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I'LL SEE YOUº tubbo

Tubbo x Y/n

I’ll See You

IN WHICH, he promises to see her

PRONOUNS, she/her


SIDE NOTE, I originally wrote this with the mc having a name, so if some things don’t make sense you’ll know why.

Y/n walked into the room feeling downhearted.

She missed her love; she missed her Toby.

Long-distance relationships were hard. They took a vast risk with the whole long-distance thing. Life for Y/n was dull without Toby.

Throughout Y/n’s life, she had to continuously move due to her mother’s moving job. A little over a year ago, Y/n’s mother had announced that they had to move to England. Y/n was unamused by this news due to previous moves.

The day Y/n moved into the house, she looked like she could care less. All of that changed when they met; When Y/n met Toby.

Y/n had just finished moving the last of her boxes. The girl sighed, not caring much. She felt that she needed to give this place a chance.

The short girl dragged her feet to the living room to where her mother was.

“Mom, can I just take a walk outside and explore? I saw a park on the drive here,” the girl said, hoping for a yes.

“Yeah, of course, just be home by dinner, and if you get kidnapped, I’m not paying to get you back,” her mother said, clearly kidding.

“I wouldn’t pay for my ransom either. I’ll be home in less than an hour, anyway,” Y/n assured her mother.

Y/n grabbed her jacket from the tall coat rack. She headed out the door, saying goodbye to her mother.

The first five minutes of her walk were unamusing. After eight minutes of walking, Y/n had finally reached the park she saw on the drive to her new house.

It was a nice family-friendly park. “This place is quite nice if I’d say so,” the lonely girl said to herself. There was an old bench that looked like it was waiting for someone to sit on it. Y/n quietly shuffled to sit on the slightly worn bench.

After about fifteen minutes of taking it all in, Y/n looked around for a little bit. That’s when she felt a round object hit the back of her head harshly.

She continually broke with the thought of not seeing him. When they were together, they were unstoppable. Everyone thought they were a “power couple” or even “couple goals.”

After her move to Arizona, she’s spent most of her days weeping. Just the thought of her without the love of her life was appalling. Toby was her light in the darkness; he was her everything.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a buzz coming from her back pocket. Y/n took the phone out of her pocket and looked at the buzzing item.

Incoming Facetime coming from Tubbsters <3

Y/n softly laughed at the thought of the backstory of her contact name for Toby.

“Hi, Y/n-y!” Toby said, almost shouting. Y/n winced at the given nickname.

The two kids were walking through their local park. They always walked through their local park on weekends to talk about the most random things ever.

Toby had just picked up Y/n for their usual talk.

“Y/n-y? What the heck is a Y/n-y?” The girl said in disgust.

“It’s my new nickname for you,” Toby replied, still smiling.

“Baby, please do me a favor and never say that again, thanks,” Y/n said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Yeah, no, I’m sticking with Y/n-y,” Toby said, knowing he might have the upper hand.

“Okay, fine, Tubbsters,” she snapped back with a slight smirk.

“Tubbsters? I kind of like it,” he said, knowingly annoying the girl.

“Okay, that’s it. I don’t like you,” Y/n huffed out, turning around and crossing her arms.

She quickly snapped back into reality and wiped the tears from her eyes using the sleeve of her hoodie. Y/n pressed the green button indicating she pressed the answer button.

She saw Toby’s smiley face pop up on her screen. At that moment, she was filled with glee.

“Hi, Bubba,” he said, instantly catching her attention.

“Oh hi, baby,” she said happily but a little off.

“Are you okay? What happened? You seem off. Do I have to fight someone?” Tubbo said, concerned.

“Me, I’m okay. Just kind of missing you,” the girl shrugged.

“Bubba, I miss you too. Do not worry, I’ll see you," Toby said, assuring her with a comforting smile.

Y/n felt safe. She felt as if she was in his arms.

“Okay-” the girl said, being cut off by a sound made by her doorbell.

Y/n, confused, said, “Hold on, I’m getting the door real quick.”

“Okay, bubs,” Toby smiled.

The confused girl quickly ran down the stairs of her house with her phone still in hand. She got to the door and didn’t care to check who it was.

Y/n opened the door and felt the tear rushing to her eyes. It was him; it was her love, Toby.

The short girl felt the tears rushing to her eyes. Y/n completely froze from complete shock.

It was like their first encounter all over again.

“What the frick,” the girl said quietly with a confused tone.

Y/n rubbed the back of her head with her left hand. The bewildered girl stood up to see what had hit her.

Y/n looked around to see a blue frisbee under the worn-out bench. The girl crouched down to pick up the plastic object, but that’s when her hand touched someone else’s hand.

The utterly confused looked to her right to see a boy that looked around her age. Y/n stood in complete shock, staring into the boy’s eyes.

“Oh my, he’s gorgeous,” the shocked girl said without knowing she was thinking out loud.

“Pardon?” The unknown British boy said after a few seconds of Y/n staring.

The girl snapped out of her thoughts and questioned, “Did I just say that out loud?”

The boy laughed slightly and answered, “I’m afraid you did.”

“Are you okay? I am super sorry for hitting you with the frisbee. I wasn’t looking for a bit and completely hit you by accident,” the boy quickly said concerningly in his British accent.

“Hey, it’s all right. I’m all good. It kind of stings, but I’m overall okay,” Y/n said, assuring the British boy that she was all right.

The two teens stood up while the boy picked up the blue object.

“This was an unfortunate first encounter. Let’s try to start again. I’m Y/n Y/l/n. You can call me whatever’s comfortable with you,” the embarrassed girl said with a comforting smile, holding her hand out for the boy to shake.

“I’m Toby Smith,” the boy said, smiling while giving his hand to shake.

There he was, Toby, standing right in front of Y/n. Y/n hugged the boy tighter than ever.

“I missed you so much,” the sobbing girl said.

“Bubba, I missed you more,” Toby said, hugging the girl tight.

There they were, in each other’s arms again, but this time was different.

That’s when the whole world started to go silent, and it was only them.

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