Blood Bound

Chapter 15 - Vindicta

“Well good morning ’Mione” Ginny waltzed up to walk alongside her on the way to potions.

“It is a good morning Gin” she responded cheerfully, offering her friend a broad smile.

“Oh yes, would you care to tell me why exactly you’re in such a good mood all of a sudden, when you’ve been walking around with your own personal gloom cloud the last few months?” Her friend offered her a knowing smirk, raising an eyebrow at her questioningly.

“I dunno, would you care to tell me why you weren’t at breakfast this morning even though Parvati said you were gone before they all woke up this morning?” She returned the red head’s cheeky look as she continued slyly. “Maybe, it has something to do with why your buttons are mis-matched and your stockings are inside out?”

“Alright fine, you keep your secrets and I’ll keep mine” Ginny raised her hands up in surrender before she went about quickly fastening her robes closed to cover her rumpled uniform. Linking her arm with Hermione’s, she gave the girl a mischievous smile.

“I dunno what that look is about Ginevra, but unless you want me to langlock your tongue to the roof of your mouth I suggest you keep whatever is in that head of yours to yourself.” She said tersely, crinkling her eyebrows into a scowl.

“Oh, its nothing really.” The red head remarked casually, tightening her hold on Hermione’s arm so she couldn’t try to escape the conversation. “It’s just that you said there’s nothing going on between you and Theodore Nott; but I heard from Dean Thomas that he sat with you at breakfast this morning.”

“He did.” She responded blandly.

“Okay so let me just make sure my facts are up to date.” The impish smile on Ginny’s face triggered alarm bells to start going off in her head. “First, you have hot and dirty sex with him during a supposed one-night-stand.” She looked over to Hermione for confirmation. She cringed and nodded once. “Second,” her friend continued “you skip class to accompany him to Hogsmeade when he invited you”

“As friends” she emphasized.

“Yes of course as friends ”Ginny responded dismissively. “Finally; the day after you two go to Hogsmeade together, the Slytherinchooses to sit at the Gryffindor table for breakfast with you. Specifically, with his arm around you like you two are best mates or maybe something more.”

Hermione sighed heavily, knowing already that convincing her there was nothing happening between herself and Theo was going to be a losing battle.

“So, tell me ’Mione,” her friend concluded as they arrived at the potions class. “Where exactly along the way, did I misinterpret the facts? Hm?” Before she could actually defend herself to her friend, Ginny was walking away to take her seat next to Terry Boot, smirking over her shoulder at Hermione one last time.

She let out a dramatic sigh as she plopped onto her stool next to Draco, letting her bag fall to the ground next to her seat with a dull thud. She turned towards him to say something, but the intense glower on his face caused her words to die on her tongue.

“Everything okay Draco?” She asked tentatively, they’d only parted ways an hour ago. What could’ve possible put him into such a mood already she wondered to herself exasperatedly. As soon as she spoke, he seemed to snap out of his thoughts, his frown morphing into one of his signature Slytherin smirks.

“So much better now that you’re here” he drawled suggestively. Hermione felt his hand settle on her bare knee -having foregone stockings this morning- and his thumb start to rub small circles onto her skin. His hands were warm in contrast to the cool metal of the ring on his middle finger, and he had callouses on his palms -from his broom handle most likely- that dragged across her skin more harshly than his fingertips did.

“Draco, someone is going to see you. What happened to keeping this a secret?” Slughorn had started class at some point after she’d sat down, she wasn’t sure how long he’d already been talking for, however. She’d been distracted.

“You worry too much; nobody is watching us.” He spoke lowly, keeping his head trained towards the front of the class as he kept talking. “Besides, the front of the potions desk covers our legs, remember? Nobody can see anything. Not to mention-“She felt his hand creep half an inch higher up her leg, his pinky brushing the hem of her skirt. “it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong.”

Hermione held her breath slightly as his fingers lightly squeezed her leg before resuming their soothing circles. Returning her focus to the professor and attempting to ignore every time his hand moved marginally higher.

At the half-way mark of their double potions block; Draco’s hand was completely hidden under her skirt and Hermione was practically shaking with built up sexual frustration. Her hand had a white-knuckle grip on her quill and she’d already left half a dozen ink blots on her notes, not to mention she was going to have to change her knickers after class she was so aroused. Her.

She actually broke her quill in half when his fingertip lightly grazed her slit through her panties. Taking a deep, steadying breath, Hermione squeezed her thighs together to halt his movements and hunched her shoulders as she fixed her gaze on the tabletop.

“I don’t know what exactly you’re trying at right now Draco, but in case you’ve forgotten, we are in class.” She hissed through clenched teeth. He laughed softly at her words. That son of a bitch.

“I saw you at breakfast this morning.” His voice was thick with jealous rage despite his low volume when he responded. “letting Nott paw at you like some common slag.” She opened her mouth to argue but he pushed her knickers aside to roughly pinch her clit. Hermione pulled her bottom lip between her teeth to stifle the moan that threatened to escape.

“I told you this morning Granger” he was drawing those lazy circles again -this time through her wetness- as he whispered harshly next to her ear. “I don’t fucking share.” He slipped a single digit inside of her and Hermione had to bite down on her fist to keep from moaning aloud at the intrusion.

“D-Draco” she whispered breathlessly, “Theo and I are just friends I promise.”

“Oh, it’s Theo now is it? How friendly of you two.” He slipped another finger inside of her. Her moan escaped slightly this time, but she quickly covered it with a cough. Professor Slughorn gave her a concerned side-glance at the interruption but continued monologuing, nonetheless. “You expect me to just sit and watch you crawl all over his lap at breakfast and for there to be no repercussions?” His thumb was rubbing circles over her clit now too. Hermione could feel her orgasm building low in her abdomen. “Because if that’s what you thought, you were very fucking wrong.”

“Draco, if you keep it up I’m going to cum.” she warned, her voice shaky.

“Isn’t that what you want? Don’t you want to cum? I mean that’s what all whores want, no?” His fingers were pumping into her faster now, curling up against that spot behind her bellybutton that made the pressure build inside of her. “I bet you fucking love having my fingers deep inside your pussy in the middle of class like a dirty little whore, hm? I mean you’re so wet right now I’m surprised you aren’t dripping off the stool already.”

She grasped the edge of the potions desk with one hand and onto his wrist with the other to steady herself. Her legs were shaking with the effort of staying still against his endeavors.

“I bet you’re just dying to cum on my fingers like the filthy fucking slut you are, aren’t you?”

She nodded her head slightly, barely managing to stutter out a “Y-yes.” Just as she felt her body tense up and her orgasm start to overtake her, his hand stilled inside of her. Very slowly, he pulled his fingers away and removed his hand from her body completely.

“Too bad, orgasms are for good girls. Maybe when you feel inclined to remember whose witch you are next time some twat tries to fondle you at breakfast, I’ll feel inclined to reward you.”

Hermione let out the tiniest of whines at the loss of his touch and the denial of her release. Her pussy throbbed aggressively when she watched him place one of his fingers -still shining with the evidence of her arousal- in his mouth and suck it clean. He did the same to the other finger that had been inside of her moments before as well.

“You taste delicious darling.” He whispered with a smirk before picking up his quill and returning to taking notes as though nothing had happened. Oh, I’m going to fucking kill him she vowed silently.


Draco was going to kill Nott. No, he was going to rip his hands off and feed them to the giant squid. No, he was going to feed them to him and then feed him to the giant squid. He was going to burn all of the nerves in his hands so he would never be able to feel Granger -Hermione-under his touch again.

There were dozens of dark curses and hexes swirling around his mind as he followed his unknowing, curly-haired friend and Zabini through the castle. Eventually, the two turned down a vacant hallway and Draco’s temper finally reached a boiling point.

Without another thought, he flicked his wand and sent the two boys flying into opposite walls, where he immobilized them with their backs against the brick.

“What the fuck Malfoy?” Zabini exclaimed incredulously, struggling against his invisible bindings. Nott was silent as he fixed Draco with a truimphant smirk.

“Oh I fucking knew-“Before he could finish his sentence, Draco slammed his fist into the side of the boy’s face so hard his head snapped to the side. Zabini was still shouting behind him, but he was hyper-focused on how satisfying it felt when blood sprayed from Nott’s mouth and spattered onto his face.

“Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her.” He enunciated each word with another blow until his friend’s face was a satisfying mosaic of bruises and blood. Despite being bloody and missing a tooth, Nott offered Draco a broad smile and laughed weakly, stopping to spit out blood between chuckles.

“She’s good for you Draco” he said quietly, so their friend on the other side of the hall wouldn’t hear. “If she makes you feel this angry, maybe she can help you feel other things too. Maybe you’ll let her help you bring down those walls in your mind hm?”

Instead of responding, he landed one more punch -this one in his stomach- before he released the spell on both of his friends. Zabini landed on his feet but Nott fell forward onto Draco with a pained groan.

“Now that you’ve beat me to a -literally- bloody pulp, mind helping a bloke to the hospital wing?”

With a roll of his eyes, he threw one of the brunette’s arms over his shoulder. Zabini gave Draco a wary glance as he supported their injured friend from the other side. The trio made their way slowly to the infirmary, Nott cracking jokes every once in a while, as they walked through the castle.

The three must’ve looked a sight walking down the halls of the castle; Blaise still perfectly composed, Theo bruised and limping and supported between his friends, and Draco with his split knuckles and blood-spattered face. Draco felt a genuine warmth flare-up in his chest as he walked with his friends, one that he’d never felt before, but it was similar to the feeling he’d gotten last night in the tower when Hermione told him she’d never hated him.

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