Mystery magic


Lia black a normal girl living in a small town called smell view.She never knew the secrets that lie in the house when will she find out? What is the secret hiding?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter One

Lia comes down stairs for breakfast as usual not expecting what would happen later that day. Good morning sweetheart Sirius said. Good morning dad how are you today? I’m fine sweetheart but I have to go on a trip for a week or two a friend of mine will watch you. Who Lia asked politely? Fred Weasley he is the same age as you.*ding dong*. That’s him got to go love you sweetie I’ll miss you*kiss*.

Hey I’m Fred Weasley your Lia Black right?
Yes but call me Lilain it’s my real name but I don’t like being called like that because i don’t like the name that much. Why I love that name it’s amazing why don’t you like it though? Well my ex bf called me that his name is Dra- Draco Malfoy I know him. Do you go to hogwarts? Whats hogwarts? *fred tells Lia all about hogwarts.

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