Tallulah Dumbledoor

Ron’s Mistakes

Fluff warning <3

I head inside with the gang and suggest Ron and I take showers.
"I'll show you were the towels are, Lula." I punch his arm that swings around my neck.
"Thank you kindly Fredrick." He bumps my hip with his.

He head upstairs and into one of the bathrooms.
"Here's a couple of towels, you just press the buttons on the shower." I thank him and except him to leave.

He seems lost in thought and eyes up my body.
"You forgotten something?" He nods and steps towards me putting a hand on the back of my neck. He slides his hands up to cup my face and he pulls me into a kiss.

I feel his smirk against my lips and I pull away shortly after, fluttering my eyelashes gently. He looks at the floor.
"I'll be downstairs if you need me."
"Ok..." I cup his face and quickly pull him into another hungry kiss. He smiles as we pull away.

He winks and shuts the door. I lock it behind him and take a deep breath.
Merlin that boy drives me mental.

I get out of the shower and make my way to my bedroom. Seconds before I drop my towel there is a creak at the doorway. I secure it tightly around me and say, "come in Freddie."

"How did you know it was me?"
"Lucky guess." He looks me up and down.
"Enjoying the view Fredrick?"
"You're just very beautiful, Tallulah."
"Oh it's Tallulah now?"
"I thought you hated Lula?"
"I do but why would that stop you calling me it?"
He smirks and shrugs.

"So...is there anything you need?" I say after a minute of being lost in his eyes.

"Umm yeah but I'll come back."
"Oh Umm ok." He walks out something clearly bothering him.
I quickly dress in a short skirt and find one of his jumpers, I slip it on to wind him up.

There's a knock at the door.

"Ah Freddie, have you returned?"
I start to towel dry my hair.
"Like my new hoodie?"
He chuckles, "looks better on you then it could ever look on me."

I laugh, "so what was it that you want?" I pick up the nearly empty cup of water on my dresser.
"...You." I drop the mug and it lands on the carpet, unbroken.

"...Yeah right..." I try to laugh and see if it was just a joke.
He pulls my waist towards him.

"You can't be serious..."
"And why's that Lula?"
"Well first of all you're Freddie and..."
"Because I...you...huh?"
"You've never stumbled on words in you're life. Guess I'm doing something right." I nod.

He pushes me softly against the wall and one of his hands grasps my both my wrists and hold them above my head.
"May I?" I feel his warm breath on my neck.
"Mhmm." I say afraid to open my mouth as he gently bites the skin on my neck. I hold back small moans and his other hand cups my face.

He pulls me into a deep kiss and places his knee carefully under my skirt. I let a small moan slip into his mouth. He smirks and digs his knee in further as I moaned again breaking the kiss.

He chuckles, removing his knee and whispers in my ear, "Should I take that as you like me too?"
"Mhmm." I say nodding and chuckling slightly. I pull his back into a hungry kiss. A few seconds later, once we come up for air, a bang is sounded somewhere close, Fred moves away from me and we run to the top of the stairs and look down.

It's Hermione. She's wiping her face but not facing us. George walks out of the living room towards her and takes her in his arms. He kneels down to talk to her and she nods at something he said. He stands up and pulls her into an embrace. He kisses the top of her hair and strokes the back of her hair. Saying something causing her to sadly laugh.
We look at each other confused. There's a few weak footsteps behind us and we turn to see a pale Ron staring numbly at us.

"What. Did. You. Do?" I say.
"Me? I didn't do anything, it was her. Bloody mental. I thought I was being...well...nice." We roll our eyes. We look back at Hermione who's looking at us. Ginny is hugging her waist and George held her shoulder.

"I may have... somehow insulted her but I didn't mean to." He stands behind me and Fred. He scratches the back of his neck like he would when he was ashamed or nervous.

I move down the stairs and stand next to Hermione. I nod at Ginny and we escort her into Ginny's room.

"Mione what happened?"
"Well he...it's kind of funny now I think about it really." She wipes her tears away and chuckles through the sadness.
"Well Ron and I were talking and he ended up somehow telling me how he liked some girl and wanted to know how to get her to notice... I got slightly upset and said he was an idiot who couldn't even notice the girl stood right in front of him... I just kind of stormed out. I'm being a pathetic girl."
"Hermione?" Ron knocks and peeks a head round the door.
She turns to the wall and shoots me a make-him-go-away look.

I nod and turn to Ron. "I don't think now would be a good time-"
"Hermione please I need to talk to you."
"You weren't very good at that last time, Ron." Ginny jokes but remains slightly serious.
Hermione turns round, "fine-" she's pulled out of the room and into Ron's.

Ginny places a yellow sticker onto Ron's door and holds a small teddy bear in her hand. A frown plasters my face as Fred laughs, "it's a listening device, Lula. Ron talks in his sleep about the most funny things." Harry laughs, "He once dreamt about tap dancing spiders."

We giggle and listen into teddy bear.
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