Blood Bound

Chapter 7 - Cantus

Slytherin beat Ravenclaw 360 to 190 after the longest two hours of Hermione’s life. She’d gone back to the Head’s dorm with Ginny after the game to work on some homework. She’d been debating since her conversation with Luna the day before if she should tell her friend about what she’d been going through. Luna hadn’t been upset with her when she found out -at least I think that’s what that conversation had been about-so she figured if anyone else was likely to be as receptive to it, it would be Ginny. They’d been studying for about an hour when she finally looked from her parchment at her friend.

“Gin, can I tell you something?” she started. She was so nervous to tell her, but the closer to saying it all out loud she got, the more she wanted to get it off her chest.

“Course ’Mione” Ginny looked up from the book she’d been reading to direct a concerned expression at her. “You know you can tell me anything.”

“Just, promise you won’t get mad at me” she hedged.

“Unless you’re about to tell me that Harry broke up with me because you’re pregnant with his baby, there’s literally nothing you could say that would make me angry with you” her friend responded lightly but she knew she meant it. Taking a breath, she started her story. She told Ginny everything; from finding out accidentally when she’d been helping with cleaning up the castle, to why she broke up with Ron. The only thing she left out was what she’d seen in Harry’s head, that’s not my secret to tell. It felt unbelievably good to tell somebody everything. She had to give her friend credit, she sat and listened to everything. When Hermione finally stopped talking almost twenty minutes later, she finally spoke.

“Are you telling me” she started “that you can hear what I’m thinking right now?” She looked Ginny in the eye and held the eye contact as she responded.

“Right now you’re thinking how bloody cool it would be if it’s true, now you’re thinking that you should think something less easy to guess in case I’m fucking with you, now you’re singing a Weird Sisters song, GINNY I am not repeating out loud what you just thought that’s crude!” She scolded her friend and they both dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“Okay alright I believe you,” her friend said after she’d wiped her tears of laughter away from her eyes. “Holy shit ’Mione I can’t believe you’ve been dealing with this for months! How have you not gone insane yet?” She cringed at the question, knowing her friend would be upset with the answer.

“Truthfully? A fuck ton of alcohol and daily doses of pain-relief potions” she spoke quietly, half hoping she wouldn’t hear her admission.

“Well as much as I don’t approve of your substance abuse, I know I’m not one to lecture anybody on coping mechanisms, with my bed-hopping through an entire quidditch team. I’m so sorry you had to go through this alone the whole time, I promise I’m gonna try and be there for you however I can from now on okay? We can figure this out together.” The red-head reached out and took her hand, squeezing gently and offering her a reassuring smile.

She pulled Ginny into a tight hug. The two sat there for quite a while until finally they broke apart and went back to their homework without saying anything else.


Draco was drunk, he knew that. What he didn’t know was exactly how drunk he was until he tried to get up off the sofa he’d been sitting on in the Slytherin common room. The team had rushed back to the dungeons and the party had been happening for a few hours. As soon as he leaned his weight onto his feet to stand up, he would end up falling back onto the couch. As he was gearing up for his third attempt, Nott slid into the seat next to him and slipped a vial of sober-up potion.

“Thought you might need that Captain” he said, clapping him on the shoulder. “We’ve gotta go to dinner in 20 minutes, and there’s an upper-year party in the Room of Requirement after curfew tonight that we most definitely be attending” he opened his mouth to object but Nott beat him to it “I don’t care if you want to sit on your sofa and drink yourself into a coma, you’re coming with me so Blaise doesn’t get mad when I leave early with a witch.” Before he could tell Nott to fuck off or something along those lines, his friend had stood up and left just as quickly as he’d appeared.

Downing the potion, he got up from his seat and headed to the boy’s dorms to change out of the quidditch uniform he was still wearing. Deciding he would shower after dinner, he borrowed a pair of black trousers and a Slytherin jumper from Nott to wear to the dining hall since he wouldn’t have time to go back to his dorm. Pushing his hair away from where it had fallen into his face, he tucked his wand into his pocket and headed back out of the shared dorm.


“Ginny if you come near me with another beauty charm I promise I will hex your nose onto your forehead” she threatened as the red-headed witch aimed her wand at her face again. Ginny had insisted on getting ready for the party together, and had then convinced Hermione to let her do her hair, makeup and choose her outfit. That’s how at 11 in the evening, she found herself shoved into the tiniest dress Ginny owned with her hair charmed into soft waves and dark smoky eye makeup on her face.

“Okay okay fine” her friend conceded, holding her hands up in surrender. “But you have to admit you look hot, go look in the full-length mirror in the washroom and tell me if you like it.” Ginny shoo’ed her out of the chair she was sitting in and towards the bathroom. “I still have to get dressed myself, your shoes are beside the wardrobe.”

“Gin these are not my shoes,” she exclaimed, holding the gold heels away from her by the straps as though they might bite her.

“They are tonight, I’ve already charmed them with stabilizing and cushioning spells. Plus they’ll look so good with your dress.” She didn’t look up from where she was fussing with her fiery locks in the mirror. With a resigned sigh, she put the shoes on and made her way to the bathroom to see what exactly Ginny had done to her this time. She was pretty used to the girl’s antics; seeing as her friend only had brothers, Hermione had been the subject of her dress-up sprees plenty of times before.

“Godric Ginny I can’t wear this dress!” She exclaimed, looking at her reflection in the giant mirror. It was such a dark shade of red it almost looked black. It had long sleeves and a deep V that exposed a lot of her cleavage. It clung to her entire body like a second skin and stopped mid-way down her thigh. “It’s so tight you can see the outline of my underwear!” she shouted as she continued to stare at herself in shock.

“So don’t wear any!” Her friend called back calmly.

“Are you insane?”

“No, I’m not insane ’Mione, if you can see your underwear through it just take them off. Don’t be such a downer. You look hot, embrace it!” she continued as she walked into the bathroom to check her own reflection. “Plus,” she pointed out meeting her eyes in the mirror -which they’d learned earlier in the evening was a safe way to make eye contact-“if you look like that, I guarantee that nobody will be looking at your eyes.” Ginny shot her a wink and went back to looking at her own reflection. With a resigned sigh and a wave of her hand, she vanished her knickers off her body.

“You look really good Gin holy shit” she stated, taking in her friend’s appearance for the first time since she’d entered the bathroom. Ginny was wearing a black leather dress with spaghetti straps and a zipper that ran down the entire front of the dress. It contrasted against her bright hair and pale skin nicely. She’d paired it with a pair of strappy silver heels.

“Thanks,” she replied, fluffing her curled hair in the mirror.

“Alright let’s get going before I change my mind” she exclaimed, taking a sip from her flask and handing it to Ginny to do the same. She then drank a vial of pain potion and turned back to her friend who handed back the flask. Tucking it into its usual place, the two girls cast quick silencing charms on their heels so they could sneak to the seventh floor and headed out of the common room.


The party was bloody lame, Draco couldn’t believe he’d actually let Nott drag him to this thing. Most everyone there had been wasted by the time they’d shown up at nearly eleven. He was brooding near the entrance, sipping a plastic cup full of firewhiskey and waiting for Nott and Zabini to be distracted enough that he could leave without them noticing.

Pansy was standing next to him, her hands wrapped around his forearm in a vice grip as she prattled on about something he wasn’t listening to. Every once in a while he would turn and nod at her so that she thought he was paying attention.

Zabini walked up and leaned against the wall next to him on his other side, rolling his eyes when he saw pansy and nodding in the direction of the drinks table. “Looks like Nott’s fixed his sights on Granger tonight” he observed.

He followed Zabini’s gaze to where Nott was approaching Granger as she poured herself a glass of firewhiskey. Granger looked hot -no she doesn’t its Granger for fuck’s sake-. She was wearing a dress that left very little to the imagination and her heels accentuated how nice her ass was. What the fuck am I thinking? If it was any other girl he would have no problem admitting to himself or even to Zabini that she looked good. But it was Granger, she was annoying and swotty and overall the worst third of the Golden Trio.

“Don’t know where he thinks he’s getting with her, she’s too busy with that stick up her ass to shag Nott” he joked to his friend, but he was too busy checking out the Weasley girl where she was dancing in the middle of the room. He him in the shoulder. “Just go hit on her mate and stop drooling on your shoes already.”

Zabini rolled his eyes at his comment but still got up from the wall and headed to the dance floor, walking up to the red-head and leaning in her ear to say something. Draco looked away as he saw him wrap an arm around her waist. Seeing as both of his friends were preoccupied, he took advantage of the opportunity to sneak out of the party, dragging Pansy along behind him by the wrist.


“Well don’t you just look downright tasty tonight Granger, have you been hiding that ass under those robes all this time? That must be a crime.” Theodore Nott leaned against the wall beside her, keeping his gaze on the party in front of them as he spoke. “What are the odds you let me take a bite out of you hm?” She looked over at him, truthfully she’d never noticed him before now. He was quite good looking. His skin was pale and contrasted nicely against his wavy brown hair. He towered over her even slouching against the wall like he was now, so she had to crane her neck slightly to observe his sharp jawline and how the muscles in his neck flexed and relaxed as he leaned his head back to rest on the cool brick.

“Are you this much of a man-slag when it comes to everyone Theodore or is that privilege exclusive to the female population?” She asked, raising her eyebrow at him scornfully. He turned to meet her gaze and she averted her eyes down to her drink quickly.

“I’m not one to discriminate based on gender” he stated, giving a nonchalant shrug. “However,” he smirked at her “tonight my promiscuous ways are exclusive to one bushy-haired Head-girl, if she’ll give me a shot.”

“My hair is not bushy” she stated indignantly

“Well not right now. But I much prefer when it is, so I’m choosing to imagine it that way” he drawled, sending a wink in her direction.

“Just for tonight?” she flirted back, referring to his earlier statement. She’d decided about a second and a half ago that Theodore Nott might not be the worst choice in a one-night-stand.

“I am known to sometimes be persuaded into a repeat performance, unfortunately though I don’t offer much outside of the bedroom” his response was joking, but Hermione could sense the serious undertones in his words.

“I believe you’re selling yourself short; I’ve heard rumours of you performing under the quidditch stand, in broom closets and abandoned classrooms, even on the Hogwart’s Express.” She was teasing him now. She couldn’t resist, he made it too easy with his vague attempts to imply he didn’t want a relationship.

“That’s not what I-”

“Relax Theodore” she cut him off “I won’t be owling you or inviting you to Madame Rosmerta’s after. Just for tonight.” She agreed, smirking up at him.

Without warning, he bent down and grabbed her around the backs of her thighs and threw her over his shoulder. A door materialized in the wall beside them and without hesitation, he threw it open and carried her through it.

“Where did you take us?” She asked, looking around at the dark stone walls of the room.

“My dorm apparently, I just asked the room for a door to take us somewhere I could shag you senseless” he tossed her playfully onto the bed and went about casting a handful of locking and silencing charms on the door.

“Well if that’s the case then stop playing with your wand and get over here” when he looked back at her in surprise at her forwardness, she pulled her dress off over her head and tossed it aside.

“No knickers. Why am I oddly disappointed by that?” he asked himself almost solemnly. She threw her bra away with her dress and kicked her heels off to join the rest of her clothes.

“Theodore Nott I am currently laying in your bed completely naked and waiting for you to fuck me, will you please shut up and take off your clothes?” she asked exasperatedly. It had been a few months since she’d been with anyone. How long it’s been, coupled with the alcohol in her system meant she was feeling more brazen than usual.

“Yes, but only if you mess up your hair a bunch” he bartered “I’ve always wanted to wrap it around my hand and give it a good yank while I fuck you from behind, specifically when it looks all frizzy and disastrous”

“You sure know how to sweet talk a girl” she said with a roll of her eyes, but tousled her hair nonetheless.

“You’re already in my bed Granger” he pointed out as he unbuttoned his shirt “clearly sweet-talk wasn’t necessary”

“You make a good point Theodore” she conceded, leaning back to rest on her elbows to watch him undress.

“I must insist you call me Theo, at least while we’re shagging” he said as he unbuttoned his trousers.

Once he had stripped down to his boxers and arm-band -that looks exactly like Malfoy’s- he walked towards her, stopping at the foot of the bed. He stood there for a minute, letting his eyes roam over her body hungrily before he looked at her face. She averted her gaze quickly, letting her eyes explore his toned body. Sometimes I do like Quidditch she thought appreciatively. He was fairly lean with wiry muscle curled taught under his skin. His chest and abs were well defined, and his leg muscles flexed when he climbed onto the bed to kneel by her legs.

“Can I touch you?” he asked softly, a serious look on his face. When she just nodded he broke his eyes away to look at her face. She looked just to the side of his face so as not to seem too much like she was avoiding his eyes. “Words please Granger” he specified.

“Yes Theo, you can touch me” she spoke softly. He trailed his hand up her calf, over her knee and half-way up her thigh before he stopped. Using his grip on her leg, he pulled it away from the other one slightly.

Getting the idea, she spread her legs so that he could settle himself between them, supporting himself with one arm while the other explored her body. His eyes followed the same trail his fingers took from her neck across her collar bone and down her chest between the swells of her breasts.

“You have fantastic tits Granger” he rasped, his voice was rough with desire as his fingers traced the underside of one before circling up to gently pinch her hardened nipple. When she gasped softly at the sensation, a playful smirk grew on his lips as he lowered his lips to the other. He stopped just short so she could feel his hot breath on her skin and looked up at her face again “is this okay?” he asked before he looked back to where his hand was still teasing her gently.

“For the love of Merlin” she exclaimed exasperatedly “Theo if something is not okay, I promise I will tell you.” She smiled softly at him when she added on “I want this.”

That seemed to be all the reassurance he needed. He immediately took her nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue across it a few times while he rolled the other one between his fingertips. Her back arched off the bed slightly, pushing her chest into his touch.

With a quiet pop he released his mouth from her breast and moved his head to the crook of her neck. He licked a hot stripe upwards to under her ear before he traced his path back down with teasing kisses. When he reached the space where her neck met her shoulder again, he nibbled gently before moving to the other side of her neck and repeating the process. She rolled her head to the side to allow him better access and grabbed the hand that was still playing with her nipple and tried to guide it farther down her body.

He chuckled into her skin at her eagerness but obliged regardless. He traced his hand slowly down her abdomen before dragging over to trace circles over her hip bone.

“Theo” she whined, demonstrating what she wanted by grinding her hips against his. She could feel how hard he was through his thin boxers. She felt him smile against her neck as his hand moved from her hip to the inside of her thigh, dragging up until his hand came to stop between them.

“So wet for me already” he practically purred against her skin, he moved his kisses down across her collarbone. He followed each kiss with a gentle bite, causing her lower abdomen to clench with want. He took one of her nipples back into his mouth as his fingers spread her folds and he began tracing patterns through her wetness, purposely avoiding her clit.

Growing exceedingly frustrated with his teasing, she detached one of her hands from where she’d been gripping his shoulders and brought it down between their bodies to rub him through his boxers. Her efforts were rewarded when a low groan escaped him and vibrated against her nipple.

“Theo” she whined “please, don’t tease” the firewhiskey she’d had earlier was clouding her mind, amplifying the feel of his hands on her. Her arousal was dizzying as she ground her hips against his hand. She felt a finger press against her entrance and she moaned louder when he pumped into her, the heel of his palm grinding against her clit with every movement.

Her back lifted off the bed as he added another finger and curled them up to press against the spot behind her pelvis. Her back arched up off the bed and he increased the pace. She could feel her climax building, like a coiled spring winding tighter with each movement of his hands.

Without warning she wrapped her legs around his hips and used the leverage to roll both of them over so she hovered over him, straddling his hips and moving his hand away from her body.

“I believe” she ground her hips down over his hardness “you are wearing far too many clothes right now.” She moved herself to the side of his body so she could curl her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pull them down and off his body. His size was impressive. He wasn’t intimidatingly large but she knew he would stretch her nonetheless. Kneeling right beside his hip, she wrapped her fingers around him firmly just below the head. Dragging her thumb over the slit, she collected the pre-cum that had beaded there and used it to lubricate her hand as she pumped.

His hips bucked up into her hand after she gave him a few strokes and he reached down to wrap his hand under her chin and pull her away from his erection and up towards him as he sat up. With a gentle but firm push, he directed her on her knees with her back to him. Pushing her down so her chest pressed into the comforter and she had to turn her head and rest her cheek on the bed to breathe, he used his hands on her hips to angle her lower body so he was resting against her heat.

They both groaned at the sensation as he directed himself through her wetness a few times until he was coated with her arousal. She felt him line himself up at her entrance and pause.

“Is this okay Granger? You want this?” He asked, his voice was gravelly.

“Theo I swear to Godric if you don’t fuck me right now I will get out of this bed and hex you” she growled at him, craning her neck more to so he could see her face “I already told you I want this, I’m not going to change my mind now.” She assured him.

He reached forward with one hand and grasped her hair by the ends and wrapped them around his hand and pulled it, forcing her neck to extend so she was looking directly at the headboard and her back was arched impossibly. Tightening his other hand on her hip, he pushed himself into her slowly. He penetrated her torturously slowly, letting her adjust to every inch until he bottomed out inside her which caused them both to groan. His hips were pressed flush against her ass as he held himself there for a moment.

“Please Theo” she moaned “please move” she enunciated her need by spreading her knees wider and pressing herself back harder against him. He almost completely pulled out of her and then he pushed himself back in quickly, drawing a loud moan from her lips. When he pulled out again he used his leverage on her hair to wrench her head back and he snapped his hips quickly, the sound of his skin slapping against her ass cheeks almost drowned out her moan.

“Fuck Granger, you’re so fucking tight” he picked up the pace and she bucked back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust and the room filled with the sounds of their moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. His grip was bruisingly tight against her hip and he relaxed his hold on her hair to move his other hand back to press gently on her lower back, arching it more. She could feel her climax building again low in her abdomen. He moved his hands around and up her body to cup her breasts. Tweaking her nipples he lifted her body so her back was pressed flush against his chest as he kneeled back on his haunches. Her legs were splayed wide on either side of his knees and he trailed a hand down to massage her clit.

“Theo I’m going to-” the rest of what she was going to say was broken off by a moan as he leaned his head forward to bite down on the junction of her neck firmly. She brought her arms up behind her to dig her nails into the back of his neck.

“Come on Granger” he rasped against her skin “I want to feel you cum on my cock” he rubbed faster on her clit at the same time he thrust into her more aggressively. She gasped as she felt herself go over the edge and her orgasm overtook her as he bit down on the skin of her neck again.

She let out an incoherent moan and she heard him groan against her as he came inside of her shortly after.

Collapsing onto the bed beside each other, Hermione cast a wandless evanesco to get rid of the wetness leaking from between her legs before she passed out with a content sight.

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