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Rebel Rebel [Sirius Black]


“Us against them, right?" 1974 She is an orphan He is the black sheep They will never be enough [Sirius black fan fic]

Romance / Fantasy
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I write this story on Wattpad too [I go by the same username]
This story follows the half French witch named Ivy Collins, a pure blood attending Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, but everything will soon change.
As mentioned in the title this is a fanfic about Sirius Black.
Sit down and enjoy

Loud yells filled the hallway of Beauxbaton this evening. Why? Ivy had no idea, but the other students all seemed to rush of the opposite way than usual. Better follow and fin out where all this sound came from she thought to herself. She walked behind a tall boy who blocked her view down the hallway. She slithered past him and almost ran with the crowd towards a big gang of pupils. She could not see over the crowd even when she stood on her toes until the crowd suddenly broke apart.

"Que se passe-t-il? Wat iz going ohn?" The abnormally large headmistress called out from over the crowd in a very bad English. The crowd just rushed out of her way and back on their own tracks but Ivy stood there, trying to catch a glimpse of what had happened. She saw a brunette girl with a nosebleed and her hair was all messed up, beside her a blonde girl was standing. She was quite tall and was towering over another girl laying on the ground, crying.

There was something familiar about this crying girl, her dirty blonde hair had a very unusual but messed up haircut. Madam Maxine dragged the crying girl of the floor and made her stand on her feet, her face towards Ivy's. That's when it hit her, it was her best friend, Apolline Delacour.
Her usually beautiful face was covered in bruises and her usually abnormal but cute hairstyle was totally messed up, full with tangled. She spotted Ivy and gave me a terrified but proud look, she had finale overcome her fear of getting into trouble.
"I vill nott azk agan." The headmistress stated annoyed.
"Sorry madam," Apolline said looking to the ground. "But I believe these girls attacked me." She pointed towards the two girls in front of her. Ivy could not identify them yet, but she had a good idea of who they where.
"And why didh you do thiz?" Her rough accent making it hard to understand her completely.
"She called me filthy things," the tall blonde said, "I believe the term: ugly git and fat bitch, excuse my language madam, was used more than once."
Madam Maxine looked at Apolline in disgust.
"Only because you are spreading rumors about me using my Veela power," she took a deep breath at this, "on the boys to make them do my homework!" Ivy knew very well that Apolline was not even close to be proud of beeing Veela. She claimed the boys only loved her for her looks and the girls hated her for it.
"I wilh not havve this appenin againh!" Maxine said before strutting back the way she came.

The other girls watched her turn the corner and then immediately turn back to the young half-Veela in front of them.
"You filthy halfbreed," the tall girl spat these words before throwing another arm towards Apolline. The blood was boiling in Ivy's, she clutched her hand as hard as she could beneath her robes, trying to keep control of her anger. This would not be the first time she would get into a fight this year, but she had already been near eviction.
"Get your ugly hands of my friend!"

"What did you just say?" The blond girl spat. she turned around so quickly Ivy almost jumped. When she saw the other girl's face she almost laughed: She had bushy brows and two huge moles on her chin and the side of her nose. Her friend stood behind her and grinned ."You have no right to tell me what to do." The blonde girl took a tighter grip on her wand as she continued to speak.
"Weren't you that third year who lost her parents last year? That dumb one who couldn't even save them from drowning?"
These words hit Ivy hard. This was the stuff she had told herself everyday for the past year. She couldn't even save them from drowning right in front of her. She had her wand. She could have used it but no. Her dumb body decided to freeze.
The screams echoed in her head as she blinked away the tears forming in her eyes. It was hard to control herself now. Her cheeks were burning up and her palms were sweaty. "You don't know what you're talking about." She said slowly and quietly. The blonde just blinked at her flashing a wicked grin. "What did you say orphan? Do you miss mommy and daddy?"
Then everything went black.

My first chapter done!
I write this story on Wattpad too, by the same username!
Few will probably find this but if you do hi! I'm Hacel:)
Welcome to the family!
Do you have any requests then feel free to comment them! [I will not do smuts]
I will make a playlist soon if his story gets any recognition or something.

Your dearest,

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