Achilles Heel


This is just a filler. Enjoy some slightly rated r teasing. I apologise if it’s shit x. all the fucking love ya filthy animals. -B x


"Fuck..” A soft puff of air fell from my ruby red lips as I pushed myself up off the stage by the palms of my hands, letting my eyes wander around to catch the other girls as they practised the choreography for tonight. As it turns out, I wasn’t the best at dancing with six-inch heels on as I had initially thought. My confidence from my first performance seemed to have plummeted just from that one fall. However I wasn’t one to shy away from a challenge, so I dusted my hands off and got right back into place next to Sapphire--the girl from a week ago that I had thought was the most gorgeous human being that I had ever laid eyes on. There were a few things that I had learned about her that just solidified what I had originally thought. That she was perfect.

A week ago Tony had so graciously informed me that the Club had themed nights, which I should’ve expected, but some of the themes had caught me off guard. Monday was Maid Monday, which seemed cliche to me but whatever. Tuesday was a free day to wear whatever we wanted but lingerie with the theme of flowers was strongly encouraged. Wednesday was wet t-shirt Wednesday, a night that I’m sure was very popular for a myriad of reasons. Thursday was a free night to wear what we pleased. Friday was fugitive Friday. Some of us would dress as cops and some would dress as robbers. Saturday was a free night and lastly, Sunday was the night we dressed as angels and demons. Seemed a bit sacrilegious to me even if I wasn’t a religious person.

Despite that, here I was in a sparkly red lingerie outfit with a pair of devil horns perched upon my black hair that fell right above my breasts in perfect ringlets. The makeup I had on was just some neon red graphic eyeliner with falsies and my signature red lip. I didn’t want to take away from the devil horns and the sparkles that littered my outfit. It would glisten every time the lights hit it in just the right way and I knew my silhouette would shine as well. The nerves that swirled in my tummy were new. I have worked three nights out of the week and each night Harry was front and centre wearing that stupid cocky smirk of his, running his callused fingers slowly over his lower lip like he knew something that I didn’t. Harry’s gaze alone was enough to make me feel warm deep in my tummy.

I was quickly torn from my thoughts as I felt a small hand grasp my arm in a way to get my attention. “Astar..” A soft voice spoke into the thick silence. I slowly turned my head to see who was trying to grasp my attention, a small smile growing on my lips once I saw that it was Sapphire--Her stripper name was Fern but we all spoke to each other with our actual names. Once I let my eyes tear from Sapphire, I took notice that all of the girls were making their way back to the dressing room to get ready for their performance that night.

As I made my way past the security guard that was standing at the entryway to the locker room, I was met with September. She was a beautiful girl, about Five-Foot Six when she wore heels and she tended to fade into the background. She secluded herself from others and stayed by herself. She was invisible but I could see her, all of her and I thought she was beautiful. I thought all of the girls here were beautiful. My eyes wandered over the lingerie that she was sporting, a smile growing on my lips once I saw the stretch marks that painted her thighs and her belly in a way that I could only describe as beautiful. I wanted to draw over them with glow in the dark paint to put them on display but I could tell that was the last thing she wanted. “Hey,” I breathed out, watching as she jumped slightly. It was obvious she hadn’t been expecting me to speak to her.

“You’re really beautiful, September. I’m digging the baby blue outfit. It brings out your skin tone.” A smile seemed to grace her lips, which had a thin line of gloss over them that was covered in glitter that shifted with the light. September reminded me of a fairy. She didn’t say anything in return but honestly? She didn’t have to. The expression that took over her face and the red flush that graced the apple of her cheeks told me everything and more. From just that little interaction I made it my side mission to compliment her every time that I would see her.

I made my way to my station, putting on my spray-on deodorant, spritzing a bit of Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ perfume right onto my neck and the insides of my wrists. Once I had rubbed my wrists together, I reapplied my red lipstick so that it was smooth and there were no cracks. It was showtime. Tony’s voice filled the dark strip club and we all held hands behind the curtain, giving September’s sweaty hand a small squeeze before one by one we all walked out on stage. I found it a bit unnerving that most of the girls had dressed up as angels or goddesses, considering I was in the middle of all of them dressed as a devil. My eyes met the familiar green ones that I knew would be sat right front and centre as he had been the past couple of nights. His eyes were already drinking in my body like it was the bourbon he had in his glass, the ice already melted and tainting the dark liquor.

Harry Styles intrigued me in more ways than one and I couldn’t wait to figure him out. What I didn’t expect was the man who was sitting beside him, his eyes fixated on me in a way that I could only describe as hungry. He was reading me, studying me. It was almost unnerving but I kept my composure and decided to meet his gaze, immediately recognising him as Harry’s best mate and right-hand man. Zayn Malik. My original plans for tonight immediately changed once I noticed him, feeling the slight tilt upwards of my lips. It was time to have a little fun.

"Gimme Some.." When the bass dropped, Sapphire sunk into the chair that was right before Harry and spread her legs apart. My hands moved around to her chest from behind, slowly sliding down over her breasts and down to the top of her panties where I teased my fingers just below them. ”And every girl in here gotta look me up and down.." This hadn’t been part of the original choreography but Sapphire went with it, tangling a hand up in my hair and tugging me down to meet her lips. Our lips just ghosted over one another as I teased her, a shaky groan falling from my lips at the tight grip she had on my hair. Once she released me, I lifted my head to make direct eye contact with Zayn instead of Harry for once.

My mouth moved to the lyrics with ease as I stepped off of the stage, the girls doing the routine dance behind me. Eyes seemed to burn into my back as I walked, placing one foot in front of me as I made it to where Zayn’s spread legs were. Before I could even talk myself out of it or even think of the consequences, I found myself straddling zayn and slowly sinking onto the olive-skinned boy’s lap. Upon close inspection, I noticed that he had the prettiest eyelashes I had ever seen. The palms of his hands landed on my thighs before moving around to my ass, squeezing my cheeks before his hands then moved upwards to hold onto my waist. My hips moved down against his in a slow roll, leaning forward to whisper the lyrics into his ear, making sure my tongue stuck out just slightly to ghost over the crest of his ear. After all, teasing men was my speciality.

"Radio says ‘speed it up,’ I just go slower..” And just like the song said, I slowed down the movement of my hips to an even slower pace, making sure to go right over his clothed cock to make sure the man was affected. Eventually, I tore myself from his grip and turned around so that my back was to his chest, rolling my hips down slowly against his growing bulge. I could feel him gradually harden underneath me, a grin growing on my swollen lips from how much I kept biting them. The feeling of men hardening underneath me made me feel powerful in a way that I couldn’t quite explain. I loosely brought my arm up to wrap around his neck, feeling his breath against the skin right behind my ear. My head turned to catch sight of Harry who was watching us with an unreadable expression, his knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the glass of bourbon. A part of me felt like the glass would break, but it didn’t.

I found myself sinking to my knees, turning so that I could push Zayn’s legs further apart, laying my cheek right next to where his obvious bulge was. ”I don’t need you seeing Yonce on her knees..” My lower lip jutted out in a way that screamed innocence, even if the position I was in was anything but. A few moments of silence passed before I was pushing myself up and walking back onto the stage as if nothing had just happened, a smirk gracing my lips as all of the girls walked back to their locker rooms. Not even ten minutes go by before Tony is yelling out my name. “Fuck.” I breathed out, just knowing I was going to be yelled at for going against the choreography. However what I didn’t expect was for him to tell me that someone had requested me for three hours in the Red Room. Those didn’t come cheap. It was five hundred for thirty minutes and a thousand for an hour, which meant someone was paying me three thousand dollars.

“Astar, you’re needed in red room three. Three hours.” He spoke in a rushed voice, which was unlike his usual hard and calm demeanour. I could only imagine who it was that got his panties in a twist.

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