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"Don't worry beautiful. Trust me. You are going to beg for more." "Hmm that's funny because I have this feeling, that you are going to be the one begging for more." Your plan was to get revenge on a guy you hooked up with, because he was to full of himself and an asshole, but the night ended differently than you had expected. A fanfiction, where y/n isn't so easy to get through and control. A fight for dominance. Inspired by 7 minutes in heaven by 'Attackonfics'. The author sadly got harassed by many different people, so they disconnected and put down the story. My story is not the same as theirs but erens looks are the same as in 7 minutes and his personality is similar. (⚠️ Warning, NSFW, explicit sexual scenes, sexual tension, violence, strong language⚠️)

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

disclaimer and info

Hello y'all....

I will be dropping some disclaimers and info about the way my story is set up here.
If u don't feel the need to read through this, feel free to skip this chapter and dive right into the story. Have fun ;)

I do not own the characters brought up in this story.
The love interest Eren, is inspired by the love interest in the well known fanfiction "7 minutes in heaven".
I do not take credit for the looks of Eren, since his looks are inspired by 7 minutes.
And yes he has a tongue piercing in my story.
I just really love the way he was described in the 7 minutes fanfiction and I wanted to add my own personal twist.

This story contains smut, sexual interactions and sexual tension.
If you are not comfortable with those topics, feel free to click away now.
I will not be adding a warning, when sexual interactions are mentioned, because in some cases, it would ruin the suspense. You will see why later ;)

So this is your last warning. There will be sexual scenes.

But what I will do, is I will put trigger warnings, when the scene has something to do with violence, self harm or any other sensitive topic.

Now a little bit about the setup.
Sometimes, I recommend a song title that in my opinion fits the tension of the scene. Feel free to use a music app to play the song, while you are reading. This is obviously in no way necessary, but I feel like it often ads to the tension of the characters and makes some scenes 100x better.

Feel free to listen to music, if u want to experience the full audible tension.
If that is not the case, because you are, for example around other ppl, you obviously don't have to do that.

Now without further ado...
I know you are way to ready for this story so please, dive into my fanfiction ;)

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