Tallulah Dumbledoor


Dumbledoor has a daughter. She's going into her fourth year but attending her new school, Hogwarts. And yes I know it's Dumbledore but my devices won't accept that so it's now Dumbledoor.

Romance / Adventure
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The Burrow

I follow Ron to the dining room.

Since my father died, the Weasley's let me stay at the burrow for the last month. They knew I would be attending hogwarts that year and Mrs Weasley was only too happy to have another girl in the house.

I suspect McGonagall will be my adoptive mother though, in Dumbledoor's secret will he hoped she would watch over me and I know the Weasley's have a lot on their plate.

"Come on Tilly." I see the twins jump through the doorway. Fred is calling me over to have some lunch.

Ginny sits at the round table next to Harry. I see her snuggle into his arm. Usually she wouldn't show much interest except overly talking about him; Mrs Weasley was shopping with Mr Weasley and Percy.

Hermione and I giggle. Mrs Weasley entrusted the twins to make lunch so of course we had ordered a few pizzas. They actually managed to deliver to the address even though it's in the middle of no where, which was pretty cool.

"Here, Lula," Fred hands me a few slices of pizza. He ticks a few stray hairs behind my ears. I smile and blush shaking my head. That was the annoying nickname he'd given me when we were 11. He knew I hated but loved it at the same time.

I take a seat next to Harry. Fred sits next to me. George sits next to Fred and there is only one chair. Hermione and Ron aren't seated yet. I whisper to Fred,

"Whatever happens is going to be good."
"You got that right." He laughs.

Hermione meekly offers Ron the chair. He refuses and says for her to sit down.
They continue for about 2 minutes before I decide to annoy them both.
"You might as well sit on his lap, 'Mione." Everyone suppresses laughs but giggles erupt.

She blushes slightly and shoots me a look.
"I'll find another chair don't worry." Ron leaves the kitchen.
"Sorry, couldn't help myself. You love me really Mione" I giggle and wink at her. George whispers something to Fred and he turns red slightly.

Ron takes a seat next to Hermione and we all dig in.
"I've never had pizza that tastes this good. It's usually burnt or raw." Ginny laughs.

Once we've finished I pick up everyone's plate and move towards the sink. Everyone thanks me and moves into the living room. I feel 2 cold hands wrap around my waist.

"Guess who, Lula."
"I nearly dropped the plates...Freddie..." I say turning to face him.
He clearly thinks of something and smirks at me.
"What?" I nervously laugh.
"Nothing you're just so cute." He kisses my forehead and stroked my cheek before walking out of the kitchen.

"So cute."

My insides seem to turn to melt. I compose myself and charm the scrubbing brush to clean. I walk out of the kitchen myself.

I take a seat on the deep red sofa, covered in a knitted throw. I feel the sofa dip slightly and see Fred sitting next to me.
"Can I sit here Lula?"
"Yeah." I say slightly confused.
"Cheers..." but he's distracted. I follow his eye line and see Ginny and Harry holding each other in the large armchair. A blanket wrapped around them.

I put a hand on his shoulder and look up into his eyes, "cute." I say to him about Harry and Ginny.

"They're a bit too cozy for my liking." George says jumping next to me. I see Ron leaving and walking outside.
"What's up with Ron?"
"Dunno we should find out, Come on 'Mione"
Hermione, Fred and I walk into the garden to talk to Ron who is sitting on his broom.

"Oh hey, I'm just going for a ride."
Fred pulls my waist to whisper in my ear. I gasp slightly at his rings causing him to chuckle slightly.
"He always goes for a flight pretty much everyday, training for quidditch."
"Anyone want to come with me? I'll race you."

Hermione's eyes go wide, she's pretty terrified of flying on broomsticks. She steps back slightly and Fred lets go of my waist slowly.

"I'll race you Ron."
"Come on then Tilly." I am passed a broom.

"Hang on I'll get the others, to race fairly."
The others are running outside when Hermione whispers, "Please just be careful Tallulah." I smile and nod. "To the Church and back." Ron says, "you'll know it when you get there."

Ron and I both place our brooms on the floor and step back towards the house.
George whispers to Fred and he winks at me. They shake hands then Fred says,

I manage to sprint faster to the broom and fly off quicker, knowing Ron is a very fast flyer. I lean in causing me to fly easily.
He manages to get pretty close but doesn't get any closer. Though he wasn't falling behind either.

I see the Church steeple and grasp onto a point at the top spinning me round to almost crashing into Ron. I zoom back and he gets next to me. We push each other gently until I knock him slightly too much. He comes back with the same force and I stumble.

I slip on the broom and catch it with one arm. I do my special whistle causing it to fly underneath me and I feel like I'm surfing as my feet stand on the broom. I lean in with my left foot and push ahead. I gently lower myself below Ron and zoom ahead. I get back first tumbling as we go but I manage to win. That's all that matters.

"Gosh, Tilly are you ok?"
I must've hit my head slightly harder than I anticipated.
A warm pair of arms pick me up and brush off some mud on my top. Fred looks into my eyes as he does so.
"George you owe me a galleon." He rolls his eyes and hands over the money. I giggle.

"How did you do that?" Ron says. He takes my hand and spins me around and jokingly say, "No wings?You're bloody brilliant on a broom Tilly, at hogwarts you need to try out for the Quidditch team."

"Thank you Ron." I then look over to Ginny who was startled by Harry hugging her from behind. A blush spreads over her face and she turns to face him, she puts her head on his chest and Ron fake gags.

"Lovely Ronald." Hermione says and we laugh.
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