Achilles Heel


Harry Styles. Twenty-Five. Green eyes. One hundred and ninety-six pounds. Six foot even or one hundred and eighty-seven centimetres. Born to Anne Cox and Desmond Styles. Parents whereabouts unknown. No known surviving family. Styles is best with guns, poison and the concealment of his victims for none have been found. Harry is the leader of the Devil’s Tribe, a well-known gang that consists of multiple members who fly under the radar. Harry’s right-hand men are Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. Those four are the only other members we have been able to actively identify. What we know about them is as follows:

Zayn Javadd Malik. Twenty-Six. Hazel eyes with tints of gold. One hundred and ninety pounds. Five-foot nine or one hundred and seventy-five centimetres. Born to Yaser Malik, mother unknown. Father is deceased by the hand of Malik himself. Zayn is Harry’s right-hand man and best friend wrapped in one. Most identifying features are the matching tattoos that they have with each other, devil horns on the back of their neck that cascade upwards into their hairline. Malik is best with guns but also arson.

Liam James Payne. Twenty-seven. Dark brown eyes that tend to shift tints. Two hundred and twenty-six pounds. Five-foot eleven or one hundred and eighty centimetres. Little is known about Payne as he normally flies under the radar. No surviving family members. Liam is the mediator of the group and usually attends the drops. Liam is best with guns, specifically sniper rifles. We believe he has a background in the military but it is unconfirmed.

Louis William Tomlinson. Twenty-Eight. Bright blue eyes. One hundred and eighty-six pounds. Five-foot eight or one hundred and seventy-two centimetres. Louis also sports a pair of familiar devil horns on the back of his neck but they differ from those of Harry’s. Harry’s devil horns seem to have little specks of red in them whereas Malik and Tomlinson’s are completely black. Tomlinson is born to Johannah Poulston and Mark Tomlinson. Father’s whereabouts are unknown but the mother is deceased. Any other family members are unknown. Tomlinson is best with knives.

Niall James Horan. Twenty-Six. Bright blue eyes. One hundred and eighty-seven pounds. Five-foot eight or one hundred and seventy-two centimetres. Niall is born to Maura Gallagher. Single mother. Horan also sports the all too familiar devil horns on the back of his neck as do all of Harry’s right-hand men. Niall is best with hacking and making sure all of their files are kept locked up. Horan is known as one of the best hackers. Horan has knocked out an entire electrical grid before.

A soft sigh falls from my ruby red lips as I close the file, running the pad of my finger over the cover which reads ‘Military Intelligence, Section six. Otherwise known as MI6.’ Everyone knew who Harry Styles was. He was the most wanted around the world yet seemingly untouchable. By this time tomorrow, who I am today will no longer cease to exist. My new identity is someone that will have me stepping out of my comfort zone. The small folder containing information about the Devil’s Tribe is carelessly tossed to the side as I move to grab the folder containing my new identity, licking over the pad of my thumb before I opened the folder, eyes skimming over my new identity.

Astar Lennox. Twenty Four. Both parents are deceased. No surviving family. Five-foot seven or one hundred and seventy centimetres. One hundred and sixty-five pounds. Lennox has come into a great deal of money from the passing of her parents. Her strong suits are scamming prominent men by using her sex appeal but they never get far. Lennox has impeccable aim when it comes to an abundance of different weapons however her favourite being a Glock nineteen. Astar works at the Butterfly Effect, a well known all-access Strip Club for the elite and most prominent men. Harry Styles is known to frequent the club, spending copious amounts of money on alcohol and the VIP rooms.

I slowly move to close the beige folder that contains my new life, glancing over at one last folder which contains the life I have now. There are not many differences between the two, just a name change and erasing me from the database as a secret service agent for mi6. The other difference is that my family is protected, entering a witsec program for this high profile, deep undercover mission. There’s no telling how long I will be gone or if I will ever see them again, but if I’m able to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous gang, I think it’ll be worth it.

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