Blood Bound

Chapter 19 - Malvoleum

Hermione was in a foul mood. She’d not slept more than an hour during the night before she woke from a nightmare soaked in sweat. She then proceeded to spend the rest of the night tossing and turning in bed until she finally gave up around five in the morning. Her bad mood had only been exacerbated by the fact that her most recent batch of pain potion wasn’t working half as well as the previous ones had, meaning she’d been half-sloshed and chain smoking since breakfast just to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay and had to stay holed up in her dorm until her order of potion ingredients arrived.

“Salazar it smells like a bloody tobacco farm caught on fire in here” she heard Draco yelling from where she was sitting in her room. He walked right in without even bothering to knock, casting half a dozen air freshening charms. He walked right up to her and snatched the lit cigarette out of her hand and vanishing it immediately.

“What the fuck Draco? I was still smoking that!” she exclaimed angrily. Between her already awful mood, his lack of knocking etiquette, and the fact that that had been her last cigarette; Hermione was having refraining from hexing him. She crossed her arms over her chest, leaning back on the wall of her windowsill that she’d expanded into a reading nook.

She scowled darkly at him as he grabbed her schoolbag off the ground and shoved it onto her lap.

“Get out your things for the project, we should finalize our translation before we submit it for approval to start brewing the counter-curse.”

“I’m not going to the library” she told him, annoyed at his pushiness.

“Why not?” he raised his eyebrow at her questioningly. “You’re dressed -you look downright fuckable by the way-,” her cheeks flushed at his casual compliment. He continued “you don’t look sick, and your legs don’t appear to be broken. I see no reason why you can’t go to the library, other than the fact that you smell like you live inside a cigarette carton.” He wrinkled his nose at her, waving his wand at her in a not-at-all subtle scourgify.

“Because,” she sneered at him, her temper winning over her rationality. “I don’t want to.” He looked at her like she’d just grown an extra head. I suppose it is odd that I don’t want to go to the library. The reasonable thinking didn’t mean she was any less annoyed at him, unfortunately.

“Okay fine,” he conceded. “We can just study in the living room? We really should get that part of the project done so we have extra time for brewing in case the first brew doesn’t work.”

Partially pacified by the compromise, Hermione grabbed the fuzzy red blanket off her bed and dragged it into the sitting room along with her bag. She plopped into her usual spot on the sofa, crossing her legs underneath her and wrapping the blanket around her body.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows slightly when he took a seat on the sofa across from her, but if he was thinking anything, he kept it to himself. Smart. She thought, seeing as she was just itching for a reason to offload her terrible mood on someone, and he was the only person in the vicinity.


“I don’t know about this part of the translation” he said aloud, breaking the hour-long silence that had commenced when they’d sat down in the small living room. Occasionally Hermione would look up from her parchment and narrow her eyes at him in a glare. Draco was absolutely certain he hadn’t done anything wrong since the last time she’d seen him, so he ignored it.

“What?” She snapped at him, but he was still on a bit of a high -likely literally- from the team’s celebration the night before so he was more willing than usual to just brush off her curt behaviour.

“The very beginning of the-”

“It’s right Malfoy” she interrupted him, rolling her eyes in his direction. He took half a moment to occlude his rising anger, ignoring that she’d reverted back to his last name and the fact that she’d interrupted him. Very few things made his temper flare as easily as being interrupted.

“I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying maybe your translation is a little too literal.” She was outright glaring at him now, but he ignored it and continued. “My mother used to make me help with translations like this and sometimes the words aren’t meant to be interpreted verbatim.”

“Oh so because you’re a pureblood who’s been around magic and magical literature your whole life, you suddenly know so much more than me?” He actually heard her magic crackling off the ends of her hair. Witch needs to get her magic in check he thought, not that I’m about to suggest that right now.

Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

“Hermione- I don’t mean any slight I swear. I’m just telling you that maybe we should go over it again” She bared her teeth at him in a sneer at his words.

“Oh so now you’re telling me what to do are you?” she laughed dryly. “Why don’t you just dig out your father’s cane and start throwing out orders left and right hm?” The hot anger that had been slowly building with her attitude snapped inside his chest, turning to cold rage in an instant.

“Don’t you ever bring up my father again Granger.” He snapped at her, his lips twisting up into their signature sneer. He stood abruptly, his book tumbling to his feet, she did the same. “You don’t know me well enough to even begin to think you know what you’re talking about. I am nothing like-” he began pacing away from her, needing physical space between them.

He was mid-rant when he finally turned and looked at her again, expecting her eyes to be full of anger or maybe even a little fear. What Draco was not expecting was for her to be looking at him with lust in her eyes. They were flashing gold around the edges again like they had been when they’d fought in the locker room the day before -which, now that it had happened more than once- he hypothesized was actually a bit of accidental magic and not a trick of the light.

“Hermione,” he asked incredulously, “do you like it when we fight?” She had the decency to look affronted by his question.

“What the fuck are you talking about Draco?” It was a gamble, he knew that, but he was almost a hundred percent certain that his hypothesis was correct. He was so confident that he actually followed through with approaching the infuriated and armed witch, ignoring the way her hair crackled angrily like a sentient being.

“I think you’re turned on by me yelling at you.” He told her. “Did you pick a fight with me on purpose?” She looked almost alarmed by his question, her eyes widening until she resembled an abraxan caught in wandlight as he approached her from across the room.

“You’re insane” she breathed, her cheeks reddening. He was right in front of her now, their chests brushed as they breathed.

He knew she was lying. He knew he was right. Draco snatched the wand out of her sleeve and tucked it into his back pocket as he used a hand on her hip to back her into the wall behind her. He held her there with one of his hands, while the other snaked up under her skirt and into her knickers, running his fingers along her slit. He hadn’t even bothered to venture past her outer lips, he could feel her arousal gather on his fingertips when he just skimmed the outside, not to mention the stickiness on the back of his hand where it came in contact with the inside of her knickers.

“If that’s true Hermione, then why are you so wet hm? Unless you’re sexually attracted to runic translations, I’m pretty certain this is all for me isn’t it?” His voice had dropped to a low timbre when he spoke. She did nothing but let out a breathy moan as he slipped his middle finger inside of her with ease. Draco had to suppress his own groan as he felt the velvet heat swallow the digit, dropping his forehead to her shoulder as her pussy gripped his probing finger.

“I asked you a question” he reminded her, rubbing fast circles with his thumb over her clit as he pumped in and out of her quickly. Her body jerked and he held her more tightly against the wall as her knees buckled slightly. He actively decided against adding another finger to join the first, content to just let her teeter close to the edge. He brought his lips down to her ear and asked between punctuating nips to the shell of it, “does it turn you on when I yell at you?” He curled his fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion at the exact same time that he pushed more firmly on her clit and bit down on her earlobe.

Her hips jerked forward and a loud moan escaped her lips. He felt her walls pulse around his fingers, attempting to draw them in further. Knowing she was on the verge of her orgasm, he stilled his motions, keeping his fingers inside of her but otherwise not moving at all. She groaned in frustration and pinned him with a glare when he used his free hand to halt her attempts to chase the friction she wanted by moving her own hips.

“I believe,” he rubbed his finger in a slow circle against the spongy flesh of her g-spot once, her head falling back against the brick wall with a dull thud in reaction. “I’ve asked you a question twice now, it’s just plain rude to ignore someone Hermione.” He scolded her with a small tsk sound, coupled with another few light flicks of her clit with his thumb. Her body jerked and she let out a whiny moan.


“Do you like it when I shout at you Hermione?” The way he said her name should be illegal. The sound of it rolling off of his tongue combined with his hot breath against her neck made her insides clench around him.

“Y-yes, okay?” He looked pleased by her confession; Hermione felt her cheeks and chest flame with embarrassment.

It hadn’t started out as her intention, she was just pissed and wanted someone to take it out on. But then she’d noticed the way the veins in his arms -or the one not covered by the arm-band- strained against his alabaster skin as he clenched his hands into fists, and the way the muscles in his neck would tense and flex when he was shouting or trying very hard not to do so, and then she’d just gotten carried away seeing how angry she could get him before he lost control. He was much more entertaining when he wasn’t holding back.

“You look so pretty when you blush” he laughed, and the vibrations reverberated through her body from where their chests were pressed together. “Almost as pretty when you do just before you’re about to cum.” He started moving his fingers again, painfully slowly. Her body was aching for the orgasm that he’d denied her and her hips tried to fight against the hand pinning her to the wall. “You know, I’ve yet to see what you look like when you actually cum, I bet it’s spectacular.”

Without warning, he withdrew his hand from her. Hermione let out a loud whine at the loss of touch, her hips chasing his retreating fingers for a moment before she slumped against the wall in defeat. Before she even had time to form a complaint in her head, he dropped to his knees in front of her, his hands reaching up to slide her underwear down her legs and completely off her body. He tucked the hem of her skirt into her waistband, leaving her completely bare from the waist down, and he stared at her with reverence.

His eyes trailed the entire length of her body before he finally met her gaze. Oh, was it a sight to behold. Draco Malfoy, on his knees for her. His face was flushed, and his eyes were blazing silver, his pupils blown wide with arousal. It was an image Hermione wouldn’t soon forget.


It occurred to Draco in that moment, as he kneeled in front of a half-naked Hermione Granger that he could have spent the rest of his life fantasizing about her, and he would never have come up with anything as brilliant as the sight that was standing before him. Her legs were toned and tanned, her skin speckled with freckles and small scars, she had an oval-shaped birthmark on her right calf. He looked up at her, and when their eyes met hers flashed that galleon-gold again.

Breaking his gaze from hers, Draco brought his line of sight down to between her legs. Even her cunt was glorious, her outer lips were puffy and pink, coated and shining with her arousal. He took her left ankle in his hand, guiding it so that her legs were spread, and her knee hooked over his shoulder.

As one of his hands came up to tweak her clit, he used his other hand to pin her hips firmly to the wall. He’d been fantasizing about this for weeks, and Draco intended to savour every second of it. He pressed a single finger -his middle finger- against her entrance, watching with rapt attention as her body greedily accepted it, clenching it repeatedly as though asking for more. He heard her above him trying to suppress the half moan, half whine from escaping her throat as he slowly inched his finger farther inside her body.

When the digit was most of the way inside of her, he observed with attentive fascination as he pushed it the rest of the way despite the Malfoy family ring being situated just above his knuckle. It pleased him immensely, watching as the centuries-old family heirloom, engraved with his house words, Sanctimonia Vincet Semper– Purity will always conquer- disappeared inside the pussy of the wizarding world’s most famous muggle-born. It pleased him even more when she let out a loud moan at the feeling, her body likely oversensitive from his attentions.

He moved the single finger in and out of her a few more times, appreciating the sight of her body enveloping the piece of jewelry each time. When her moans turned to half-coherent begging, he added a second finger.

“Draco” her voice was breathy, his name sounding barely above a whisper. “Please.” it came out as a whine, her hips desperately pushing against his hand. He glanced up at the rest of her and if he’d been about to say something, he would’ve been rendered speechless. Her hair was a wild halo around her head, her face flushed and her forehead shining with a thin layer of perspiration. And her eyes -Merlin, those eyes- were no longer just flashing momentarily or rimmed with gold, no, they’d changed completely. Draco had always preferred silver because of his Slytherin pride. In that moment though, he decided that Gold was his new favourite colour.

Obliging to her request -she’d asked so nicely after all- Draco leaned his body closer to her lower-half, until his face was only an inch or so away from her glistening cunt.

“Salazar I can’t wait to find out how you taste when you cum darling.” He licked his lips in anticipation. Her hands disconnected from where they’d been pressed against the wall behind her to tangle in his hair and she desperately pulled his face the last inch until his mouth connected. They moaned in unison when his tongue licked from where his fingers were still buried inside of her up to her clit in a hot stripe.

She tasted even better than she had when he’d cleaned her off his fingers the other day. He sped up the movements of his fingers, curling them inside of her to press firm pressure onto the inside of her pelvis at the same time as he latched his mouth around her clit and flicked his tongue across it rapidly. Her fingers tightened into his hair, holding his head between her thighs desperately. Her legs started to shake with a vengeance and Hermione let out a loud strangled moan that bordered on a scream when she finally came. Her walls were gripping gripped his fingers like a vice as he continued to fuck her with them through her orgasm.

Draco was never going to forget the way it tasted when he came under his tongue, and he decided he liked the flavour better than any liquor or sweet he’d ever tasted.

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