Tallulah Dumbledoor


"Mione I know you think I'm heartless and-"

"And rude and cruel and foul and-"

"Yeah I get the idea...what I meant was... I knew you liked me. Since the day we saw the Hippogriff and you gripped my arm even though you've read about them and know their gentle really...even though i had that stupid mullet...I realised at that point... Mione I'm crazy over you."

"I get it you looOoOve me" we hear her giggle.
"Also, for your information Ronald, that first day on the train..." she trails off.
"No way, you didn't like me the first day you met me."
"I was kind of staring at you, I noticed the dirt on your nose. I left quickly incase you were wondering why I was looking so closely at you're face." I can just tell her face is blushing.

"Hermione, you know that time you heard me calling you friendless...I was talking about you too much and everyone was going to tell you and I never really apologised for it. Sorry"

"Oh Ron."

We giggle slightly as we can tell Hermione has thrown herself into Ron's arms.
"Mione, you'll thank me for this later but I think I'm going to have to use this silencing charm, hey don't worry, nothing like that, it's just I believe we may have some listeners."

The audio crackles and stops. We creep downstairs and head to the living room.

We sit down in the living room and George frowns and looks at me, "um Tilly, is that Fred's jumper?" Fred's cheeks and ears go red, Ginny and Harry turn around so quickly I thought they would break something.

I hear a bit of a clatter upstairs and Ron and Hermione are grasping the banister.
"Tilly?" Hermione laughs.
"Umm yeah..."
Ginny squeals and hugs me. Slightly like my father I'm not overly good with friendship or hugging but it's natural with Fred.
I look helplessly at Fred who throws his hands up and chuckles. Ginny let's go as Hermione pulls your arm slightly shoving Ron out the way.

"Blimey, mental those 3!" He makes his way downstairs as I'm dragged into my room.

"Merlin's beard! I mean I knew you liked him and he usually talks about you but now this?! Ahhhh you're too cute."
"It's just his sweater Ginny."
"Tallulah Dumbledoor! Just go and admit you love Freddie! What have you got to loose?"

"Yeah Lula you've got nothing to loose." I see it's him. I almost run towards him and he picks me up, spinning me round and pulling me tightly into his arms. Hermione and Ginny sneak out. "You should wear my clothes more often. Maybe we should switch." He picks up one of my bras and we burst out laughing.

There's a knock at the front door. He drops the bra on the bed and we walk downstairs. It's Molly, Arthur and Percy back. I open the front door and step aside to let them in.

Automatically Molly hugs me, it's been a month and I'm still not used to the attention. She rubs my shoulder cheerfully and Percy walks past her. Arthur smiles and carries some bags into the kitchen. Molly takes a step back and starts to walk away.

She does a double take on me and tilts her head.
"Fred? Is that your jumper?" She narrows her eyes and smiles, "Tallulah dear, you could do better." She whispers laughing. I chuckle with her and deeply sigh. He wraps an arm around me and I snuggle my neck into is arm.

The scent of lit matches and chocolate filling my senses. I peek at the clock. 9pm. It's getting late so I twist out of his grasp and brush my teeth. I change into pajamas and pull my hair into a soft messy bun. I stare at myself in the mirror. I'm totally dying my hair tomorrow. I leave the bathroom and see Fred walking upstairs with a drink of warm honey water.

"I need to ask you something Lula,"
"Mmmk I'll wait for you on your bed." I sit down on his covers as he leaves to get ready for bed.

I get slightly cold so I slip under the covers. I find myself lying down in his bed and closing my eyes.

"Lula? Oh you're asleep. Goodnight." I feel a warm kiss graze my forehead. I open my heavy eyelids and pull him next to me. "Stay."
He wraps his arms around me and rests his chin on my shoulder I sleepily giggle and drift off in Fred's arms.
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