Blood Bound

Chapter 3 - Puellas Nocte

Ginny was leaning against the wall waiting for her outside of the common room entrance when she left for breakfast on Friday morning.

“Morning Gin, why didn’t you meet me in the Great Hall, or at least send me a patronus to let you in so you didn’t have to wait for me?” She greeted the younger girl, who seemed to be half-asleep where she was standing. The two girls began their walk to the Great Hall, neither in an exceptional hurry to get to their destination just yet.

“I didn’t meet you in the Hall because I have something to tell you on the way there. I didn’t mind waiting, I’m way too tired to cast a patronus this morning. Pavarti kept me up half the night talking, I think she thinks I’m going to be her new Lavender.” Hermione flinched at the memory of her classmate being mauled to death in front of her.

“You said there was something you wanted to tell me?” She prompted, eager to change the conversation.

“Oh yeah, so don’t be mad because I only did it without asking because I knew you would say no and you aren’t allowed to say anything except ‘yes Gin that sounds lovely I can’t wait’ or else I will be forced to pull the I got dumped by The Chosen Onecard.” She fixed her friend with a disapproving frown, making sure to look just to the right of her to avoid eye contact.

“What did you do Ginevra?”

“Woah now the use of my first name seems a little overly-hostile it’s nothing bad”


“I told Luna that we’ll be hosting our girl’s night in your dorm tonight instead of Gryffindor tower and to tell the other girls, we’ll be there at curfew”

“It’s Friday, don’t you have to sneak out and shag your quidditch player? Plus I have patrol tonight. It won’t work Gin, sorry.” Her words earned her an annoyed half-sigh half-snort from the red-head.

“Firstly; I had to stop answering my quidditch player-who has a name by the way- because he kept trying to take me to dinner-”

“I know he has a name” She interrupted her friend “however you’ve never bothered to tell me what it is. Please do educate me as to why a dinner invite is a bad thing.”

It was Ginny’s turn to give her a disapproving frown. “no more interrupting” she scolded playfully “dinner is a bad thing because I have already done the girlfriend to a famous person thing and I quite prefer not being a weekly feature in the Daily Prophet thank you.” Hermione hummed in understanding but didn’t speak, sensing her friend was not done.

“Where was I again? Ah yes. Secondly; ask Malfoy to take your patrol tonight or just give the students of Hogwarts a night to break the rules I don’t particularly care but this is tradition and you’re not getting out of it. Thirdly; Luna is bringing faerie wine AND she and Neville took a field trip to the back of Greenhouse 3 yesterday.” The two girls exchanged knowing grins before sobering their expressions as they passed a group of 3rdyear Hufflepuffs.

“Alright fine” she caved to which her companion gave a victorious fist pump “but you’re in charge of asking the elves for snacks. The password is primrose, you and Luna can put all the stuff in the common room during our free block.”

“And where will you be that you can’t help us set up?” Ginny looked genuinely curious now.

“I’ll be in the library, sucking up to Malfoy and simultaneously murdering my pride.” The thought of owing the Head Boy anything caused her mild nausea but she wouldn’t disappoint the girls.


When he returned to his room from his morning shower the dorm was vacant of annoying brunettes and there was a note taped to the outside of his bedroom door.


Runes Project during free Block. Library, Herbology section.

Don’t be late.


Great, she’s even annoying and bossy in writing. Throwing Granger’s note in the waste-bin beside his desk, he went about getting ready for classes. Opting for a black t-shirt under his robes instead of the typical dress. It was abnormally warm for Scottish autumn and he didn’t fancy sweating through his uniform during elective Herbology this afternoon. Tucking his books into his bag, he shouldered it and headed to breakfast.

Zabini and Nott were already sitting at the Slytherin table when he walked into the Great Hall. “Gentlemen” he greeted the two, taking his seat across the table from them.

“Mornin Malfoy” Nott quipped around his mouthful of toast.

“You’re repulsive Nott” he drawled, adding honey to his tea and putting a muffin onto his plate.

“No need to lie Malfoy, we both know you’re just dying to take a bite out of me” his brunette friend replied with a suggestive grin and a wink in his direction. Zabini chuckled under his breath, while Draco just scowled at his friend’s suggestion.

“I’d sooner waltz with a dementor but you can keep the idea for your wank-bank Nott” he retorted, causing Zabini to choke on his bite of eggs while Nott just huffed in defeat and turn back to his breakfast. Turning to his attention to his other friend he continued talking “also Zabini I won’t be able to practice flying drills during free block, I have to go to the library for the stupid potions project with Granger.”

“Careful Malfoy she’s already turning you into a proper swot, first week isn’t over yet and you’re already going to the library.” Zabini taunted to which he groaned in nonverbal agreement and brought his head down to bury in the crook of his elbow.

“Don’t I fucking know it mate, but I figure the sooner this project is over the sooner she becomes less of a pain in my arse.” He mumbled from where his head was still resting on the table.

“Seems unlikely, you do have to live with her all year.” Nott pointed out not-so-helpfully.

“Trust me, I fucking know.” He emphasized his point by lifting his head slightly and dropping it back into his arm with a dull thud.

“What’s she like to live with anyways? Does she walk around in her knickers? I bet they’re the plain white cotton kind.” He probed, looking a little too invested in Granger’s underwear choice for Draco’s liking.

“Nott if you could kindly keep your hypotheses about Granger’s knickers to herself that would be lovely thank you” Zabini cut him off before their friend could get too carried away.

“I have no idea what kind of knickers she wears and I pray to Salazar that I never find out. We don’t see much of each other, mutual avoidance and such. She does take bloody long showers though, almost made me late the other day because I had to wait ’till she was done to brush my teeth.” The three got up from their breakfast table and headed to class.

“I dunno why you’re praying to Salazar mate, Granger’s pretty fit” Nott drawled, his gaze not-so-subtly roaming the Gryffindor table as he spoke.

“You’re disgusting Nott, go shag Daphne again I think your hormones are clouding your judgement” he sneered at him as he shouldered his bag. The conversation dissolved as the three walked out of the Great Hall to their first class, his two friends still chuckling beside him.


He’s late she thought to herself as she sat at her regular table in the library. She’d come right from lunch and had been working for almost 10 minutes already, and Malfoy had yet to show. Ah think of the devil and he shall appear she thought to herself as he waltzed into view from around a bookshelf as she lifted her eyes to check the time again. Their gazes met long enough for Hermione to cringe in preparation for whatever thoughts she was about to be bombarded with. Nothing again, maybe he really is that empty-headed. She chuckled under her breath at her own joke as he took his seat across the table from her and undid his robe to lay it over the back of his chair. Under his robe he wasn’t wearing the uniform button-down, but rather a plain black t-shirt. The part of his attire she found curious wasn’t his blatant disregard for uniform rules, but rather the solid black athletic arm band he was wearing on his left arm. It covered the entirety of his left forearm, from his wrist to just below his elbow.

“Feel free to take a picture Granger, it’ll last much longer” he mocked, crossing his arms across his chest. She’d been staring.

“What’s with the arm band Malfoy? Trying out a new look? If so I don’t think it’s working. You should go back to the three-piece-suit style, much more Malfoy-esque.” He fixed her with a look that just screamed are you fucking stupid before he used his right hand to push the band down to scrunch at his wrist. “Oh” was all she said as his dark mark came into view. It really is ugly no wonder he covers it up she thought to herself, averting her eyes as she shuddered a bit.

“Believe it or not I tend to get a lot less attention for the arm band than I do for the Mark” he commented as he pulled the band back up over his arm, she could hear the annoyance in his words but his tone and facial expression were both completely blank. “Anything else you would like to comment about my appearance for the day? Would you like to see my sectumsemprascars as well? Or can we actually work on the project, which I thought was the whole reason we’re both here. I don’t fancy having to spend the entire afternoon chatting.” His scowl was back now.

“Right, So I’m thinking the best way to go about this is for me to do the first half of the translation and you can do the second? Then we can combine them for context and tweak them anywhere we need to after” She focused on the two pages of translation in front of her, handing the second one across the table to him.

He gave a grunt of acknowledgement but didn’t say anything in response, just stated writing on the parchment in front of him. With a roll of her eyes at his stubborn demeanor, she turned her attention to her parchment and got to work.

Thirty minutes or so later, Malfoy put the lid on his ink pot and began to tuck all his things back into his bag.

“What are you doing? Free block is a double for seventh and eighth years we should get as much of this done as we can-” she asked sharply. No way am I letting him get away with making me do both our parts of the projectshe thought indignantly.

“Relax Granger don’t get your knickers in a twist. I have class” he interrupted her.


“‘But seventh and eighth years have double free block’, that’s true unlessyou’re taking an elective class not required for N.E.W.T.S” He interrupted her again.

“What elective are you taking?” She asked, genuinely curious as to his answer. She knew he hated Care of Magical Creatures after the Buckbeak incidence and she couldn’t imagine him sitting through a Muggle Studies class. Maybe Divinationshe hypothesized.

“Herbology. Now are we done 20 questions? I really have had enough of your presence and your voice is giving me a headache.” He shrugged his robes back over his shoulders and wet about fastening them.

“Actually Malfoy I was wondering if you could do me a favour and take the patrol tonight? I have plans with some friends that I can’t get out of.” She was already regretting asking him, she should have just done the patrol herself and missed the sleepover.

“What’s in it for me?” He asked, a smug look on his face.

“I won’t take points from Slytherin for a week” she offered, rolling her eyes at him.

“Make it a month, and you have to take over my detention duty on Wednesday night” he countered, his smirk only grew as he realized how much she wanted out of this patrol.

“Two weeks, and I’ll take the detention shift” she raised an eyebrow at him as she spoke, indicating this was as good as he was going to get.

He shouldered his bag, appearing as though he was thinking deeply about her offer. “Truthfully I would’ve settled for the week of no points, but you’ve got yourself a deal Granger.” He quipped, throwing a triumphant look her way he turned and stalked off before she could say anything else.


Herbology was bloody hot. Even in just his t-shirt and trousers he was sweating profusely as he attempted to trim the venomous tentacula bushes and collect the leaves. He was still sweating when he arrived at the great hall for dinner. Before he had a chance to sit down, Nott and Zabini crowded him on either side.

“Take your dinner to go tonight Malfoy, we’re going to the quidditch pitch” Nott quipped, dragging him along with him as he skipped -yes skipped- out of the hall. Zabini broke off from the other two towards the dungeon to gather the boys’ brooms from the dorm while the other two headed to the Head’s dorm to get Draco’s broom and so he could change out of his uniform.

“Remind me again why you felt the need to escort me to my own room?” he asked as they made their way up the moving stairs.

“Because-” he responded cheerfully “if you go get your broom on your own, you’re going to show up to the pitch smashed and I don’t fancy having to catch you when you fall off your broom” Nott chirped beside him. He never thought it possible for someone to be so annoyingly cheerful all the time, up until he befriended Theodore Nott.

He growled quietly at the slight but otherwise said nothing; they both knew he was right. The entrance to the Head’s room opened when he whispered the password -who chooses primrose as a password, bloody stupid- but stopped dead at the heinous sight that greeted his eyes inside the door. Red and Gold, everywhere. Pillows, blankets, streamers, even the bloody cookies were frosted with red and gold. His abrupt stop caused Nott to crash into his back in the doorway.

“Oh my sweet Salazar my eyes are bleeding” Nott exclaimed, pushing around him to get into the common room.

“Granger” he yelled into the empty-looking dorm “why the fuck does our common room look like an advert for Gryffindor pride.” The longer he looked around the room the worse it got. Theo settled himself on a maroon coloured sofa -she fucking charmed the furniture- and snagged a cookie off the table.

“Granger isn’t here yet Malfoy” female Weasley walked out of the bathroom, swatting Nott’s hand as he reached for a second cookie “those aren’t for you” she scolded.

“Who exactly are they for Weaslette?” He asked, he subtly tapped his wand to the chaise he sat on the arm of and charmed it emerald with a nonverbal colovaria.

“Isn’t it obvious Malfoy?” she asked with a wicked grin “it’s girls’ night, we’re having a slumber party.” He groaned in response and maneuvered through the piles of pillows and blankets to his bedroom. Snagging his quidditch gear and broom he hurried out of the room, eager to get out of the Gryffindor nightmare his dorm has become.

“Do I even want to know how many Gryffindors are going to be in here later?” He asked, already dreading the answer.

“Hmm only three, and two Ravenclaws and maybe I’ll throw in a Hufflepuff or two” she retorted, looking far too amused for a Weasley forced to converse with a Malfoy.

“Ah so it’s only the Slytherins you’re excluding from your little party?” Nott piped up from where he was still lounging on the sofa, which to Draco’s satisfaction he’d charmed a dark green at some point.

“Actually we’ve invited the Slytherin girls every year, they just never come because they’re snobs just like the rest of you snakes.” She corrected, seating herself on another couch adjacent to him.

“Ooh and the claws come out to play, I dig it” Nott replied, throwing her a flirty wink to which she lifted her lips in a sneer. “You know Malfoy, gingers are always wild in bed.”

“Speak from experience do you?” She asked with a deviously sweet smile “I didn’t know your hand was a redhead.” Malfoy snorted at the affronted look on his face at her words.

“C’mon Nott. As much as I enjoy watching you attempt to seduce Weaslette here, we better leave before you shove your foot in the mouth even further.” He said as he dragged him off the couch by his robes, shoving him out of the common room. “I’m staying in the dungeons tonight, tell Granger that the room better look normal when I get back tomorrow morning or I’m going to permanently colovaria the entire room to Slytherin pride.” Calling the last bit over his shoulder, he shut the common room door behind him with a loud thud.

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