Achilles Heel


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And, remember Astar, no sleeping with the enemy. He’ll play you like a fiddle because he cares about nothing but himself.”

The words my boss spoke to me before I took on this mission echoed through-out my head as the two handsome men’s lips made their way down my exposed neck. My right leg was perched over Zayn’s thigh and my left leg was perched over Harry’s. Each of the boys had a hand on my inner thigh, occasionally gripping with their callused hands as their lips worked their way down my neck at an excruciatingly slow pace.

The coolness of Harry’s rings caused goosebumps to appear under his touch. I decided to blame it on that rather than the motions he was making the closer he got to the inseam of my panties. My mind was blank. There were no thoughts. No usual over-thinking. Just nothing and I wasn’t used to that. Having a mind that was free of overthinking.

“Harry…” I finally gasped out, bringing one of my hands up to tangle into his curls, wrapping some strands of hair around two of my fingers just to see what sort of reaction I could pull from the man. I wasn’t expecting Harry to let his head willingly rollback with the tug and for his lips to part. The prettiest of moans fell from his red, spit slick lips. Although my neck missed the open-mouthed kisses it was receiving, I had to admit this was more than worth it.

“The little devil speaks.” I heard from my right, not tearing my eyes away from Harry as Zayn spoke. My gaze was hyper-focused on Harry. The way his jaw stood out as he leaned his head back. The bead of sweat that slowly trickled down his forehead. It seemed to have grown hotter over the course of the last thirty minutes. Harry’s eyes had slipped shut, my grip on his hair tightening to add more pressure as I tugged his head back more. Whenever his eyes flickered open, he turned to look directly at me.

His pupils were blown with lust, drinking me in as if I was the last thing he’d see that night. His eyes continuously flicker between my lips and eyes. Harry didn’t seem to be the kind to kiss, so I gave his hair another rough tug which caused his face to scrunch up in an obscene manner. The images of me riding him with that exact face flashed through my mind and I quickly shook them out of my head. That would never happen.

The hand that was gripping my thigh tightened to a point that was painful but it only spurred me on. Harry’s blunt nails bit at my skin had me gasping for breath, biting down on my lower lip to stop any noises from escaping. His nails threatened to break the skin open, something that I would’ve happily welcomed if it were to happen.

However, my efforts to stop the noises were useless because a little laugh fell from Harry’s poised lips, shaking his head as he shared a gaze with Zayn that I couldn’t read. The temperature in the room just continued to rise whenever I felt a finger slip into my panties, rubbing slowly through my lips. Hot breath grazed over my ear before someone spoke up.

Fuck. The little devil is soaking..” My mind was reeling on the way his voice sounded, deep and slightly gravelly but he sounded like he was in disbelief. In retaliation for his little comment, I reached my free hand over to slowly rub over the front of Harry’s slacks.

“Fuck. Daddy’s hard.” A smirk grew on my red lips as I watched his reaction, the look of disbelief easily taking over his features. His hand then came to tangle into my hair. He wrapped the makeshift pony around his hand a few times before I found my head being yanked back roughly, a shaky moan falling from my lips before I could even stop it. Being bold was something that seemed like the two boys weren’t used to.

The hand that was rubbing slowly over his hardened cock in his black slacks made its way up, smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt in an innocent manner before I moved my hand further up. Once I reached his neck, I placed my fingers against his pulse points and immediately added pressure, choking the man. My stomach filled with the familiar heat whenever I heard the strangled noise fall from Harry’s parted lips.

“Such a pretty boy.” I praised, noticing that the two boys seemed to be caught off guard by how quickly I had gained control over the situation. Harry’s fingers disappeared from between my legs only to be replaced by Zayn’s which I didn’t mind. My mind was only focused on two things at this point. Gaining an orgasm out of this and teasing Harry.

If you would’ve told me yesterday that I would find myself sandwiched between Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, I would have laughed. I needed to focus on my mission. Fucking focus. I couldn’t be clouded by lust. This was my livelihood here and I didn’t want to throw it away all for an orgasm, even if I did find the entire situation to be right up my ally.

Those thoughts went right out the window whenever the cold air hit my pussy, the sound of my panties falling to the floor seeming to echo through-out the room in my mind. I hadn’t even felt them being removed, too distracted by the way my hand looked wrapped around the expanse of Harry’s throat. Zayn pulled back the hood of my clit, adding significant pressure that had my head rolling back and hitting the couch. My hand shakily fell from around Harry’s neck, rolling my hips down to try and make his fingers move.

Harry’s right hand then came up to grab both of my wrists, pinning them above my head as he started pressing open-mouthed kisses down the expanse of my chest. “Little devil thought she could out-smart us..” He breathed out, bringing his left hand up to pull my bra down, my breasts spilling out of them almost immediately to reveal the little piercings through my nipples that matched Harry’s.

My pussy was throbbing at this point, aching to be touched where I needed it most but Zayn’s fingers remained stationary, just adding pressure to my clit as I rolled my hips down. His fingers finally moved down towards my opening, running them through my wetness before he pushed two fingers in and immediately curled them. An involuntary moan fell from my lips, turning my head to look at Zayn as I fought against the grip that Harry had on my wrists.

A sharp pain radiated down my spine as Harry bit down harshly on my nipple, taking it and the barbell between his teeth and tugging. My entire body felt like it was on fire as the two men worked together to please me. All of my senses seemed to be working on overdrive. I was torn on whether I should try and pull away or lay there and take it.

“Such a naughty little devil. Just riding my fingers like the little slut you are. Look at you.” I felt Zayn speak into my ear, his fingers rubbing right up against my g-spot which caused my back to arch off of the couch in an obscene manner. I felt like I had no control over my body anymore. Either the two men were planning my ultimate demise or they wanted to render me useless. Whatever the end game was they seemed eager to get it.

The only way I could describe Zayn’s fingers were holy. The sound of his fingers moving inside of me echoed through-out the room but I needed more, moving my hips down against his fingers quickly. “More.” I breathed out in a shaky breath, hating how small and vulnerable my voice sounded to my own ears.

This entire situation was so fucking reckless but that seemed to turn me on even more. I could feel the all too familiar heat growing in my lower abdomen, my muscles clenching. I wanted to push my orgasm off, to sit here with two pretty men pleasing me for just a little while longer but before I could even reach my orgasm Zayn was withdrawing his fingers slowly and Harry’s mouth detached from my breasts.

Zayn made sure he made direct eye contact with me, tongue darting out to slowly lick over his fingers and taste my wetness. “Mm...Sweet. Want a taste, H?” He questioned, eyes locked on me as he moved to grab Harry’s shirt and pulled the man in for an open-mouthed kiss. I watched as their tongues rolled over one another, little groans falling from their lips as they shared my wetness between each other.

I quickly decided that I fucking hated them for leaving me like this on the couch, gasping for breath and on the brink of an orgasm that I didn’t receive.

Harry was the first one to pull back, grabbing Zayn’s hand as he made eye contact with me as well--which I found hot. He wrapped his lips around Zayn’s fingers, hollowing out his cheeks as he slowly cleaned them with his tongue. This entire situation was hot. Dirty. Filthy. I loved it though and I couldn’t deny it.

“Sorry, darling. It seems as if the three hours are up.” Harry spoke, dropping Zayn’s hand from his grasp as he licked over his lips. “It was fun, I suppose,” His lips tilted upwards in a grin, pulling out his wallet from the back of his slacks. He pulled out a twenty-pound note and tossed it onto my bare stomach that was damp with sweat.

“I’ll give word to your boss that you’re a good little girl.” He added, throwing a wink my way before he exited the room, leaving me naked on the couch. Harry just tipped me like I was a prostitute and nothing angered me more. He treated me like I was nothing. I shouldn’t be surprised.

I quickly decided that three could play this little game and Harry would soon be in the same position I was, gasping for breath and on the brink of an orgasm only for me to pull back before he could get his release. The same goes for Zayn.

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