for the loss of my mouth. “You’ve been such a good boy, baby. Of course you can cum.” I coo, moving to place my mouth on him once again, groaning as the piercing hits the back of my throat every single time.

My pussy is throbbing at this point, my thighs having become slick from just how wet I am.

I know the odds of me receiving an orgasm are diminishing by the second but I can’t find it in myself to care.

My eyes lower to Harry’s abdomen, watching as his muscles flex the closer he gets to an orgasm and I know he’s close because he’s struggling to breathe. His hands tug roughly at the restraints, reopening the scabs that have formed at his wrists only to paint the rope a fresh bright red colour.

The metallic smell of blood fills my nostrils yet I can’t be bothered as I focus on making Harry grow closer to his orgasm, hollowing my cheeks out as I get messy with it, spit leaving the sides of my lips.

Harry digs his nails into the palms of his hand. I know he does because I watch a drop of blood fall onto the hardwood floor, staining it in a way that makes me want to leave it as a memory. A place holder. Something for me to remember this sinful night by.

My throat constricts a bit the second he cums, gagging ever so slightly as I make sure to get him through it, holding his release in my mouth instead of swallowing.

This is the first time I’ve let him cum in the past month that we have known each other. A month long of teasing and edging.

The first thing I take notice of as I pull back is that Harry looks completely and utterly fucked. He’s flush down to his neck, cheeks a pale pink colour in contrast with his porcelain skin. The green in his eyes is nearly non-existent, being replaced by blown out pupils from lust. There’s a small cut in his lip from where he bit down so hard it split it open and the second he opens his mouth to speak I can see the blood staining his teeth.

My fingers catch underneath Harry’s chin once I stand, lifting his head up as I hover over him, making Harry force his mouth open wider because I remember that he doesn’t do kissing.

Once I’m positive that his mouth is open wide enough, I push every last drop of his cum into his mouth, watching as it turns his pink tongue the colour of milk. Just to make sure I got all of it, I gather up the spit in my mouth and add it on top before my lips twitch up into a filthy grin.

“Swallow.” I order, watching as Harry does just that, his mouth closing.

I place my hand right up against his throat to feel his Adam’s apple move, head rolling to the side. It should be illegal for Harry fucking Styles to be this hot.

“Thank you,” He breathes out before tacking on, “Daddy.”

And fuck if that doesn’t make me clench my thighs together, wanting nothing more than to hop into the shower and blast cold water.

I gently untie his wrists, being careful as I remove the pieces that have become embedded in his skin. I make sure there are no stray strings in the wounds, not wanting to risk an infection. Once I’m sure none are there, I dip a clean rag that I have laying out into the melted ice so that I can gently clean his wrists up. “I’m going to get my first aid kit out of the bathroom, okay? Gonna put some ointment on your wrists and wrap them. Don’t want them to get infected.” Harry seems a bit out of it, but nods his head nonetheless.

Before I get too far though, his voice cuts through the silence.

“What about you? I want to make you cum,” At first I ignore him, grabbing the first aid kit from underneath my sink along with the rubbing alcohol before kneeling in front of Harry once again. He stops me, just to repeat what he said before I disappeared into the bathroom.

“I want to make you cum.” He repeats, his voice no longer soft but rather authoritative which catches me off guard since he seemed to be in such a submissive headspace when I left.

“No,” I answer, standing my ground as I pour some alcohol onto a cotton pad. “This is going to burn,” I warn, gently dabbing the cotton pad over Harry’s wounds to remove any possible bacteria that could have possibly wiggled its way in. I repeat the same on the other wrist, adding some Neosporin to quell the throbbing pain he must feel before wrapping them carefully in gauze. The tape comes last, making sure it isn’t too tight that’s uncomfortable but also not too loose that they slip right off.

Out of habit, I press a gentle kiss to each wrist, thankful that Harry doesn’t question it but judging by the look on his face I can tell his mind is running rampant with them.

“Conversation for a rainy day.” I grumble under my breath, putting everything back into the first aid kit before I’m standing up. I don’t get to leave. He reaches out, grasping onto my wrist gently and forcing me to turn around. “Can I make you cum in the morning?” To which I grin.

“Pussy is the best breakfast.”

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