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Rebel Rebel [Sirius Black]


«You'll attend to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from now on miss Collins," The old witch told her, "Since you have no parents nor guardians at this very moment, I see no other option than to transfer you to Hogwarts." Hogwarts, Ivy thought, she had heard about this school a lot. The most famous school for underaged wizards and witches in Europe. No other than Albus Dumbledore was the headmaster. She was quite happy with this sudden transformation, never having to see the face of Jeanette, the tall blond girl, or her friends again.

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Three months since the fight at Beauxbatons. Three whole months had passed. Ivy still hadn't wrapped her head around leaving Apolline and her other friends behind at her old school, but she didn't regret it either. She had lived at an old orphanage in London for two months, but the last month she had been in various hotels with an older professor at Hogwarts called Minerva. Ivy had made quite an impression on Minerva when the professor came to meet her at Beauxbatons the 26th of June.

Currently the orphaned girl was on her way to Kings Cross Station. Minerva told her that the safest way to get to Hogwarts was this exact route. Ivy had never before heard of a platform called 9 3/4, but decided not to question it, but as soon as Ivy arrived at the so-called platform, she regretted this decision deeply. She spun around nervously trying to catch a glimpse of someone with the looks of a witch or wizards. Mostly searching for weird cloaks or hats, but none in sight.

That was until she heard a sharp and steady voice say "If I get single letter from Dumbledore saying you've gotten yourself in any trouble at all, I will make you wish you were never born."
Ivy looked around trying to see where this voice came from when she spotted them. A tall and quite skinny woman with a cold look over her face, was dragging to boys behind her.
One of them was tall and slim with defined cheekbones, longing blue eyes full of laughter and long, coal black hair placed perfectly on his head.
The other was much shorter but had almost the exact same face only with the same cold expression as the woman. The smaller one be had shorter but curlier hair and looked almost bored.
"Sirius I'm warning you," the woman spat, her mouth forming a thin line as she let go of the boys' arms, "this summer was nothing compared to what will happen if you act as recklessly as the previous years."
The humorous eyes owned by the tall boy, which seemed to be named Sirius, suddenly darkened as the words of the woman sank in. He suddenlt looked towards Ivy, his eyes full of fear and tears.

Ivy quickly realised that she had to run through the wall where the gloomy family just had stood to get onto the platform. She grabbed a better hold on her trolley before running towards the red brickwall.
The surrounding crowd of muggles disappeared, and was replaced a crown full of extraordinary people. Wizards and witches in cloaks of every color, abnormally large and small people, goblins and some Ivy could not name.
She saw a lot of families gathering around a train stationed on the right track so she understood that this was her ride on the way to Hogwarts. She still wasn't quite sure if she had guessed right so she told herself to ask someone. After a bit searching she found Sirius, the dark haired boy form earlier, standing with another boy with glasses, and walked up.
"Hi, I know you don't know who I am but I saw you with your family earlier and you seemed nice so I wanted to ask you something," She said, smiling at Sirius who grinned at her, fixing his hair and then said confidently: "of course, anything for you miss." This cheeky comment would make any girl blush but Ivy looked at him with a weird look, Apolline was the one who usually got these kinds of comments so this was new to Ivy.
"Uhm, I am new this year and I wondered if this was the train to Hogwarts?" Sirius turned to to the boy with glasses, messing up his hair again before turning back.
"Yeah this is the Hogwarts express," he grinned while throwing his hands towards the train dramatically.
"Oi padfoot calm down you dingus," He said, the words almost drowning in the laughter while he tried holding his hand out as steady as possible, "Hi I am James Potter! This guy is Sirius, Sirius Black," James said kindly shaking Ivy's hand.
"I'm Ivy Collins, I just got transferred from Beauxbatons," Ivy smiled back watching the two boys gape.
"Beauxbatons? The French school?" James asked exited. Ivy just nodded while the two exploded with questions about the school's whereabouts and how it was like and so forth.

After a chat lasting about two minutes another boy came up to them.
"Padfoot! Prongs!" The boy shouted hugging the guys. "Moony!" They said in union. Hugging and chatting for a few minutes, forgetting that Ivy was there.
"No the moons was not that bad to be honest, got a new scar on my back thought"
"My mom said you guys could come for Christmas this year."
"You know I can't go."
"I found a way to complete the map!"
"What? How? Wait tell us on the train."
The weird conversations went on for ages before James suddenly remembered Ivy standing there looking bored.
"Oh meet our new friend!" He said to the new boy. Friend? This was easier than Ivy had thought. "Her name is Ivy Collins, she just came from Beaxbatons, you know the French school? Anyways, she got expelled but won't tell us why." James pouted and looked at Ivy acting sad when the boy reached out his hand: "I'm Remus Lupin."

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

The train ride towards Hogwarts was full with laughter. Since Ivy was new, the boys was more than happy to let her accompany them in their compartment. On the train they were quickly joined by a short and shy boy named Peter Pettigrew, a very pretty girl with curly hair and brown skin named Marlene McKinnon and a short girl with blond straight hair named Mary Macdonald. They all was interested in Ivy, who she was and why she was being transferred after four years.
«Hey have any of you seen Evans?" James asked after a while. Marlene hit him in the back of his head while the other boys groaned loudly.
"You need to get over her, Prongs," Sirius said, rubbing his eyes.
"First of all the hates you-" Remus said before getting cut off by James:
"No she don't!"
"Yeah she does," the boys and Mary said in union
"Second of all, she's ginger!" Sirius said laughing. Marlene hit him too but chuckled a bit.
"Who are you talking about?" A sweet voice said from outside the compartment door. Ivy turned to see a girl standing there, ginger locks framing her pretty face, her emerald green eyes eyeing Sirius who burst out laughing again. James turned a deep red color while everyone seemed to unsuccessfully hold in their laughter.
"Oh god, you where talking bout me, right?" She smiled. Mary finally couldn't hold her laughter any longer. While she looked like she had a fit the other ones gave in too.
"Hey! I like my hair!" The pretty girl said over the laughter.
"Me too!" James said while winking at her, "You look like a sexy lion." This made Sirius and Remus burst out laughing again while the girl simply rolled her eyes at him: "I thought this year you might actually stop acting like an idiot." After more laughter Ivy caught the girl's eyes. "Whose this?" She asked the group.
"Oh this is Ivy!" Sirius answered, "She's new and we started talking at the platform. She's being transferred from Beauxbatons, starting in our year." The girl smiled at Ivy and answered: "Lily Evans, at your service."
This gang of people seemed nice, Ivy thought, maybe this will be a good start after all.

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Hi! This was a bit longer chapter, but I think I will write chapters at this size forwards. Finally introducing the marauders...
If you have any suggestions feel free to comment:)

Your dearest,

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