Blood Bound

Chapter 8 - Postridie

When she woke up on Sunday morning, Hermione had absolutely no idea where she was until she lifted her head from the pillow to look around. Taking in her surroundings, the dark stone walls and green drapes around the bed she was laying in were enough to cause the events of the night to flash through her mind. With a low groan at the pounding in her head, she made the mistake of rolling over, where she immediately met the eyes of Theodore Nott.

Fuck how do I politely ask her to leave? I don’t usually let them sleepover.

Pulling the pillow out from under her head and burying her face into it in an attempt to muffle the onslaught of his consciousness. She’d learned early on that delving into other people’s thoughts without the cushion of a dose or two of pain potion was exceptionally unpleasant.

She spoke through the fabric to her bedmate. “Relax Theodore I fully intend to get out of here as soon as my head stops spinning, you can wipe that constipated look off your face.” Realizing about a second after she said it that she’d responded aloud to his thoughts she wasn’t supposed to be able to hear, her body tensed. Maybe he’ll just think I’m really intuitive or something, just pretend you didn’t say anything weird Hermione. He looked at her confused for a second before he shrugged to himself and rolled to stare at the ceiling relaxedly again.

Deciding that the pain in her head had subsided enough to be able to walk, she made to get out of the bed. Seeing as she had fallen asleep completely naked, she took the top sheet with her, leaving him lounging on the bed in just a pair of boxers. She winced slightly at the dull throbbing coming from between her legs.

“Um,” she started uncertainly “any chance you know where my wand is?” He stood to look around the disaster of sheets and pillows that encircled the base of the bed while she dressed herself. She was pulling her dress back over her head when he handed it to her.

“Was under the nightstand, must’ve gotten knocked off.” She smiled as she took it from his hand.

“Well,” what the fuck am I supposed to say? She was pretty sure this was the most uncomfortable encounter she’d experienced ever, and she’d been tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange before. Okay maybe the most uncomfortable is a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely making top ten.

“Yeah” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Bye Theodore, see you around.” She winked at him playfully in an attempt to diffuse some of the tension in the room as she headed towards the door, shoes in hand.

“See you Granger” he responded before she closed the door behind her.

Creeping down the stairs she assumed led to the common room, she silently prayed that it was early enough that everyone was still asleep. Her prayers were denied when she stepped into the common room and met the gaze of Blaise Zabini. I’m really off my game with the whole avoiding eyes thing this morning.

No way Theo actually bagged Granger was what he was thinking, sounding a little bit more impressed than she appreciated. She was mildly offended that the dark-skinned Slytherin thought she was such a prude, he didn’t even know her. Scolding herself mentally for letting the private thoughts of someone she’d never spoken to before irk her, she did her best to paste a pleasant smile on her features.

“Morning Zabini” she greeted as she walked around the room towards the exit, still barefoot.

“Good morning Granger” he chirped smugly “I’m going to assume from the state of your appearance that you’re the reason I was forced to sleep on the couch down here instead of in my bed?” He asked with a sly smirk on his face. Do Slytherins ever smile or is a smirk as close as they get?

“Sorry about that” she grinned at him sheepishly as she tried to pat her hair down, she was certain it looked absolutely disastrous. “Anyways I best be going now.” She wrenched the door open and practically ran from the dungeons, eager to get away from the snake pit. She kept her head down the entire walk back to the Head’s room in the hopes that anyone she came across wouldn’t recognize her.

When she whispered the password and stepped into her dorm, she let out a relieved sigh to be in the refuge of the common room. Her relief was short-lived however; the universe must be out to get me she thought to herself as she let out a small sound of distress when Malfoy’s door opened, and he walked out with a dishevelled Pansy Parkinson following behind him.

She offered them both a tight-lipped smile before she bee-lined to her bedroom, not feeling up to bickering with either of them this morning. She also was most definitely not feeling up to addressing the fact that the sight of Pansy intertwining her hand with Malfoy’s caused something unsettlingly close to jealousy to flare in her chest. Shoving that away, she went about peeling the dress off of her body and gathering her things for a very long shower.


Draco was having a bad morning. His head was pounding from the alcohol and Pansy’s snoring had prevented him from sleeping for longer than an hour or two. He hadn’t wanted her to stay but it had been late when they’d finished, and it would be ungentlemanly of him to make her walk to the dungeons in the middle of the night, as she’d so helpfully pointed out.

All he wanted was for her to leave so he could shower and then go back to his bed and pass out until it was late enough in the day for him to start drinking again. Instead, he found himself being dragged to breakfast.

“Malfoy!” Zabini exclaimed as soon as he’d taken his usual place at their table. “You won’t believe who I caught walking out of the boy’s dormitories this morning.” He began to pile some eggs onto his plate before he started buttering a slice of toast, gesturing with the knife for his friend to continue.

“Well don’t keep me in suspense” he prompted his friend, not particularly caring but figuring he might as well entertain his friend’s antics “did you finally manage to get the other Greengrass sister in bed Nott? You’ve been trying for one that for months.”

“Even better” Zabini laughed as he leaned closer to him “Granger.” Something resembling anger flashed through him when he said her name, but he quickly shoved it back behind his occlumency walls. The idea that he would feel anything more than mild annoyance about Granger was ridiculous.

“You’re right” Draco drawled “I don’t believe you. Everyone knows Granger has an emotional hard-on for the Weasel.” Nott snorted at his words, causing orange juice to come out of his nose. Once his coughing fit subsided, he looked at him incredulously.

“Mate you’re joking right? Those two broke up months ago, it made the bloody Prophet for Merlin’s sake!”

“Oh,” he responded, feeling oddly happy?no. at the revelation. “I dunno mates, was probably in bloody Azkaban at the time, I did spend most of my summer there remember?” He shuddered at the memories of the few months he’d spent on the horrible island. It was almost inhumane, the cold and the isolation of the place coupled with the ever-present dementors was enough to drive the sanest of witches and wizards mad.

“Right forgot about that Malfoy my bad” Nott dragged a hand through his hair looking bashful about his slip-up. He just shrugged back at his friend and returned to his breakfast, pouring himself another cup of tea to try and drive away the hangover niggling at the back of his brain.

Finishing his breakfast, he left his friends to head back to his dorm and nap away the rest of the ache in his head. Walking into his dorm he caught sight of Granger walking out of the bathroom in a robe. He stopped a few feet away from her as she was directly in the path to his door, and took in the sight in front of him.

Her usually unruly curls hung over her shoulder in damp waves, weighed down by the water. Her olive-toned skin clung over her collar bones from where he could see them through the opening of her robe. She cocked her head at his stare curiously, unintentionally drawing attention to the dark purple teeth marks imprinted in the junction of her neck.

His blood boiled at the sight for some reason he couldn’t identify, with an audible snort he lifted his lips at her in a sneer. “Nice neck Granger, have a squabble with a werewolf lately?”

She rolled her eyes at him as she began to walk around where he was standing towards her door. “Actually, Malfoy I had an encounter with your mate Theodore, he’s quite aggressive with the biting. You don’t happen to know if he has any Hags in the family tree do?” She was smiling to herself at her joke.

He made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat as she turned her back on him to walk into her room. Leaving him standing in the common room feeling confused about the fact that he was feeling angry.


She’d sent Ginny a patronus after dinner inviting her to sleepover in her room tonight. The two girls had always been close, but now that Ginny knew her secret she felt herself more eager to spend time with her. Soon after she’d sent her otter to the other girl, the familiar shape of a horse appeared with a promise to be there before curfew.

“Holy shit Ginny!” was the first thing out of her mouth when her friend walked into her bedroom without knocking. “What the hell happened to your neck?” she exclaimed. Ginny’s neck and what she could see of the girl’s chest was decorated with oval-shaped bruises in various shades of red and purple.

“Holy shit Hermione!” the younger girl mockingly mimicked her words, “what the hell happened to your neck?” The red-head waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

They both laughed and agreed to change into their pajamas before they swapped stories. Once they were both settled on her bed in their comfortable clothes with matching mugs of hot chocolate, Ginny turned her attention to her.

“Alright ’Mione I’ve been patient while you braided your hair and made your hot cocoa the muggle way. I want the whole story, NOW.” She bounced excitedly on the bed where she sat.

“There really isn’t that much of a story Gin, Theodore and I had sex. It’s not like I came back this morning hitched or something exciting.” She could see the disappointment in her friend’s eyes as she spoke, obviously wanting more details.

“Nope you’re right, you just came back looking thoroughly shagged with a massive bite mark on your neck. Are the rumors true? Was it mind blowing and world changing?” she was raising her eyebrows provocatively again.

“God Ginny don’t be crude” she wrinkled her nose at her friend. “But if you must know, I wouldn’t label it as ‘mind blowing’ or ‘world changing’ but it was good.” She shrugged, not particularly knowing what else to say. “Anyways...” she continued, wanting to shift the attention away from herself “how ’bout you tell me about how you ended up looking like you fell into a pool full of horny leeches?”

“Oh my gosh ’Mione I don’t even know where to start! It was just a one-time thing and I didn’t even shag him I swear but I will tell you he is extremely talented with his tongue.” Ginny had a roguish smile on her lips as she spoke. Being accustomed to her friend’s vulgar behaviour, Hermione simply ignored it and leaned towards her when she responded.

“Well don’t keep me in suspense all night!” she shoved her in the shoulder playfully “tell me who it was!”

“Blaise Zabini” she blurted “and before you say anything I know he’s a Slytherin that’s why it was just a one-time thing but let me tell you ’Mione that snake knows how to make a girl’s legs shake-”

“Ginny please” she interrupted her friend laughing and covering her ears playfully.

“No way ’Mione you have to let me tell you! I mean he literally took me behind a tapestry and oh my Godric he pinned me against the wall and threw my leg over his should-”

“Jesus Ginny my ears are bleeding!” she exclaimed, cutting her off by tossing a pillow to her face. Both girls laughed and Ginny continued to try and tell Hermione all the dirty details of her hallway rendezvous much to her dismay. The girls talked for a long while until they eventually fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

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