Blood Bound

Chapter 16 - Sano

“Draco Lucius Malfoy!” The angry words carried through the dorm to where he was laying on his back staring up at the canopy of his bed. He heard her kick off her shoes by the entrance and stomp -which sounded much less intimidating when one was wearing socks- across the small sitting area towards his room. “I swear to Merlin I’m going to hex your- why the fuck are you covered in blood?” Her voice rose in pitch a few octaves as she crossed the threshold of his bedroom and caught sight of him. He probably looked frightful with his friend’s blood all over his face and shirt and his own crusted over his bruised knuckles.

“I punched Nott.” He responded shortly, not taking his eyes off the emerald green fabric hanging above his head. He stared blankly as the silver embroidered patterns shifted in and out of focus. She made an annoyed choking sound in the back of her throat and he felt the mattress shift when she sat at the foot of the bed, her back resting against a bed post. He lifted his head to look at her, she seemed to be attempting to reign in her flared temper. The ends of her hair had become sentient in her anger and were occasionally sending off red sparks even as she took deep, even breaths.

Eventually, her hair settled onto her shoulders once again and the air around them felt less thick with magic when she managed to calm herself down somewhat. Draco didn’t flinch when she lifted her wand and aimed it at his face; whether because he trusted her not to curse him or because he frankly didn’t care if she did, well it was a toss-up at the moment.

“Why did you punch Theo?” She asked softly after she’d vanished the blood from his cheek.

“I was jealous.” He responded honestly as he propped himself up to sit against the headboard of his bed and look at her.

“Again with this bullshit about him sitting with me at breakfast? We’re just friends Draco.” She sounded exasperated as she cocked her head to the side inquisitively, her eyes gleaming with concern.

“No, because he touched you.” He growled quietly, his cheeks burning slightly with anger and embarrassment.

“He just put his arm around me, Harry does the same thing sometimes, so does Ron-“he cut her off.

“No Hermione, not because he put his arm around you. Because he touched you!” He shouted, the air around them was cracking with magic -his magic- again. “because he fucked you. Because he’s allowed to sit with you at breakfast and invite you to Hogsmeade with him. Because he’s been with you in ways I haven’t, and it makes me want to tear his hands off at the wrist for ever getting to touch you and do all those things. It’s one thing to ignore random blokes who leer at you from a distance, but you’ve had Nott, you know him in ways you don’t know me. I’m jealous and I want to kill him -but I didn’t really fancy Azkaban- so I settled for punching him a few times instead.”

She took another deep breath as the ends of her hair started lifting again slightly. The look she gave him would probably have caused a more sensible man to back down from the staring contest the two were now engaged in; but despite being a Slytherin, his sense of self-preservation had expired long ago. So, he returned her narrowed angry gaze with one of his own until she audibly growled in fury.

“And that stunt you pulled in potions, that’s what that was about? You think I ever let Theo pull shit like that?” She stood from her place on his bed and paced angrily towards the door, turning around to face him with a fierce look. “Because I don’t, and I am right bloody pissed at you for ruining my knickers and I didn’t even get to finish -which I haven’t forgotten-. Theo and I had sex once Draco. Once! It meant nothing to either of us, so get that through your thick head already or I will put it there with my wand in ways you will not like.” Her voice was steady and unnervingly calm. Draco had the good sense to realize that the witch was serious in her threats. “Now get up,” she ordered sharply “you look like you walked out of a fucking horror movie still.”

He stood and followed her out of the room -wondering what the fuck a horror movie was and how you walk through one- and down the hall into their shared bathroom. She pushed him to sit on the edge of the bathtub as she ran the hot water. She grabbed a bar of soap and a flannel and sat on his knees to wipe the blood she’d missed with her wand. She seemed to have calmed significantly during the time it took them to walk from his room to the bathroom, her voice was much softer, and her eyes weren’t burning with anger anymore.

“Even if Theo’s actions made you angry, you should trust me Draco. I told you I wanted you, I like you. Not Theo. If it makes you feel better, I’ll make sure next time he sits with me that he’ll sit across from me not beside. Okay?”

He grunted in acknowledgement, but didn’t say anything out loud. She’d wiped the last of the blood from his neck and leaned down to place a hot kiss over his Adam’s apple where she was cleaning moments earlier. He groaned low in his throat when she nipped playfully with her teeth over the same spot.

“Don’t think for even a moment that I’m any less mad at you for potions class just because I’m not yelling at you right now. We will be returning to that later.

“Well then, until later...” he grinned suggestively, grabbing her hips in his hands and pulling her farther up his lap until their chests were pressed together.

“No way mister,” she said sternly, but she failed to keep the smile off her face. Hermione wriggled herself away from his chest and back down his legs until she was perched on his knees again. She grabbed one of his hands off of her hip and shook her head with a frown, reprimanding him playfully “less than 24 hours as my secret boyfriend and you’ve managed to soil a pair of my knickers and get blood on my favourite uniform.” Flashing him a sly smirk, she turned her attention to examining the bruises and cuts that decorated his knuckles.

He averted his eyes from her face and chose to watch her hands as she cleaned the blood from his skin. He hissed quietly when she wiped over a particularly deep split.

To distract himself, Draco let his eyes wander over her body. Her legs were bare, and he remembered from earlier today how soft her skin had felt under his fingertips. He followed the line of delicate muscle up her calf, over her knee and up to the hem of her skirt. She was straddling his knees, so her skirt had ridden up several inches and he could see the slightest hint of white knickers underneath.

Draco absentmindedly noticed as Granger -Hermionehe corrected, he was finding the switch from surname to first name oddly difficult-finished cleaning his right hand and moved onto his left. He did notice when she twisted her body slightly to see better in the light of the bathroom, that the buttons of her blouse strained slightly over her chest. The fabric was thin, and he could see the outline of the lace on her bra transfer through. When she leaned forward, the tops of her breasts became visible from the angle, her cleavage on full view for a few moments before she sat upright again.


Hermione spent the time it took to clean his hands -the muggle way because if it hurt a little bit, then he’d maybe be less likely to do it again- to reflect on her current situation. If anyone had told her a month ago that she, Hermione Granger, would be skipping class for the second time in as many days because she’d had to change her panties thanks to her secret Slytherin boyfriend jealously fingering her under the potions desk and was now tending to said jealous boyfriend’s wounds from when he beat up the object of his jealousy; well she probably would have had them committed to St. Mungo’s when she’d finally stopped laughing.

Once she’d managed to fully clean and heal all of his wounds from attacking Theo, Hermione felt Draco wrap his arms possessively around her waist to once again pull her body closer to his. Suppressing a groan of frustration when he leaned his head down to nip at her ear, she reluctantly released herself from his hold and climbed off of his lap.

“There most certainly is no time for that now, we’ve both already missed DADA because of your earlier shenanigans, but we still have to go to Ancient runes. And we’re leaving now while everyone else is still in class, so it doesn’t look odd that we walk together.” She put on her most stern expression -one she usually reserved for when Harry would pull his Chosen One sacrificial lamb bullshit - and put her hands on her hips, conveying wordlessly that the decision was not up for discussion.

She heard him mumble something under his breath that sounded remarkably like “bloody fucking swot” as he walked past her out of the bathroom to gather his robes and book bag, pout firmly in place. She quickly slipped into her room to change her still damp underwear for a fresh pair before rejoining him at the exit.

“Oh, will you stop with the pouting already, I’ve had enough of it to last me at least a week you drama queen” She rolled her eyes at his back, walking up behind him and intertwining their hands together. “Who knows,” she continued with a suggestive smirk in his direction “maybe by the end of classes today I’ll have forgiven you for leaving me nine kinds of hot and bothered in Potions this morning.”

Hermione watched amusedly as his mood brightened significantly when she sent him a wink. With a newfound bounce in his step and a devious plan brewing in her head, the two headed off to their final class of the day -and the week- hand in hand down the empty corridors.

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