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(I would recommend the song "streets" by doja cat ;))

"You have got to be kidding me y/n"

"No fucking way, I am not going after what happend last time. Hell no!"

"You are so much better than this.. You have to make him regret his whole life!! Just imagine his face. Cmon y/n."

Sasha looked at you with her right eyebrow lifted and a childish smirk.
She knew exactly what you were thinking in that moment.
You kinda wished you didn't tell her about it.

But she did have a point.
A few weeks ago, you hooked up with this dude at a college party. His name was Jean.
You were just really sexually frustrated and needed to let it all out and fuck someone.
It was that kinda night.

Not gonna lie, sex with him was amazing. He was hot as fuck and had a great body.
The only thing that bothered you, was that he couldn't bring himself to eat you out.
You went down on him but he didn't want to do it back.
Obviously, you couldn't force him, but you were just really craving that attention.

Well your clit was really craving someone's warmth. But sex with him was still amazing. You actually came for him.

That wasn't even the worst part. After the hookup you continued to party. 10 minutes later, you overheard Jean talk to an other girl with a bigger butt, bigger boobs and just generally more curvy.

"Damn mami you're so fucking hot. Wanna go upstairs?.. To be honest, I fucked another chick a few minutes ago but you are just way hotter and prettier than her"

He probably just said that to get another girl upstairs but it really hurt your feelings and your ego.
He didn't even eat you out, the only thing he did was put his length in and made you go down on him.
What a jerk.

And now Sasha wanted you to go to a college party again.
You knew Jean would be there because he never misses a chance to party. And he is addicted to sex.

Sasha wanted you to be there aswell and look your absolute best to make him jealous.
And to be honest, you wanted that too.
It was really tempting. It would restore your ego and besides it would make you feel amazing.

"OK OK OK.. I'm going. But only if I can borrow that red dress of yours."

"Ohlala.. want to get railed again huh?"

"Nah I don't think so.. to be honest, I don't wanna just fuck around with random dudes today."

"Well I'm definitely getting railed today!! Might even try
to find myself a gorgeous girl. I can't with men today."

The two of you started laughing
and you started getting ready. You were kind of excited.
You just really craved that attention.
Imagining Jeans face was already enough to get you pumped up.

You put on the red dress and holy fuck.. You actually really liked yourself in it. It made all your curves pop.
It had a little bit of cleavage. But not to much.

Sasha was unexpectedly really good at hair and makeup. She put your hair up to show of your collarbone area and the deep cut out at the back of the dress.

She added a sexy cateye, leaned back and looked up at her masterpiece.

"Y/n... listen up... are you sure you don't wanna get railed. You look stunning. All the guys are going to break their necks looking at you!"


You rushed to the mirror in your dorm and looked at yourself.

"Y/n y/l/n (Your name; your last name) ... you are going to make this boy regret his whole life!"

Sasha and you, arrived at the college party 20 minutes after you left the dormitory.

It was only 10 pm and there were already countless young men walking around drunk and whistling at girls walking by.

Maybe you were just imagining things, but the boys were definitely whistling extra loud at you and Sasha.

You just confidently smirked and walked past them.
This is what you came here for.

You entered the house and automatically music blasted in your ears. Sasha took your hand, as you started looking for Jean.

It didn't take long for Sasha to find him.

As always, he was leaning over a chick and flirting as if his life depended on it.

Sasha set the scene.
She made you stand in the middle of the room and made sure that as soon as Jean turned, he would have no other choice than to look directly at you.

Streets by doja cat was playing in the background. It is a really catchy and seductive song, so you started swaying your hips to the sound.

You were really feeling yourself and you really got into it.
You looked absolutely stunning.
Jean noticed the change in atmosphere and turned away from the girl he was flirting with.

Your eyes met.
You didn't look away. You enjoyed ever last second of this.
His eyes slowly trailed down your body while his jaw slowly dropped lower and lower.
His gaze finally landed on your thighs.

The girl he was with, rolled her eyes and slaped Jean. He snapped back to reality.
Jean didn't care about that girl anymore.

He walked over to you... still in a gaze.

"Holy shit y/n.. you look.. hot. Do you wanna maybe head upstairs? We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago."

You took in all of his staring.
It felt amazing. You felt like the sexiest woman on earth.

This was the fun part. You were going to play with his feelings a little bit.
You took his hand and put it on your hip. You seductively traced your fingers up his arm until it reached his face. You placed your thumb on his lip and leaned in until your lips were a few inches from his.

You could tell Jean was getting really excited, by his pants getting really tight around his crotch.

You chuckled to yourself and leaned into his ear.

"I'm sorry I made you so horny for me, but I don't fuck with boys who can't even go down on a woman"

You felt his body freeze up as you smirked against his ear. You pulled away, winked at him, took Sasha's hand and walked away still swaying your hips.

Leaving Jean to stand there and be a horny mess.

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