Blood Bound

Chapter 12 - Amicita

It was low, even for Draco. Disgusting and depraved and if given the choice he would become bedmates with a vampire before he admitted he ever did it.

His morning routine usually consisted of a wank in the shower. He’d been doing it every day since he hit puberty -with the exception of his stint in Azkaban- and he’d always had the same routine of fantasies to help him along. A bleach blonde with big tits on her knees, a red-head with a tiny waist on her back, a strawberry blonde with toned legs straddling his lap, and so on. The issue was that lately, they were all brunettes with unruly curls and big brown eyes. They all had pouty pink lips and creamy caramel thighs. They were all Granger.

It was right in front of him on the shelf in the shower, and he’d been so engrossed in his thinking about how she might look bent over his potions table that he barely noticed when he picked it up and opened it. The smell of her vanilla shampoo flooded his senses as he imagined himself putting his face in the crook of her neck and biting, leaving his own mark where Theo had left his a few weeks ago. He came. Hard. In his hand and on the tile wall of the shower, he painted the proof of his sick and twisted fantasy about her.

He guiltily put the bottle back where he’d found it and washed the evidence of his actions down the drain before he finished his shower. It seemed harder to push down his desire for the witch now that she’d told him about the legillemency.

He truly believed her; nobody could so convincingly make up a story about that kind of torment. Plus, even if he wanted to doubt her genuineness, everything else that had been so different about her now than before the war made sense. The drinking, the pain potions she thought nobody knew about -not that many potions are pale blue, she’s not the only person to get an O in potions class-, the skittish and erratic behaviour. She was a right mess and now he knew why.

The problem for him was, now that he didn’t have paranoia to talk him off the edge, Draco found himself struggling to reason with his libido why he shouldn’t pursue Granger. She’d been receptive to him both in the hallway and in the library, which confused him immensely. Wasn’t she supposed to be married to the Weasel by now? Why was she so eager for him when they’d done nothing in the past seven years but hate each other?

Filing these problems into the questions I’ll think about later when I’m woken up by nightmares and have nothing else to do until the sun rises folder, Draco stepped out of the shower and went about getting ready for the day.

Granger was already gone by the time he went to leave for the great hall, her shoes and school bag were gone from the entrance way already. It’s completely normal for him to notice these things, they live together it would be weird if he didn’t. He would be odd if he didn’t wonder to himself what time she got up in the mornings if she always managed to be gone and out of the dorm by the time he came out of his room.

Theo was the only one of his friends at breakfast when Draco walked in, there was still an hour before class started and it seemed half the school was still in bed. From where he sat, he could see her sitting across the hall at the Hufflepuff table with others from the three other houses -all of whom he recognized from Dumbledore’s Army- whose names he’d never bothered to learn. He watched her smile at something a Ravenclaw boy said to her, the curls around her face bouncing as her shoulders shook slightly with laughter.

“Mate, did something crawl up your arse and die? And if so, did Granger personally put it there?” Nott asked. “You’re glaring at the poor girl, maybe tone it down a notch eh?” Shit. He hadn’t meant to be staring, he most certainly wasn’t glaring at her. If anything, he was glaring at the stupid Ravenclaw who was sitting awfully close to be considered proper at breakfast.

“I’m not glaring at anyone Nott; I’m eating my breakfast.” He pointedly took a bite of his toast, raising an eyebrow at his friend in a silent challenge to argue with him. Nott just smirked at him knowingly before he waved a first year over to him. Draco didn’t hear whatever he whispered in the boy’s ear, but he watched as the young Slytherin walked away from their table and across the hall to where the Hufflepuff’s were sat.

“What’re you playing at Nott?” He asked tightly as the boy approached Granger’s group of friends and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I don’t know what ever it is you’re talking about Malfoy.” He answered innocently, failing to hide his smirk behind his teacup. Draco poured himself a cup of coffee whilst he watched her smile at the first year.


“Excuse me, Hermione Granger?” There was a light tap on her shoulder that drew her attention away from Anthony Goldstein. Hermione turned to look at the young boy who’d addressed her. He was young -probably a first year- with short dirty blonde hair and thick-rimmed glasses. She smiled at him and when he returned the gesture, she noticed he was missing one of his front teeth.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” She asked him softly, she could tell he was nervous from the way he kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He was wearing Slytherin robes, so his discomfort surrounded by older students from the other houses was understandable.

“I’m Darius Horncliffe Miss, Mr. Nott told me to ask you if you’d like to accompany him to Hogsmeade this afternoon after lunch, but he said I should tell you that he’s inviting you as a friend that’s all.” He closed his eyes as he spoke, like he was trying hard to remember everything he was supposed to say. “He also said that if you want to go with him to just give him a thumbs up, but if you want to say no you have to stomp on my toes.”

He frowned at this last part and she noticed he tried to shuffle backwards subtly, as though to protect his feet from her. Hermione directed a disapproving frown in the direction of where Theodore was sitting before she turned her attention back to Darius.

“Don’t worry Darius nobody will be stepping on your toes this morning.” To prove her point she directed a thumbs up across the hall to the Slytherin table. “Would you mind passing a message back to him for me?” He nodded eagerly.

For their entire interaction thus far, Darius had been studying his shoes intently but at her words, he lifted his head and met her eyes with a smile. Shit. Hermione grimaced slightly as she received the onslaught of wow, she’s so nice everyone says the other houses are rude to us because we’re Slytherins, but I like her. Averting her eyes in the hopes that it would wear off soon, she relayed her message to the young boy.

“Could you please tell Theodore that I will meet him at the front of the castle after lunch time? Also, feel free to remind him for me that you are not an owl and next time he can come ask me himself.” She gave the boy one last smile before he turned and rushed back to the Slytherins.

“So” Ginny’s voice startled her from across the table “going on casual dates with supposed one-night-stands now, are we?” The red-head’s voice was muffled by her arm from where she lay with her head on the table half-asleep.

“It’s rude to eavesdrop Ginevra” Hermione scolded her playfully. “Plus, you heard what Darius said, Theodore invited me just as a friend.” She poured herself another cup of tea, adding in her usual three spoons of honey and stirring.

“Hmm okay if you say so.” She didn’t sound at all like she believed a word Hermione said. “I’ll let you know if Binns says anything important in History of Magic, but that seems unlikely.” Ginny propped herself back up into a sitting position and started to eat a muffin, ripping off bite-sized chunks. “Someone should probably call hell while we’re at it to see if its frozen over yet,” she drawled sarcastically “you know, since Hermione Granger is skipping class to spend time with a boy, and a Slytherin no less.”

This earned Ginny a laugh from all of their friends who’d heard the exchange, and a piece of well-aimed toast in the forehead from Hermione.


Reflective sunglasses firmly in place, Hermione ventured out the front doors of the castle in search of Theodore. He was sitting underneath a large willow tree near the entrance to the castle smoking when she walked outside.

She took a seat beside him, leaning against the trunk of the tree and taking out her own pack of cigarettes. He gave her a semi-surprised look when she lit hers with her wand, taking a drag before she spoke.

“You mean to tell me that Theodore Nott -heir to the Sacred-28 Nott bloodline and son of the notorious death eater who killed more muggles than the rest of Voldemort’s inner circle combined- smokes muggle cigarettes?”

“Granger if we’re going to be friends, I really must insist you call me Theo. But yes, as you can see, I’m quite dependent on nicotine. Have been since sixth year.”

“Hmm, your father must be rolling in his grave somewhere knowing his pureblood heir is soiling his body with muggle substances.”

He looked at her amusedly, letting out a cynical laugh as he took a contemplative inhale, tapping the ashes into a small pile on the grass beside him.

“Yes, well I’m a firm believer that ′ain’t no rest for the wicked′ should extend to death as well, and my father was most certainly wicked.”

“And he quotes muggle music.” She exclaimed in a fake shocked tone. “Nott Sr. would be most disappointed.” Theo smirked at her words but shook his head slightly.

“It is my life’s aspiration to disappoint that son of a bitch -which I can say because my Grandmother was also vile- as much as possible, but you’re wrong.” It was Hermione’s turn to look at him questioningly now.

“Not a muggle band” he clarified, shrugging. He put out the butt of his cigarette before he pulled out another from his pocket -as well as a zippo lighter- and lit it.

“What do you mean not a muggle band Theo?” She asked.

“They’re not a muggle band. Though they aren’t magical per-se either. They’re squibs the lot of ’em. You’d probably be surprised how much muggle music is actually magic.” She looked over at him in surprise before she smiled, realising his tone was purely factual. There was no pureblood sneer that she would have anticipaited with his words. He returned her expression with a small smirk.

“So, we’re going to Hogsmeade as friends? What made you decide to befriend me all of a sudden? Not that I mind terribly, so far you’re not awful to spend time with.” She put out the butt of her cigarette and leaned her head against the trunk of the tree, staring into the leaves above her head and relaxing into the head rush.

“Why thank you.” He responded sarcastically. “I’ve never had anything against you Granger, except that you always managed to score higher than me in charms no matter how much extra studying I did.” She rolled her eyes at his words, expecting a swot joke but it never came. “Plus-” she could hear the mischievousness in his words “I figured it would bother Draco, and I’m always looking to get a rise out of him.”

Hermione looked over at him curiously. Silently she wondered to herself why Theo inviting her to Hogsmeade as friends would bother Malfoy. She was about to open her mouth to ask when she remembered what she told herself the night before. Some things are better left alone, and Malfoy is definitely one of those things. While she was mentally sweeping Malfoy under the metaphorical rug, Theo pulled out his third cigarette, having already finished his second.

“Merlin you’re almost as bad as Harry with the chain smoking.” She exclaimed, reaching over and snatching it out of his hand to put it out. “C’mon, you said we’re going to Hogsmeade and I’m skipping History of Magic right now so let’s go.” She vanished the ashes and butts with a wave of her hand before she stood and smoothed her skirt. Theo stood beside her and dusted some dirt off himself from the ground. Once collected, the two made their way down towards the small village side by side.

After spending a little over an hour walking around Hogsmeade, Hermione decided that she didn’t dislike spending time with Theo, he reminded her of a more dirty-minded version of Harry. They had stopped to get ice cream from Fortescue’s, and he had refused to allow her to get vanilla because ’you can’t bloody expect a bloke to think just-friends thoughts while you’re sitting there licking white cream off anything Granger I don’t care if its an ice cream cone’.

They had just started their walk back to the school, arms laden with bags from Honeydukes and the few other shops they’d stopped in.

“You know Theo,” she started. “I find you’re much more pleasant to spend time with than most Slytherins.” He laughed quietly at her words.

“Not all Slytherins are bad once you get to know us, though I must confess the hat did try and put me in Ravenclaw. I think I look much better in green and silver than I ever would in blue and bronze so thank Merlin I talked it out of that one.”

She laughed with him a lot as they chatted during their walk. Hermione couldn’t remember the last time she’d laughed as much in one afternoon as she had today with Theo. And she told him as such.

“You know I had a lot of fun today Theo, we should do this more often.” She said with a smile when they arrived at the entrance to the castle.

“I agree Granger”

“I think it’s only fair that if I’m going to call you Theo, you should call me Hermione.”

“Hmm that’s a mouthful, can I call you ’Mione like the rest of the hero-clan?”

“Only if you promise never to refer to us as the ‘hero-clan’ ever again.”

“It’s a deal.”

The two parted ways in the Great hall; Hermione towards the library to meet up with Ginny and get her notes from the class she’d missed, and Theo down towards the dungeons.

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