Blood Bound

Chapter 4 - Pugna

Draco walked into the 8th year dormitory behind his two friends. Zabini beelined to the washroom to hang up their rain soaked quidditch gear while Nott threw himself on his bed. He leaned himself against the wall as he drank from his water bottle. I haven’t been this bloody wiped in years, I’m seriously out of practice he thought to himself absently.

“Tell me again mate why you’re bunking in the dungeons with us when you could be sleeping in your cozy Head’s dorm?” Zabini asked as he walked back out of the bathroom. “I mean I could see how you might find Granger intimidating but that’s no reason to run from her” he teased.

“I’m not running Zabini” he remarked. “I just don’t particularly enjoy the idea of being in a confined area with the entire female population of Dumbledore’s sodding Army.” Draco sat on the empty bed in the dormitory with a huff.

“Don’t listen to a word he says, you didn’t see how fast he ran from the she-weasel when we were in the Head’s dorm earlier, he was bloody terrified. I don’t blame him one bit, that much red and gold can’t be healthy for the eyes. Although I may be willing to risk it if I had it on good confidence that said female population was going to be hanging around in their knickers” Nott chimed in from where he lounged on his bed, book in hand.

“Nott you have an unhealthy obsession with knickers, you need to get your head checked” he told his friend, crinkling his nose in disgust. “Can we please just have one night where we don’t have to talk about Granger or any war heroes?” He asked his friends “I propose we drink ourselves stupid instead, are you two in?

The two of them cheered in agreement. Zabini went about pulling a bottle of firewhiskey out from under his bed while Nott collected three cups from the common area. The three lifted their glasses in cheers before Nott spoke again.

“Here’s to drinking away our troubles, until tomorrow mates”

“Until tomorrow” he and Zabini chimed together. They all threw their drinks back in one go before pouring another round.


Hermione stopped outside of the entrance to the common room and leaned against the wall. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t apprehensive, this was the first girls’ night they’d hosted since before the war. So much was different now. She took a deep breath, a pain potion, and a few healthy sips from her flask before righting herself and mentally reminding herself to avoid eye contact at all costs. That’s how Ginny found her; standing outside her common room door looking extremely nervous.

“Mione! What the hell are you doing standing out here? Everyone else is inside already, we’ve all been waiting for you before we start the real fun!” she exclaimed, dragging her into the room by the wrist excitedly.

“Okay okay I’m coming Gin relax. I was in the Library getting ahead on work in preparation for the horrible hangover I’m undoubtedly going to have tomorrow” she grinned at her friend.

All the girls in the room cheered when the two entered and someone shoved a bottle of faerie wine in her hand. Taking a swig, she turned to all the girls in the room. The war they’d lived through showed in all of them. It wasn’t so hard to tell the twins apart anymore; Pavarti was missing a pinky finger and Padma had a large scar on her cheek from a stray curse she’d caught at the battle. There were dark circles under the eyes of Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott, probably from nightmares; pretty much everybody had nightmares once in a while. Ginny had a thin scar through her eyebrow from being thrown through a window and she walked with the slightest of limps from where her foot had been broken and healed poorly. They all wore their consequences of the war with pride, except Hermione; she kept hers hidden under long-sleeve shirts and behind potions.

Shrugging off her melancholy, she raised her bottle of wine towards them and announced “to the last girls’ night at Hogwarts!” they all cheered excitedly before dissolving into giggles and conversation.

Some while later, the girls had all collected into a large circle in the centre of the room. They were talking excitedly about the party being held in the Room of Requirement after the first quidditch game of the season.

“Alright ladies! Luna brought us all a present courtesy of Neville!” Ginny shouted over the noise. She held up a glass jar of the pre-rolled joints.

“Oh yes he’s quite excited about this batch. He added powdered dragon claw to the soil and watered it with essence of daisyroot, I expect that the effects should be quite extraordinary” Luna chimed in from where she sat swaying to a non-existent tune.

“Well we can’t disappoint Neville now can we?” Ginny chirped, already having handed the first one she’d lit to Cho while she lit another with her wand. The girls all laughed as they passed around the drugs, soon dissolving into more conversation and laughter.


The sun was far too bright for Hermione’s eyes the next morning. Her head was pounding and the room spun slightly when she sat up from where she slept on the floor. She laid back down with a loud groan when her hangover kicked in with a vengeance once she was fully awake. Ginny was snoring beside her and Luna was humming in her sleep on her other side. The rest of the girls were sleeping throughout the common room. Dragging herself up from her place on the floor, she decided she was in desperate need of a shower and headed to the bathroom. Inspecting her reflection in the mirror she actually had to laugh at herself quietly, I look bloody awful oh my God. Her makeup from the day before had smudged terribly in her sleep so that she closely resembled a raccoon, her hair was a disaster with knots and there was something that vaguely resembled frosting caked in the tresses. The most comical part of her appearance was most definitely her attire however, she must have attempted to change out of her uniform at some point last night because she was wearing athletic shorts and a camisole, additionally she was still wearing her knee socks and tie. With a final giggle at her looks, she undrressed and got into the shower.

When she emerged from the bathroom she still felt horribly hungover, her next course of action was going to be coffee. The girls were all awake when she walked back into the common room in a fresh pair of pajamas.

“Morning Ladies, would anyone like to enlighten me as to exactly what we got up to last night after Neville’s present? Because I can’t remember a thing” she laughed as she walked in and headed to the kitchen to put the coffee on as well as a pot of tea.

“That’s what we were just talking about Mione” Hannah said from where she sat hugging a pillow in front of the fire “none of us remember anything after we smoked.”

“I suspect it has something to do with the daisyroot essence” Luna piped up, she was now sitting on the sofa rather than the floor.

“Bloody fabulous” she muttered to herself as she went about preparing the trays and levitating them into the sitting area for everybody.

“I’m going to guess by the state of the common room and the fact that all of us look like we spent the evening wrestling Devil’s snare that we must have had fun at least” Ginny mused, grinning brightly and looking very not-hungover to Hermione’s envy. The girls all giggled in agreement before they fell into a comfortable silence to drink their teas and coffees.


It was late afternoon when Draco finally woke up, he felt suspiciously okay considering how much firewhiskey the three of them had consumed last night. Even before Goyle had returned to the dorm and produced a bottle of Knotgrass Mead he’d swiped from one of the younger years he was anticipating a wicked hangover.

“Ah look who’s finally joined the world of the living” Zabini drawled from where he was laying on his bed, absentmindedly directing conjured birds to fly in intricate patterns above his head.

“Morning to you too mate” he responded “any guesses as to why I don’t feel like I’ve been beaten by a troll? From what I remember from last night I should be feeling bloody awful right about now” he queried apprehensively.

“My theory-” Nott chimed in as he entered from the hallway, arms loaded with muffins and croissants “is that you’re probably still drunk.” His friend started to pass the carbs around the room before he tossed a sober-up potion over. “I reckon you’ll feel significantly worse once you drink that.”

He downed the potion before he ripped open a muffin and they all ate in silence.

“Want to go flying some more today?” Nott broke the silence “My keeper skills could use a bit more refreshing and the chasers seem too scared of the big bad death eater to actually try and score on me at practice.”

Draco snorted “more like the itty bitty baby death eater" he imitated his not-so-dearly departed aunt as he taunted his friend. His teasing earned him a hearty laugh from Zabini and a croissant in the face from Nott, well it would have hit him in the face if his reflexes hadn’t been so fast. “Terrible throw Nott really, no wonder you’re keeper, you would never make it as a chaser.” He threw the pastry back at his friend “and an even worse seeker with those reflexes” he added on as the croissant hit his friend in the side of the head, leaving crumbs in his hair. “But yes, I could go for a fly. Later though, my hangover is demanding a very strong cup of tea and some very greasy breakfast right about now” he joked.

“I think if I smell bacon I may keel over and die so you’re on your own on the breakfast front mate, but we’ll meet at the pitch at dusk?” Zabini offered. They all grunted in agreement.

He bid his friends farewell with assurances that he’ll show up to the pitch sober -seems unlikely­- and headed back to his dorm, praying that the place was back to normal by now. Wouldn’t much mind having to uphold my threat though, the room would look much better with a whole lot more green and silver in the colour scheme he thought to himself as he walked.


Hermione had just finished charming all of the furniture and decorations back to their original colours and was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes when Malfoy came into the dorm. She hadn’t seen him outside of classes since they’d worked on their project earlier in the week. Their mutual ignoring was working quite well, each pretending the other didn’t exist.

“Morning Malfoy” she greeted, turning in his direction as she spoke “you look extra terrible this morning, get in a tiff with a hag on your way in?” she teased him, a smirk growing on her lips as she spoke. He looked just as terrible as she felt, maybe he was horribly hungover too.

“You’re one to speak Granger, your hair looks like a family of doxies spent the evening nesting in it” he snipped, his tone flat and his eyes blank as usual.

“That was weak even for you Malfoy” she snarked back, her hangover was still throbbing in the back of her mind and it was making her unreasonably irritable.

“What Granger? Why would you want me to do better? Now that Weasel and Potter finally realized you’re not worth keeping around have you become so desperate that you’d stand there and ask me to taunt you? Is that it?” He mocked her, a malicious sneer plastered on his face.

“Fuck you Malfoy, really living up to your family name aren’t you? You’re just like your sodding father” She sneered back to him, baring her teeth. Ron and Harry were a bit of a tender subject for her still, the three had been awkward at best lately and her abrupt decision to go back to Hogwarts instead of joining them at auror training had not gone over well.

Anger flared in his eyes at her words and from her peripheral vision she saw his fists clench and unclench in quick succession. “Don’t you dare compare me to my father you stupid bint. At least I still have family to speak of.” He snarled at her. “That’s right, I heard all about how you stupidly obliviate’d the only people in the world who would willingly put up with you.” He took a step closer to her as he spoke but she held her ground.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about” she rasped, she could feel her eyes burning with tears but refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing he got under her skin.

“Oh but I think I do-” he remarked. “You did the merciful thing and rid those poor muggles of the knowledge of your existence, too bad you didn’t finish the job and do it for the rest of us too. I know I’d pay a handful of galleons to never know of your existence.”

“You’re vile Malfoy” was all she said in response, she could hear her voice cracking and she really didn’t want to break down in front of him. As she went to walk past him to the refuge of her room he stepped in her path, effectively trapping her in.

“Are you going to cry?” he asked mockingly, his eyes were burning and for the first time, Hermione thought he actually looked dangerous. “Go ahead Granger you can. Cry like the pathetic little mudblood you are.”

Before she had time to process her actions, her hand had come up of its own volition and struck him across the face. Her palm stung as his head snapped to the side, a bright pink handprint blooming on his cheek.

“That-” his voice was deadly calm as he took a step in her direction, she took a reflexive step back in response “was a very bad decision” he kept walking towards her, forcing her backwards through the kitchen until her back hit the counter “you little mudblood bitch.” He was towering over her now, his hands braced on the counter on either side of her.

She leaned back as far as she could to put space between the two. He was so close she could feel his heartbeat where their chests touched and she could see in his eyes the moment he snapped out of his anger. The moment she made eye contact she saw the molten swirling pools of silver turned back to their usual cold and flat grey colour. He stood up straight and took a few steps back before he spoke again.

“That’s twice now you’ve hit me Granger. Don’t let there be a third time, or I won’t be so kind about it” he warned. There was something about his tone that assured her that his words were not an empty threat. With that he turned on his heel and stalked out of the room. It wasn’t until she heard his bedroom door slam that Hermione let out the breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Snapping back to reality she had a realization; I didn’t hear anything when I looked in his eyes again. Why is he different from everybody else?

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