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The Half-Blood Trio

Draco’s POV

“Pansy, seriously get the fuck off me”

Pansy peels herself off my lap and huffs I ignore her as she mumbles and groans until she gets the message and stalks out of the common room.

“Malfoy dude what are you doing with her?” Crabbe groans as he watches her stalk off.

I cross my arms in reply.

“Seriously, she’s hot and she’s all over you” Goyle add’s as he stuffs yet another muffin into his fat gob.

“She’s fucking annoying man. She won’t leave me alone, and she’s not that hot”.

Pansy and I weren’t even an item and she hung around me like a moth to a flame. Persistently buzzing about wherever I went. I slept with her a few times last year and she hadn’t left my side since. I wasn’t even that attracted to her, but I had Crabbe and Goyle egging me on and I just did it, a few times. It wasn’t bad but she didn’t rise me like...

I groaned as I picked myself up off the couch. A laugh stops me in my tracks. A giggle followed by a shriek. I whip my head around to the common room door and find Aster Flint, Harper Bainbridge and Blaise Zabini. The half-blood trio, the bane of the Slytherin house.

“Seriously Flint, can you keep your excessive shrieking to a minimum. That ugly noise is not befitting of a Slytherin” I complain, as I lean against the exccesive fireplace mantle. I give Crabbe and Goyle a smirk as they watch the trio walk towards us.

“I’m so sorry Malfoy, I didn’t realise laughing was against the Slytherin criteria. Would you like me to scowl more often?” Aster retorts, her green eyes gleaming with sarcasm.

“Maybe just try not to exist? Half-bloods aren’t welcome here” I reply.

Her eyes roll, and she gives Blaise and Harper a nod towards the other side of the common room. I watch as she saunters away, my blood boiling.

“She would be hot if she wasn’t a half-blood” Crabbe mumbles.

I shoot him a look that could kill. “Stay the fuck away from her Crabbe”.

Crabbe shuffles away, cowering into the corner of the couch while giving Goyle a surprised look.

Aster’s POV

“He needs to get over himself” Harper complains as she pulls a dark green blanket over her arms.

We nestled comfortably on a couch far away from Malfoy. The dungeons feel so cold tonight, I scan the room for more blankets. I leave Blaise and Harper talking about tomorrow’s quidditch match and rush to my room.

Walking past the dark waters of the black lake, I stroll through the dormitory hallways. I wrap my robes around myself tighter, desperate for the chill to subside. I lean my shoulder into my door and tumble as my foot connects against a pile of Harpers clothes.

“seriously! ” I mumble, cursing Harper for being so untidy.

I pull my slytherin woolen blanket from my bed and wrap in round my shoulders. I stand in front of my floor length mirror and see a small dark haired girl wrapped in an emerald green blanket that matches her eyes. I see my mother staring back at me. My mother was a muggle born witch that fell in love with a pure blood man. A pure blood man from a pure blood Slytherin family. The Flints don’t talk to me or my father, exiled from our own family just because my father fell in love with a witch with muggle parents. It wasn’t shame I felt, I loved my mother but it was hard not knowing who my family was. I had heard plenty of stories about them during my time at Hogwarts, with the majority emphasising that they had a certain disregard for the rules. My older cousin Marcus was a complete pain in my ass until he finished his NEWTS last year and left Hogwarts. He was the only family member I had met outside of my mother and father.

Before I could snap out of my trance, I heard a scoff come from behind me.

Malfoy stood there, arms crossed against his chest leaning casually against my door frame. His eyes glistened as he took me in, blanket and everything.

“Admiring yourself there Flint?”

“Well I am that beautiful” I say, giving him a smirk.

“Wow” he says scoffing at my lack of modesty.

“Well you’re not denying it Malfoy. Does someone have a little crush?” I say stalking up to him, with my blanket still wrapped around me. I stop a few feet away from him, letting his silver eyes bore into mine. The tension envelopes me, and I feel goosebumps under my blanket.

“As if I would find you hot Flint” he says after a few seconds of intense silence. I smile at the reply.

“Thank god, because I hate to tell you Malfoy but I don’t find you the least bit attractive” I say, giving him a tired look. I step around his figure and leave him standing in my doorway as I stroll back to the hallway and into the common room.

I find Harper and Blaise still chatting humorously, Harper still wrapped up in her own blanket and Blaise sitting at her feet.

“What took you so long?” Harper says as I shuffle myself into the corner of the couch.

“Malfoy” I say, giving her a look that says ‘don’t ask’. She rolls her eyes in response and goes back to picking her nails. I let Blaise and Harper go back to gossiping, which is mostly Harper talking about who’s dating who and Blaise grumbling in reply while he fiddles with the chess pieces laid out in front of him.

Our friendship was odd but somehow worked. In our first year, we were all outcast from the other Slytherins for being the only half-bloods in our year. Blaise hit the grunt of the endless teasing for being a male hanging out with two witches. But I was the main target for Draco Malfoy, my Flint name was like a shining red target that he had to maim every time he saw it. I was outcast from my family and my house.

Luckily, I had a beautiful best friend to keep my sane. I watch as Harper mumbles on about how Cedric ran into her in her last period and how her eyes light up in that Harper excitement. Her dark eyes sparkling with mischief.

From behind her, I catch Malfoy as he picks a book from one of the bookcases in the common room. His shirt sleeves pushed back emphasizing the curves of his biceps as he leans up towards the top shelf.


I snap my eyes back to Harper, fully conscious as to what I was just staring at. I feel my cheeks heat up and I shake my head in confusion.

“What?” I say sharply.

“What are you looking at?” Harper says. I jump up and over the couch before Harper see’s what I was looking at, blocking her view.

“Nothing, hey let’s go to bed” I say a bit too cheerfully. Still trying to block her view from seeing Malfoy.

“What” she stumbles as she climbs over me. I grab her before she can push me aside, and we both end up in a tangled mess. Suddenly I feel large hands grab my shoulders and pull me off Harper.

“Seriously, I don’t listen to you girls for five minutes and you end up like this!” Blaise exclaims mildly annoyed.

Harper gives him a cheesy smile and then focuses her attention back on to the bookcase I was staring at only minutes ago.

I watch as her eyes scan the room back and forth, confusion settles.

“What were you looking at Ast?” She says as she gives me a knowing smile. “Was it a boy? Does little Aster finally have a crush on a boy?” She says as she perches herself on the side of the couch.

“No I don’t have crushes on boys, they have crushes on me” I say smugly, pushing Blaise off me.

Blaise chuckles and announces his departure, heading off to bed.

I watch Blaise walk to his room, to avoid looking at Harper.

“Girlll you are so hooked on someone!” She squeals.

“No I am not. I was tired and was just staring off into space” I lie. I pick up my blanket and nudge her off the couch and towards our rooms.

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