Blood Bound

Chapter 2 - Socius

Draco was having a lovely dream courtesy of Astoria Greengrass whom had informed him the day prior on the train that she had learned a new flexibility charm. In his dream, Astoria was demonstrating to him how she could actually get her leg around –

“What the bloody hell” he woke up with a shout, his upper body soaked and his lower body feeling extremely frustrated that his dream was interrupted.

“Morning Malfoy” fucking Granger was lounging against his door frame, looking every part the cat who caught the canary as she wound a piece of her hair around her wand.

“Granger, there is exactly one reason I invite women into my bedroom and it is not to be doused with freezing water first thing in the morning” his voice came out practically as a growl. Granger should be counting her lucky stars that he left his wand on the other side of the room last night.

“Well-” she stood up from the doorframe spinning around and continuing over her shoulder “since you were such a gentleman last night and woke me from my nightmare, I figured I could return the favour. Classes start in 20 minutes and you’re bound to be late if you don’t get up now. You’re welcome” She tossed the tail-end of her statement over her shoulder as she walked out of the common room into the rest of the castle.

“I’m going kill that fucking swot” he seethed. Checking the time on his wand, the stupid bint was right he only had 17 minutes until class now. Throwing on the same robes he wore yesterday, He shrugged his bag onto one shoulder and accio-d an apple from the fruit bowl in the kitchen as he made his way through the castle to Advanced Potion Making in the dungeons.


“Only 5 minutes early for class Mione? That’s like being late for you” Ginny teased as she took her seat next to the red-head. A quick scan around the class showed that the small number of students meant all four houses were present.

“Ugh I know Gin” Hermione started, clearly not catching the teasing tone of her friend’s words. “It’s these stupid heels that came with my uniform, I haven’t worn anything other than trainers for two years so I had a right blast trying to get down 5 bloody flights of stairs in them.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice Mione, I had to walk from the seventh floor remember?” The two exchanged sympathetic glances before turning their attention to the door as Professor Slughorn walked in, followed closely by a flustered looking Malfoy.

“Good morning students -cutting it close Mister Malfoy- and welcome to Advanced Potion Making” Slughorn greeted as he went to stand in front of a large cauldron in the middle of the room. Malfoy took his seat next to Theodore Nott and scowled at Hermione before turning his attention to his potions book. The pissed look on his face brought a smile to hers, now we’re even Malfoy she thought as she turned her attention back to the professor.

“Seeing as this is your N.E.W.T year, Professor Babbling and I have decided to assign a joint-studies project between our two classes.” There was a collective groan from the students as Slughorn continued. “Later today when you attend your ancient runes class, yourself and your partner -whom I will be assigning at the end of class- will be given a translation of a strong curse that you are expected to transcribe for her class, and for this class you will be expected to brew the counter-potion for the curse you translated. Any questions?”

Ginny’s hand shot up. “Professor, why would we brew a counter-curse potion instead of just performing a counter-spell?”

“Excellent question Miss Weasley!” Poor Gin was definitely getting an invitation to his next Slug-Club party if the look on Slughorn’s face was anything to go by. “How one goes about breaking a curse depends on the type of curse. Stronger ones such as blood maledictions and contagious curses require more potent magic than wand-work, thus we utilize potions either on their own or along with a spell.”

Seeing as she already knew all of this and her numbing potion was still working quite well I did a fantastic job on this brew, I’ll have to check my notes to see what I did different, it seemed safe to entertain herself for a while and see what everyone else was thinking about. I mean it’s 9 in the morning I’m sure everyone’s thoughts should be relatively appropriate. With that reassuring thought, she turned her gaze up from her potions book and caught the eye of Dean Thomas across the room. He was wondering if anyone can see Seamus and I holding hands under the desk which was just adorable she always reckoned Dean and Seamus were awfully close, even for best friends. Apparently however, she was wrong for thinking everyone would be thinking about potions class in potions class. The next set of eyes she met happened to belong to Theodore Nott who was re-living his welcome-back-to-Hogwarts-shag that Daphne evidently had been down for last night. Note to self: Never look at Nott again it gets more disturbing every time. Having had her fill of invading her classmates’ thoughts for the day, Hermione turned her eyes down to her book. There was a note from Ginny sitting on it.

Why is Malfoy glaring at you more than usual today?

Looking up, she had to cover her hand to stifle her laugh when she realized that he was in fact unashamedly scowling at her from across the room.

Apparently he’s not a morning person, I’ll tell you at lunch.

Ginny pouted when she read her response obviously wanting the story now, but nonetheless she returned her attention to where Professor Slughorn was droning on about the benefit of using fresh versus dried hemlock when brewing Doxycide.

“Ok everyone seeing as time is almost up, I will be telling you who your partners will be for your project this term. Remember to sit beside them in Ancient Runes later so you can receive your translation.” Everyone simultaneously perked up at the premise of class being dismissed soon. “Pairs will be as follows: Finnigan and Greengrass, Thomas and Goldstein, Weasley and Boot, Patil and Abbott, Granger and Malfoy, Bones and Nott. Before any of you ask no I will not be reconsidering partners, you have been paired with those expected to receive the same N.E.W.T scores as you in order to encourage equal partnership.” There was a collective groan around the entire room that Hermione felt inclined to join in on, as if living with Malfoy isn’t bad enough. Slughorn dismissed the class and she walked alongside Ginny to DADA. Pretty much everyone in 7thand 8thyear had the same schedule with the exception of potions and ancient runes, which were available only to those who received at least six O’s on their O.W.L.S.


Walking into DADA, Draco took a seat at the very back of the classroom with Blaise and Goyle on one side of him, Theo and Pansy on the other. He was barely listening to his friends’ chatter; he never cared much for Hogwarts gossip and that was before Snake-Face had branded him like cattle, safe to say that he could care less if older Greengrass slept in her bed last night or not.

“Drake agrees with me Blaise, don’t you Drakey-poo?” Fucking Pansyhe thought with a barely restrained grimace when she reached her hand over to rest just above his mark.

“Pansy you are even dumber than Goyle if you can’t see that Theo is literally grinning like the Cheshire cat over there and put two and two together. Salazar I don’t even live in the Slytherin dorms anymore and I know Greengrass was too busy being pressed into Nott’s mattress to go back to her own dorm last night.” His annoyance at the dark-haired witch caused him to snap at her instead of the calm tone he’d been going for. She didn’t seem to notice, being too preoccupied looking at Theo with a horrified expression. Theo’s shrug was enough confirmation for Pansy to huff and get up to walk over to the witch in question where she was sitting with Bullstrode and Davis.

“Aye Zabini, did Malfoy tell you he got stuck with the Golden swot for our potions project? Bloody hilarious if you ask me” Theo leaned back in his chair with his feet on the desk as he turned his attention to their other friend, interrupting his ogling of some Ravenclaw who’s skirt left very little to the imagination.

“In fact Nott he didn’t, can you imagine that?” Zabini’s smirk rivalled Nott’s now. Why I choose to be friends with these gits is beyond me.

“Nott I have been sitting in this chair for no more than four minutes, forgive me for not wanting to talk about Granger all the time. Salazar knows it’s bad enough having to share a dorm with her.” The irritation in his voice bled through his cool demeanor once again at the mention of his roommate, memories of his rude-awakening this morning still fresh on his mind.

“Quit acting weird Malfoy, we all know you love taking the piss out of any member of the moronic Trio. You’re going soft”

“Hey Nott? Shut the fuck up.”


“Mione I can NOT believe you actually augamenti’d Malfoy while he was sleeping and lived to tell the tale” Ginny was cackling so hard she almost fell off her seat across the table.

“Don’t be so dramatic Gin, I think I can handle myself when it comes to Malfoy. Plus it was revenge, he augamenti’d me first” She responded indignantly and took another bite of her lunch. “Now hurry up and eat your potatoes I want to get to Ancient Runes before him; if I can’t pick who I have to sit with all year I most certainly am picking where I sit.

“Okay, okay I’ll be done in a minute don’t ditch me” while her friend was preoccupied shoveling the last of her food into her mouth in an impressive impersonation of Ron, Hermione slipped a numbing potion into her pumpkin juice and downed it before the two girls left the hall together.

To her shock, Malfoy was already in the Runes classroom when they arrived despite them being there a good 10 minutes before they had to be. With a pout to Ginny, the girls parted ways as her friend went and took a seat at an empty desk in the middle of class while she went to join her blonde partner at his desk in the very front row.



Conversation between the two ended after greetings. Leaving them to stew in tense silence while she took her parchment, ink and quill out of her bag and arranged them carefully on the desk, up until Hermione noticed him shaking his head slightly with a smirk.

“Something funny to you Malfoy?” She turned her head to bare her teeth in a very un-Hermione sneer as she spat the question at him. It’s been barely five minutes and he’s under my skin, how am I supposed to last all year?

“Speak when spoken to Granger” was all he said in response, not even bothering to lift his gaze from where he was spinning his wand in his hand.

“Excuse me? You must have me confused with one of your prissy little Slytherins if you think you can talk to me like that Malfoy.” Oh I’m going to rip his head off before this class is over, forget the rest of the year.

“I’m not confused Granger, I just don’t want to have to hear your voice unless absolutely necessary. Hence, speak when spoken to.” His voice was flat and expressionless as he spoke, still refusing to look anywhere but his wand. What I wouldn’t give to snap it in half in front of his stupid face.

She was pretty certain her blood was actually boiling she was so pissed how dare he have the audacity to treat me like some half-brained bimbo but whatever she was going to say back to him died on her tongue as Professor Babbling walked out of her office.

“Afternoon everybody, I see that you have all sat with your partners, wonderful. I’ll be handing out your translations now. I expect you all to work in your pairs outside of class time to do your translations just as you will be expected to brew your potions on your own time as well.”

As Babbling continued talking -figures that Babbling babbles- she became begrudgingly grateful to Malfoy for choosing the front row of desks. At least with nobody in front of her except the professor, the risk of accidentally slipping into somebody’s thoughts was significantly lower.

The rest of the day dragged on, interrupted only by the occasional need to slip into the bathroom for a numbing potion or a shot from her flask. If 6thyear me could see me now -going to classes half-drunk- I think she would have a heart attack, oh how times change. Hermione spent just enough time at dinner to appease her friends before she excused herself from the table and fled to the quiet safety of her dorm.


Day one over, too fucking many to go Draco thought to himself as he broke the seal on a bottle of firewhiskey and settled into the couch to watch the fire for another night. He was about a quarter of a way in when he heard the door to the common room open and then footsteps.


She settled into the chaise beside his, kicking off her shoes and tucking her feet under her. “Speak when spoken to Malfoy” she chirped as she swiped the bottle from his hands and poured a generous amount into a glass she accio’d from the kitchen.

“Last time I checked, I didn’t invite you to drink with me” he snipped, snatching the bottle from her hand and drinking right from it.

“That’s unsanitary Malfoy you have a glass right next to you” oh so she’s just going to ignore whatever I say anyways, bloody fantastic.

“If it will encourage you to leave me alone and drink your own firewhiskey, then I think I prefer drinking from the bottle”

Throwing the rest of her drink back in a very un-Granger fashion, she snagged the bottle back from him and drank from it before re-filling her glass. “Last time I checked actually, it was you who was scared of my mudblood germs, I don’t think pureblood supremacy is contagious.”

When he got the bottle back he made a point to cast a scourgify on it before he filled his cup and set it back on the small table between the two chairs.

“If you’re going to insist on invading my space and drinking my alcohol, can you at least do it in silence?” he asked exasperatedly, the witch always manages to get under his skin with so little effort.

“You’re the one who keeps talking Malfoy” was all she said in response, not looking up from where she was swirling the dark liquid around in her glass.

The two sat in silence for an hour or so. When the bottle was empty, they stood from their seats and headed to their rooms.

“Let’s not make a habit of this Granger, I don’t fancy funding your alcoholism for the entire year” his voice cracked a tiny bit from having not spoken for so long and his head felt light from the firewhiskey.

“We both know you could fund my alcoholism for my entire lifetime and not make a dent in your vault but sure thing Malfoy” Granger was swaying on her feet a bit and leaned heavily on her door when she reached it.

Walking into his room, he couldn’t let her have the last word. Right before he closed his door he corrected her “vaults actually, I have more than one.”

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