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Slytherin Bachelors

Aster’s POV

Harper grabs the last custard tart from the tray in front of me. Her baby blue nails scooping up the cream dolloped on top.

“So we’re going to talk about your little crush Asti” she says, wiggling her eyebrows.

Blaise looks up from his chocolate cake and gives me a very similar look.

“I don’t have a crush” I scoff, busying myself with my pumpkin juice.

“Well it’s got to be someone in Slytherin, so if we discount the boys in the years below us that leaves...“I give her a few seconds to calculate her mischief, “around 20 bachelors”. She says a successful grin plastered on her face. She turns her head towards Blaise laughing at her side and then back to me sitting directly across from her.

“Are you done?” I ask, exasperated already.

She wiggles her eyebrows once again.

“20 Bachelors Aster, that’s not many..”

I ignore her pressing and humour myself with another glass of pumpkin juice. Leaning over to the tall pitcher a few seats down from me, I peer over and see familiar glittering silver eyes watching me. My heart stops and I pause before I pick the pitcher up suddenly very aware of every muscle in my body. I try to calm my expression, to try and look bored and not frazzled. I feel his eyes watching every move I make.

Shaking off the tension, I carry the pitcher over to my glass and try to calmly pour the juice into my goblet.

“Well it can’t be Crabbe or Goyle, because gross..right Aster? Aster?”

“What? I mean yeah gross no fucking way” I say confidently. Blaise laughs at my response and I widen my eyes in irritation.

Harper looks up and down the large table, searching for her next target, her brown eyes flicking back and forth.

“Montague?” She questions, her top lip upturns as she questions my taste.

“Seriously Harper? Are we really doing this?”

“Montague? Really!” She questions, her voice going up an octave.

“No Harper, no no no no” I say, desperate for the conversation to finish.

I try to slyly look towards the end of the table, my hand itching a non-existent itch on my forehead. Malfoy sits just a few seats up from Harper, his fork pushing around a piece of pie.

“Who?! What!” Harper yells, following my line of vision.


“Why are you yelling?!” I hiss.

“So it’s someone in Malfoy’s gang?” She says, her smile beaming.

“Malfoy’s gang? Seriously Aster?” Blaise finally joins in, a look of disappointment plastered on his face.

“No, seriously I have a crush on no one” I say, sighing loudly

“I don’t know Aster, you have been acting rather weird lately” Blaise says, unexpectedly joining in on Harper’s gossip.

“I’ve just been tired”

They both look at each other, as if silently giving each other secret messages.

“Lets just go” I say, sick of sighing and groaning, sick of being the center of their unwanted attention.

I pick myself up from the bench, careful not to look towards the bottom of the table.

I brush down my robes and start fiddling with my hair, twirling my curls with my fingers to help them sit in the right place.

“And now she cares about what she looks like?” Harper says as she jumps up from behind me. “Oh you definitely have a crush my girl”. She gives me a smirk as she loops her arm in mine. I don’t deny it this time, I just laugh, roll my eyes and pull her away and out of the hall.

“Is it Nott? He’s cute in a death eater way” She says as she bounces down the corridor towards the dungeons.

“No” I say flatly. Blaise catches up from behind us.

“You think Nott is cute?” he asks Harper, his sharp features turn icy.

“I mean if he wasn’t into that pure blood bullshit I would definitely hit that” Harper says giving me a playful push in the side.

“Harper, gross that’s Nott you’re talking about!” I say, surprised she would even look at a pureblood Slytherin. Harper was known for being boy crazy, but had not once voiced any great opinions about Slytherins.

“I was joking!” She says, letting go of my arm and strolling over to Blaise. She grabs his arm instead and playfully pokes him in the ribs. I see the tension disappear from his shoulders and a small smile play on his lips.

I walk beside the two, oddly feeling like a third wheel. The air in the corridors grows cooler as we go deeper and deeper under the castle. Once we arrive at the Sytherin portrait, I mutter the password and we all climb into the common room.

“Let’s play exploding snap!” I say, desperate for the night to take a playful turn instead of this crazy talk about boys.

Draco’s POV

I push my way through the throng of students clustered outside of the great hall, all hanging around and unnecessarily chatting after dinner. Crabbe and Goyle push through a group of first years, causing one to topple over. They both bellow, leaving the small rats to thumble and pull the first year up from the floor.

“Swear these first years are getting smaller every year” Crabbe chuckles, not giving them a second look.

They both flank me as we make our way down to the dungeons.

“Yo lets go raid Weasley’s stash and smoke outside” Goyle says, motioning for me to follow him towards the courtyard, the Weasley twins lounging lazily on a stone bench on one side.

“Not interested” I mumble. They both shrug and leave me to walk to the dungeons alone. I had never enjoyed getting high, had never understood why anyone enjoys feeling out of control.

Once I get to the common room, I scan the room for the boys. Nott and Montague, seeing neither of them I groan as I fling myself on the nearest couch. Before I can shut my eyes, I hear the sharp snaps of cards and see the tendrils of thick smoke waft in front of the fireplace.

A laugh fills the room. A soft laugh.

My stomach flips at the sound and I grit my teeth in response.

I pick myself up off the couch and sit on the edge, peering over at the group sitting on the rug in front of the blazing fire.

Aster sits crossed legged next to Bainbridge, her dark green eyes sparkling with laughter as she pushes Blaise onto his back. I feel my back straighten at the sight. Her hands on his chest.

I stand up, causing a nearby goblet to flip off the coffee table and onto the ground. Fuck.

Before I go to grab the goblet, I look up to see Aster staring at me. Her eyes flickering with black emerald flames. Anger.

I can’t help it as I say “Fucking hell Flint, if you wanna climb all over Zabini do it in the comforts of your own room”.

Her cheeks bleed red as she takes her hands off his chest.

“Fuck off Malfoy” Blaise hisses.

“Aw how cute, your boyfriend argues for you now” I retort.

“Are you jealous Malfoy?” Aster replies, a sweet smile fluttering across her soft face.

I roll my eyes. “You wish Flint”.

Unexpectedly she gives me a wink. The action makes me stutter, and I take a mental note to punch myself in the face later.

“Speechless Malfoy, now that’s a first” She grins.

I stamp my feet as I walk out of the common room, my blood boiling in a way that no one has made me feel before.

Aster’s POV

I watch as Draco storms off, his shoulders broad in confidence.

“Holy shit” Harper whispers, humour dripping off every word.

“What?” I ask, looking back at the cards in my hands.

“It’s Malfoy, isn’t it?” She asks, her eyes wide with excitement.

“What’s Malfoy?” I say, trying to seem disinterested.

“Your crush!” She whispers loudly.

Blaise flips his head towards us, his eyes wide with surprise.

“What the fuck Aster! Seriously him?” He whispers, much quieter than Harper’s attempt.

“Fuck off guys, do you really think I would find him attractive?” I say, giving them my best attempt at a lie.

Harper eyes me suspiciously. I flick down a card to the middle of a small circle, desperate for the game to continue.

“Of all boys, I would never have thought you would be into him!” She whispers much more quietly this time.

“I am not into Malfoy,” I say through gritted teeth. If this got out, I would be the laughing stock of the whole year. If he found out, he would never let it go.

I look up to Blaise, his mouth slightly open in shock.

“What!?” I groan.

“Nothing,” he mumbles, smart to not get on my bad side.

Harper chuckles beside me.

“If it’s not Malfoy, who is it?” I ignore her as I shuffle through my cards. “Is it a girl?” Harper whispers.

“No I don’t like anyone at the moment, boy or girl”. I say as I pick myself up from the ground.

“I’m going to bed” I say shortly, not giving them the chance to reply.

I stroll towards my dorm room, racking my brain of how to get over this stupid ugly crush

Before I know it I bump into a hard surface.

“Wow Flint, calm down. Don’t want Zabini to find you climbing all over me as well”. I push myself off his chest, but Malfoy grasps my hands to stop me. I look up and find him staring at me with a smirk displayed nicely on his face.

“Let me go Malfoy” I say, as I try to pull myself out of his hands.

He grips me harder, his rings digging harshly into my fingers.

“Heard you’ve got a crush on someone Flint. Want me to put in a good word with the lucky guy?” he says, his minty breath tickling my ear.

“Fuck off” I say, giving him my biggest death stare.

He shoves me back, leaving my hands to hang limply beside me.

“You’ve probably never even kissed a guy. But I don’t think any of my mates will mind. They rather like virgins” He says, his eyes begging for a reaction.

“Oh , I’ve done plenty more than kiss, and that’s not even with just guys..” I say giving him my most flirtatious smile. His eyes go wide at my admission. I leave him standing there letting him revel in my wake.

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